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I hit the ground running yesterday morning, after a long weekend of amazing inspiration and low key down time with Lisa Sherry at her Luxe Life camp.  It was everything I thought it would be, so beautiful and relaxing.  Be sure and go to her site (here) and sign up for next year !

I was equally as excited to see Sheri and Eric Sayman's first floor come to life yesterday, complete with all the bells and whistles.   I loved working with those two.  They were game, enthusiastic and open to things I knew would be perfect, but they couldn't quite visualize.  I usually ask my clients to split while we are installing, for a big "reveal," but having Sherry there watching Christmas morning happen was so fun.  Never have I seen anyone more excited to see her spaces come to life.  She has anticipated a complete look for a while and I was so happy seeing her so happy !

We had a family room, kitchen, dining room, foyer and front living space to pull together, all working with the color of her newly installed storage cabinets on either side of the fireplace and grey wall color Sheri chose for this addition (The Big Chill).  That was all I had to work around, so it made my job pretty easy.

Sheri and I met and she expressed her love of graphics, and a bright pop against the soothing look of tone on tone.  She quickly fell in love with the idea of bright teals, navy and a touch of acid green and wanted to bring those colors in the space.

Take a look at their finished family room and just how we accomplished that look.

The first thing I wanted to do was add molding to the walls and layer in a grey grass cloth.  Rather than just a typical large art piece, on the big wall, I wanted to create a thoughtful "feature wall" to include two sconces and center art or mirror.  To add even a little more symmetry I asked Keith to create  two similar graphic art pieces to fill those wall panels in her pop colors.

I absolutely love these sconces, pieces Sheri was on the fence about, but I convinced her we had to have, they are my favorite element in the room.   I got lucky at Slate with the mirror which I chose to do at the last minute rather than another pieces of art.  Love.

A few more accessory details . . .

I wanted to add height to the window in this space.  A simple way to do just that is to add a blind and have it made longer than the window.  Mount it on the wall and raise the cornice.  We brought back the graphic trim on this custom cornice and covered  it in a fabric similar to the grass cloth texture.

Two smaller scale swivel chairs in a tone on tone grey, a more rustic stoop and really great art pieces I found on install day in Sheri's stash.  Love those.

The view from the kitchen into both the living space and the dining room, now has a cohesive feel and completely styled.

Don't you love the fixture Sheri found for her new kitchen !

Knowing the family room and kitchen would be finished, Sheri and Eric decided to address the front dining room, living space and foyer midway through our project.  Good idea.  Just get it done and all at once.  

In the dining room, we added new wainescoting (thank you Chris) and a Zoffany wall paper I love love in Sheri's blues with a touch of silver.  We reupholstered the front and back of her existing chairs, added window panels and a new area rug, cut to fit the space and the square table.

Her simple, yet artistic everyday china - perfect.

Simple and casual, yet with a touch of elegance in the paper choice and new shagreen mirror.

I created this organic center piece.  A wood sculpture by one of my favorite vendors with added rubber succulents and moss I found at Royal Garden here in Charlotte.  I love this, adds a little warmth and a natural feel to juxtapose the clean, sleek chrome and helps the leather chair seats and warm wood dining table seem more purposeful.

To finish off the entry foyer, we added this vintage overdye pulling in touches of the green, navy and a bit of rust color to again pulling in the dining furniture and the current rust color living room chairs.

To keep in the theme of Sheri's love of clean graphic, I found this occasional chair.  The fabric was perfect as is and the touch of antique brass ties back to the family room sconces and mirror.

. . . and let's not forget a new foyer fixture.

Lastly, the front living space.  Locating this original piece by Jan Swanson made my day.  It was long and narrow for to fit an odd, very visible wall by the front door and again, pulled in the blues and the touch of rust I needed to work around in the that space.

We repositioned her existing chairs and added a new rug, light fixture, floor lamp, and pillows.

As with all my clients, I love seeing the design boards come to life.  What I love even more - the excitement of "install day."

Such a pleasure working with Sheri and Eric and so so happy to make they house a home !
Ok Sheri, you can have people over now !!

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