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Happy Friday . . . great close to the week with a trip out to Traci Shanks.  We installed and photographed her master bedroom yesterday.  Traci has been so great to work with, having completed her first floor in one fell swoop (here) we headed upstairs to transform her master!  I love this space. It brings her new pop color from downstairs up, mixed with soothing neutrals.  It's all about the details in this space !

What did we change?  Everything.  The original space had a huge, dark wood - 4 posted king bed, large wood dressers and windows with short curtains.  Traci wanted a larger looking space, open, light, pulled together with a smaller bed.  I usually don't go down in bed size for couples, but they wanted it, and it totally opened up the room !

The very first thing I wanted to change were the windows.  I see it all the time, an arch over standard windows with curtains hung below the arch.... I am here to say N-O.  It's shortens the room and then what do you do with light pouring in that arch?!  Raise the pole to the ceiling and invest in big-girl curtains I say and was so happy Traci saw the light, or in this case didn't !! These new functional window treatments draw completely on a gorgeous new track for room darkening.  Beautiful job Amy!!!  It made all the difference.  

I started working from the windows to the bed, side tables, bedding and accessories.  Choosing to work in a subtle tone-on-tone color way with just a pop of color.  Love this channel back upholstered bed, so detailed and tailored !!  Hit Bedside Manor for the perfect bedding.  It makes all the difference too.   Bedding is an investment and so worth it !!!  I'm kind of a tread count snob.

Just the other day I found the perfect end-of-bed bench in navy velvet with lucite legs, thanks Slate, perfect !!

Our pop, this beautiful linen Studio Bon fabric for just one bolster. 

Smaller bed, bigger side chests !  I worked in two pieces of art on either side, one shell, one sea fan.  I absolutely love these.  The touch of wood on the chest mixed with the white does warm things up a bit !

Opposite the bed, a navy dresser in a gorgeous grass cloth texture, two new wall sconces and a piece of art by my husband, Keith.

Are these sconces not gorgeous !!!

Attached to the main sleeping space, a small - cozy sitting room.  I chose to paint it a dramatic navy and pop it with this killer Asian inspired bookcase !  L O V E !!!  With all Traci's travels, this piece, mixed with a Moroccan inspired side table and we have touches of other cultures to create an eclectic travel inspired space.

all photos by Mekenzie France

It's all came together and we were all thrilled.  Thanks again to Traci for her never ending trust !!

It's going to be a busy week full of installs, I think we have one each day ! 

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  1. Once again, thank you to the Lucy ladies (and you too, Keith!) for a job so well done. We love our new suite for the style, the airiness and the sheer comfort you designed and installed. It's a great place to wind down and relax together at the end of a long day. PS - I think the sitting room and a good book are calling my name too!