Setting or Rising?

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If you were at the beach, this past 4th, and dodged Hurricane Arthur you probably still caught a brooding sky, a grey sky, and foggy sky, as well as a pretty sunset or rise with all the activity up in the clouds.  Was it ombre?  


 [ämbrā′, äm brāadjective shaded or graduated in tone, said of a color.

Hot in the design world, graduated tone in color has made an appearance in wall paper, fabric and has been around in hair color for a while now.  Some of my favorite vendors have created unique patterns and colors in this venue and I have loving them all !  Back in May, Calico introduced  a new line of papers and showed them at ICFF.

Gorgeous.  A sun setting, a night falling, the beach horizon.  Nature inspired, calming relaxing.
I am envisioning my future beach house with such a paper in the main living space and a few misty art pieces mixed together in a near by room (I can feel the calm).

I follow a beautiful blog by Erika Raxworthy.  Baker, stylist, photographer., writer.  Her blog is stunning, and gives a new meaning the the phrase "its a good thing." I was most impressed with a post she did on a recent trip to San Francisco.  She captured it in such a stunning way on those misty days you often see while out there.

photos by Erika Raxworthy

Another misty, ombre favorite of mine is Eskayel Studio.  Fabric and wall paper, rugs and decorative items  are all on their list of offerings.  I has used their designs in a couple of my project (the newest being our own offices, stay tuned).  Most of their prints and papers have a tribal feel which I love, but all have a soft, shadow, gradation look to them.  Their palette (at the moment) is primarily pastel, all are gorgeous. 

Designers Guild always have something special to bring to the table.  These walls papers and fabrics come such such beautiful color ways.

Everything is available at www.lucyandcompany.com

And you weekend beach dwellers . .  time to come back, sorry.

Get your ombre on.

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