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Hi There . . .

I have a client with a 21 year old daughter who's on her way home from studying abroad.  It was time to update her room a bit.  The pink and green we installed years ago was pretty but we were all tired of it.  This space only needed a few minor tweaks !!!  Paint, a little wall paper, new curtains, rug and a pillow or two.  Keith even repainted the art he created way back by simply painting over a few circles in the new colors.  Simple fixes - major change !!

Take a look at the plan . . .

So the plan included painting over all the lime green in the room and changing everything to white and grey.  Happily all the furniture we chose way back was white so it made it easy.

Take a look at the landing area we changed up !

And the details I incorporated in the bedroom . . 

Fresh, clean and white . .  perfect for this style conscience 21 year old.

Quick fixes !!

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