Spotlight: Artist, Aviva Stanoff

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Thought I would spotlight Aviva Stanoff, I was so so happy with the piece I ordered for the Crowder installation.  It was so gorgeous and perfect in the room.  Now,  I am not a huge fan of art in a Triptych, but I love these.  

Let me explain her process because as cool as these pictures are, they are nothing like the actual pieces in person.  Aviva's studio is in Brooklyn New York, and I came across her way back in 2009, I believe at a show in the City.  Her collection of textiles celebrates nature, exotic surfaces and delicate luxury.  She presses real objects into fabric by hand, one at at time.  No two are alike.  They mix small dye amounts, choose each leaf, blossom, feather and fan and print.  You can feel how each object is engraved deep in the fabric.  They are then hand sewn, silk lined and back in silk dupioni.

Take a look at her fabrics in wall art form and pillow form !

all available at www.lucyandcompany.com - call us !

I love that she pressed undies !

So pretty !

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