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I love a re-design, I love a new look, new colors, new feel.  At the beginning of the year I changed almost everything in our showroom.  I sold off all the navy and kelly greens and embraced my current love of plums, blacks, golds with a dose of fuchsia and a splash of metallic.  One fabric started it all, the most gorgeous Designers Guild floral.  I can't believe the time has flown by, I have wanted Mekenzie to take a few new pictures, but I am forever adding and taking away things.  It's really constantly transforming, but yesterday it was looking pretty full and clean so we took a few pictures.

I am drawn to really saturated colors at the moment.  I love a good mix of old and new, I love vintage mid-century, mixed with lacquer, mixed with leather.  Warm, collected, unique.  I messed around with a few images early in the year, take a look at where we are now . . .

The Showroom is a place to get inspired, and as my home away from home, I have filled it with things I love.  Comfortable, unique and a bit splashy.

Our front window sets the tone for sure.

I love a good chesterfield and had this one made by one of my favorite vendors in the most delicious yellow leather.  With many of my clients wanting to touch and feel, both this piece and a larger sectional allow them to do just that.  While their styles (and color choices!)  may be different, feeling the quality is important.

Wander through some of my favorite things.

Visual overload . . . we love it.

photos by mekenzie france

Come by some time and check it out !

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