A Subtle Update . . . Project Two.

Hi There.

Our second project is the slight re-do of a clients "off at college" daughter's room.  We went all out while she was in high school, but the bright pinks and greens are feeling a little young and dated. This quick fix is all about the walls.  All the furnishing we chose back then are white and really popped off the bright walls but luckily work beautifully now that we are changing everything around them.  

Paint or paper can change the look completely and not blow a budget.  I came up with four options that simply involve one accent wall of paper, paint and simple a curtain change.  My client requested pale grey and lavender or even a darker plum and some metallic.   A big visual color change.

Take a look at the possibilities . . .

Meeting today . . . we'll see what she thinks !!

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