A Plan vs A Single Purchase. . . Project Five.

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Around Christmas time a very cute Greek walked in our office asking about a console/storage piece he and his wife had seen on our website.  He loved it and wanted it.  Happy to order one for him, but of course we started talking about his new home, mainly to keep him sitting in our office so we could just look at his pretty self.  His enthusiasm for design and baby arriving any day kept us all talking. He seemed to love design and by the sound of it, had great taste.  He had already chosen some really cool pieces.

After a while we had convinced him that a design plan would be the best way to move forward on finishing his new home.  Gorgeous, large and full of unique pieces it was missing some big "pulling together" ideas.  An empty dining room and master bedroom that needed a plan.  The great room had a large sectional, but needed everything else as well.  

Maggie and I loved their sense of style and the lighting they had chosen on this new build but we urged him to let us help create a plan for their home as oppose to shopping for a piece here and a piece there.  I find that it can be your biggest mistake.  Impulse purchases of cool pieces is great and fun, but we often without thinking it all through.  Having a plan makes it so much easier when out there shopping or when managing your decorating budget.

Over Christmas break Maggie worked on their master bedroom, dining room and great room.  We were excited to do a drive-by over the holiday in a casual way to show them what we came up with, and meet their new baby girl !  

She started with a plan for the Master Bedroom and pulled colors from the existing color choices they had chosen throughout the house.  They had picked out a Stark carpet for the Dining Room - the Navy Antilocarpa, one of our favorites.  Look familiar?  I used it in my previous post in a Music Room.  It was one of their choices, but when we started pulling it all together we decided using it in the foyer for a large "T" shaped runner was a much better idea than the Dining Room.

Why?  To have a runner in your foyer that isn't dinky you have to order cut carpet and have it custom cut and bound to fit the space if you want it perfect.  That is the least expensive way to go.  Of course a custom runner can always be ordered by many rug vendors, but can be expensive and take a while.  With the Antilocarpa right in the Foyer paired with neutral walls, bringing the navy back into the adjacent Dining Room would bring it together so that was Maggie's plan.

The Dining Room incorporates a navy grass cloth for high texture, mixed with a sleek off-white console storage to pop off the dark walls.  They had already installed the most beautiful chandeliers, Maggie played off that too.  Their dining table is black so new side chairs with an interesting back design in black as well was a great choice.  But the end chairs in the gradating ombre fabric had to be my favorite element.  We were recently shown this fabric by one of our reps during an impromptu drive by with a new collection to show us. Take a look.

Having it run darker down to lighter on the end chairs - pretty fab !

Art was another element we wanted to pull in as oppose to a mirror.  We found a great new vendor at market that offers beautiful reproductions.  At their price points it will free up a little more of the budget for the additional things we need !

Take a look at some of our favorites from that vendor - now all available from us at Lucy and Company.

The gold chandelier compliments two wall sconces on the buffet wall.

And this grass cloth has a little silver running through it.

Soft and subtle grey rug with this simple pattern as not to fight the Antilocarpa just five feet away.

The Master Bedroom has an upholstered bed in grey and needs a plan to fill the rest of the space.  Keeping in the colors of the entire home Maggie pulled a wall paper for the bed wall which continued across the ceiling creating a canopy type effect.  Matching navy lacquer side chest and lamps.

Funny enough the window treatments they had chosen was a pattern Maggie has recently used in the Edgerton Dining Room which turned out so gorgeous... so we kept it in the plan.

A simple chaise and side stoop along with two sconces flanking the windows.

I love this art piece for the opposite walls.  Custom, unique and perfect - cause you know we are on a bit of a feather kick.

Heading back down the stairs to the great room, the ceilings are tall, tall.  With a gorgeous and very large fireplace, unique horizontal planking on either side, our suggestion was to have two pieces made for either side.  One tall, one shorter but with a large art piece over bringing it to the same height as the opposite side.  These pieces have a grey stained circle detail and either antique mirror or possibly upholstery - we haven't decided yet.  A sleek channel back swivel chair, metal and wood inlay round coffee table and tribal rug all complimenting the large sectional they have.

This fixture I love.  We have one in our showroom.  With the two story height of their ceiling we are making one that will fit the space a little better, but this is our inspiration.
Art is so important and this piece by Kelly O'Neal is perfect, we think.

Lastly, this console on a blank wall on the way to the kitchen with a gold, highly ornate mirror and off center lamp a top.  Love the mix of styles !

So there you have it.  Our plan for the downstairs as well as the Master Bedroom.  This way you have a vision, and can plan your expenses.  We are starting right at the front door and working our way forward, can't wait !!!

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