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Happy Friday, and happy the week is coming to an end.  It's been install filled for the past two weeks.  We are ending on a high note with this install that I finished yesterday.  I love this space for so many reasons, but the main one being all the details !  There are so many little things in this room and when  seen all together give it so much personality and thoughtfulness.  My client Olivia and her mom Laura came to me not too far back requesting a complete space including her bathroom.  Olivia showed me a color to get the ball rolling.  Wedgewood blue (with a dose of pink).  Another thing she loved, were things tactile, specifically "stuffed animal" soft.  I took those requests and came up with an overall design that mixed the blue with doses of "shades of red, pink and a splash of purple." The texture came in in the form of a sheepskin, and different furniture finishes, wall paper, art and multiple fabrics.

We installed yesterday, and I give a big shout out to the Webb Company, those boys had some heavy, heavy pieces to hoof up the stairs !

Also could not have pulled this off without Amy Belden and her amazing work on the very detailed, custom window and duvet, Ashely Mullis for the paper that started it all, and of course Keith for two large scale art pieces that also pulled it all together.  Chris Havey did an amazing job in the adjoining bathroom with a new custom cabinet, and killer tile work . . .

Take a walk though with me of Olivia's new room.

all photos by mekenzie france

As always, I love seeing the boards come to life !

Full week behind me, Maggie and Bree were also in two other homes installing - stay tuned for those images - I had Mekenzie running !


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