NY Fashion Week . . . and Paula Cademartori.

Howdy . . 

I love bags and shoes.  It's from my shoulders to my ankles I turn over to Jill at Sloan to deal with.  I just go down the street and ask the ladies to find something unique and cool and they always come through.  Best leave it  up to the ones that know best.  But I am a purse collector.  That little piece of wearable art (that I have been know to style a bookcase with).

Anyway, so I have noticed popping up all over on Instagram and Pinterest these gorgeous bags by Paula Cademartori.  They made a big appearance during this past Fashion Week in NYC.  I Love them.  I especially love the color and pattern combinations!  Bravo Ms. Paula.

Thought I'd take one bag and mix the colors she used as inspiration for a space I would love to have.  And being that I am working on a "lounge area" for the girls at work to kick back in - I am in design mode.   Fun . . Take a look at what I came up with.  You never know where you'll find your inspiration.

Too much?   No way.   Collect and layer ladies !

What I've mixed together . . .

(a) killer wall paper by Harlequin (b) now this is actually a kelly wearstler wall paper.  I love the pattern, so I might make it using a white painters canvas with randomly sewn mustard gold ribbon, because I would love the texture and the fact the canvas was a little wrinkled!  (c) rug by one of my go to vendors, surya, (d) fab new chandelier by Made Goods (e) curved bookcase by Noir (f) ombre dipped pillow I came across on Etsy (g) chartreuse leather swivel chair by Lee (h) killer art by my new vendor Mineheart (i) coffee table inspiration, I would ask my buddy Josh Utsey make for me (j) vintage-like black leather "flea market" look sofa by Four Hands.

All these goodies - available to the trade, but I will be happy to order for you !

Happy Saturday and thanks for the inspiration Paula

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