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I wish they had had a tie.    I am a huge Project Runway fan.  Don't miss it.  Finale the other night - I so wanted Nashville based Amanda to win, but alas.  I love her style. . . all of it, and the jewelry in the Final episode - amazing.  Spoiler - Sean was the winner.  He was good.  The piece he created in the Rainway challenge,  with it's changing colors was pretty amazing I'll have to say, so ok.  But I did relate to Amanda's style overall, all Season.   

Hate that the Season is over.  It was a good one.  Plenty of drama, not my favorite part, but plenty of inspiring looks, designs and moods.  Loved it.   

pic via Amanda's instagram - a good one to follow!

Each of her designs had that boho vibe I love and she clearly has a look and a high taste level.   I love the easiness of it all, while definitely making a statement.   Her perfect color combinations always hit the mark, not that I know much about fashion other than what looks good, but I do know something about color combinations.   Her tones and color blocking - eye popping, yet not flashy, and I especially love the shapes, cut outs and mixtures of textures..  In the Finale she designed the prettiest jewels in collaboration with Margaret Ellis to complete (to perfection) the collection and the look.  Just like adding the perfect pillow.

Hats off to Amanda.

Take a look at her designs during this 13th Season.

She talked about creating (but I would definitely say continuing) her "brand" and I feel she is already there.  Recognizable.  I am sure we will continue to see more from Amanda, and excited about that.  Nashville resident (with a small part on the show if you were watching carefully !!) 

I jumped on her website (here) and pulled a few of my favorite looks.

I can relate . . .

And fyi . . . she has a pretty cool brother.

That would be  Musician, James Valentine - Maroon 5

So the point of my post . . . I took inspiration from her style, along with the look my client loves to create a new space for a new project I am working on.  You can find inspiration from anywhere.  As on Project Runway and one of the reasons I love it, is to see just why in each episode the designers are sent out to collect inspiration for a challenge.  Some of the images I was watching and finding on her site, drove this design.

Fashion does drives interior design I always feel.  What comes out on the runway, color wise, style wise will translate to interiors, usually a year or so later I am noticing.   While watching the Final episode, laptop in hand,  I was working on this new project.  Funny enough, my client, Mary Fran, is by far, my most adventurous - hence this dining room I created for her.

The lighting I used in the dining and nearby foyer, my Finale jewels.

Anyway . . . This client's style reminds of some of the designs Amanda created.  The entire time I was watching,  I was pulling ideas.  And, ironically enough, they hail from Nashville as well and have a love of music.

Amanda does an amazing job with color blocking and color choices.  My client emailed me this image as inspiration for this new project, a third floor "man cave" - all for Rusty, his room.  What I took from this image was first and foremost, the art.

Take a look at how I was inspired for this space, all while tuned into Project Runway.

Bright white walls, a mod shape -  in an easy "distressed" boot leather sectional, an old - black, crackled leather sling chair.  Hatch posters and color blocked rug.

This wall paper, are you kidding.  Love.  Plan on using in an inset way on one wall and overlaying Elvis.  (Remind of you Episode 2?)

Loving these original art pieces (Natural Curiosities of course) to incorporate to the space.  My nod to the shapes I was seeing in Amanda's jewelry.

And if Mary Fran and I have our way, the banana wall paper will make an appearance in the space!

So, very inspiring . . . in so many different ways, cannot wait to get this job in motion.  If I could just talk Rusty into a little fringe ?!!!

Thanks Amanda!

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