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June was such a crazy month, Maggie and I were just talking about how much we needed a big fat break, so while we are thrilled with all the fun installs, wrap ups and new client projects started, we are glad June is over !   She headed out on Friday for her vacation week in upstate NY at her family's "camp" and I'll be splitting in 10 days for jaunt across the pond to celebrate Lucy's 16th birthday!   Hoping we both will get a little R & R, but also find a little inspiration for things to come.  Fall can be equally as frantic with the holidays approaching - yep you read it right, having that pretty Dining Room for Thanksgiving needs to start now !

Just before leaving she finalized her plans for the Edgerton's basement, or as I always like to call it, "First Floor Man Cave."  I say first floor as oppose to basement,  as it's not a subterranean hole of light-less blah.   It has sliding doors to the back yard and plenty of side windows, but it is downstairs, below the main floor. 

It's a space most wives send their kids and messy friends-o-the-husbands to stay out of her newly decorated living rooms.   A place they don't have to look at if they don't want to, a place for all the furniture their designers said they could use in another room, but . . . hum, never got around to.  A place where mis-matched goes to live.   Basements can be the catch all.  In this basement, however; Maggie has designed an actual, living, functional, beautiful space that everyone will want to travel down to.  What I love the most is how fluid it feels with what she created upstairs.

Take a look . . .

The Edgerton home was her first, big, solo project with Lucy and Co.   After seeing and loving what she created from the onset, I was happy to let her run with all the design choices to follow.  She created a gorgeous look for Lindsay, Edge and the kids from the front door back and up the stairs. 

So pretty, it's currently in this month's Charlotte Home + Garden !  (check out the entire article here)

The article includes all the rooms on the first floor.  We even had time to install the kitchen before the issue went to press.  

Maggie replaced their existing dark dining table with a lighter version. It also jived better with the nearly Family Room.  Lindsay was a little nervous the wood would feel to "country" but we assured her she need a little warm wood to keep the space from feeling too cold.   We pulled the other fabrics from existing colors in the family room and kept the small pop of color in art and accessories. 

Using the same overhead light in both spaces helped make it feel like one large cohesive space.  Maggie tied the spaces together further by using the Family Room's window fabric for pillows on the new banquet.  

The entire color scheme of this home plays off our favorite wall paper used in the Dining Room.  Lindsay loves her white, but mixing in shades of grey and metallic with a few cool blues gives her white that much more attention.

When we installed the Rreakfast Room for the Charlotte Magazine shoot, we had time to address the upstairs landing.  An often forgotten space, it now has a little pattern and interest.

Just off the Master Bedroom, the colors not only compliment, but also work visually with the upcoming kid's rooms.

Maggie nailed it with both Lennox and Lola's new spaces.  Stay tuned for that, coming up next !

Congrats to my right arm for her first press piece.  Proud I am !

We will be wrapping it up after vacations with the outdoor porch and that rock'n Man Cave . .  stay tuned.

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