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Have two young boys with an adjoining bathroom?  Have two boys who need a little style in their rooms?  New bedding can help, but a little wall paper will really do the trick.  The impact of these two papers I added to these boy's rooms transformed them completely!

I think Lori Crowder is striking while hot and with all the updates we have made to her home.  Her boy's spaces had great beds but needed some pulling together and a fun color punch.  One loves dinosaurs the other loves green, both connect with a bathroom.   I wanted a cohesive look on that end of the hallway, giving them each what they wanted.  Most importantly, giving them furniture pieces that will grow with them.

The bed and bedside table for Cooper's Room were great, we just added a second bedside table and moved it all to another wall.  The bedding and rug were our starting point - he loved them, we just added to it !  New wall paper, dresser, shelf, chandelier, and windows.  Take a look at his board.

We repositioned the bed to the double window wall, painted it's backdrop pale grey.  The two side walls now have a big splash of wall paper and push pin boards and a new dresser and mirror.

The dresser and this great, industrial shelf were added.  The black hardware on both tie back to the cool new chandelier.  All these pieces will last well into the late teens with their older look.

As Cooper gets older, the dino bedding and accessories can simply be switched out for an older look.  voila !

Upholstered cornices and bamboo blinds are all boy and easy to work with.

Don't think you can put the bed in front of the windows . . . sure you can!

Nash's Room had a navy bunk and navy dresser.  All he wanted was a big dose of green!  
We decided to give it to him in this stripe wall paper and a few accents.

He also needed a better overhead chandelier and new desk.  Both with an industrial vibe as well.

Love this fun paper !

He too can switch out the bed someday for an older, maybe wood queen size and all will work.

all photos by mekenzie france

Again . . . such fun working with the Crowder's.  We will miss our dropping in on them with new, fun things !  But we do have the outside to work on . . . and Spring is coming soon here in Charlotte.

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