It Started With a Wrap !


I have a new found love for Diane Von Furstenberg and her cool self.  She's an art lover, creator, and high on my list of strong, inspiring women.

Always on my radar for her insanely gorgeous fashion sense, use of color and pattern, but after reading her memoir The Woman I Wanted To Be,  she is even higher on my list of strong and inspiring women.  Book No. 2, released just this November  Journey of a Dress, is a fascinating look at over 200 images evolving the dress itself as well as her amazing art collection.  Diane is even hotter right now with the kids, my kids.  Her own show House of DVF is wrapping it up (no pun intended) Sunday night.   Yeah - I've been watching, who an I kidding.  While the girls on the show are driving me nuts - I am loving Diane, which prompted me to get her book.... good read !

"Journey of a Dress" celebrates the 40th Anniversary of the "dress that changed everything." Celebrated last January with an exhibit in Los Angeles 200 mannequins clad in the vintage and contemporary take of the wrap dress. 

I knew she launched her own business in her 20's and in 1974 her jersey knit wrap dress not only became a trend setting style never to lose it's appeal, (some saying it's figure clinging silhouette ushered in women's lib and more sexual freedom) but I learned so much more about her, fascinating stuff.    She doesn't know the meaning of the word dull or even defeated. Even after losing her business in her 30's, a huge comeback in her 50's and now in her 60's she continues to innovate and inspire and the classic wrap will always be in style.

Formerly known as Princess Diane of Furstenberg (Germany) after marrying into the family, she kept the name, yet could not use the title after her divorce in 1972.  Her re-launched fashion company and the re-introduced of her famous wrap dress came in 1997.  She is a global brand offering 4 complete collections each year, available in over 70 countries and by 2014 some 85 retail shops worldwide. Now headquartered in the Meatpacking district in NYC, her brand includes more that wearable fashion, her iconic style can enter your home by way of a gorgeous rug
collaboration with The Rug Company and textiles with Kravet Fabric (my wheel house).  

Being that I had Ms. Von Furstenberg on the brain when I got my Kravet samples in the mail - I started taking a new look at her patterns.  I chose her pattern Climbing Leopard in my Pantone 2015 design board inspiration.  Definitely not for the tame. I love this rug.

All of her patterns and colors are timeless I would say.

Afraid of Python pattern . . . . 


In love with this Tribal pattern.  As timeless as a wrap dress.

The Kravet launch was in May.  Textiles and trims showcasing her love of pattern and color, much like her memorable fashion look.  Take a look at my favorites in the collection (all available at our showroom).

DVF's NY home office is filled with inspiration, I had no doubt,, and I can relate - without maybe the view! A room filled with color, texture, pattern, inspiration and history.  Personal and enveloping.  I am guilty of filling my office with the same and it just helps me that much more in finding inspiration, while being comfortable !  Shot for AD, take a look.

image via AD

She moved in her West Village location in 2008.  My favorite part of town and often where I stay.  This past fall we were around the corner at the Dream and on mine and Kate early morning walk she noticed DVF right away...  On Washington Street between 13th and 14th Avenue, it draws you in with it sleek styling.  Roof top I know the view of the High Line is gorgeous!

photos by elizabeth felicella

So, House of DVF  - while full of ridiculous, inexperienced, 20-something females plagued with a sense of entitlement that make me cringe, Diane is the one to watch and I have been sucked into all of it.  The finale is tomorrow night where a 20-something Brand Ambassador will be chosen.  My hope is that one of these 3 remaining women will eventually has the polish, talent and style one should have to be included in Diane's house !

Can you tell it's a cold, rainy Saturday... all my installs are done for Christmas and I haven't moved from my spot by the fireplace.  Reading and surfing and begging the kids to bring me more tea ! Thank goodness all the shopping and wrapping is D O N E.

Holidays are beginning.

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