Crushing on . . . Wall Paper

Hi . . .

Still obsessed with wall paper.  Always on the hunt for new and interesting patterns and colors. While working on these new projects I spent a good day researching what's out there, some I knew about, a few new vendors.  Came across some beauties !  Take a look at my latest obsessions (all available through us).

Used as an accent or overall look, these are sure to WOW !  I am noticing I am drawn to the look of hand drawn or painted.  Irregular somewhat.

Really love the birds, nice pop of red.

Was so excited to find these panels with random chair photos, great accent.  The dress version below was in our hotel in Paris, which I loved... so happy to find it!

How about a 3D paper in your powder!  Saw in NYC last year and still loving the idea.  Would certainly be something to talk about !

Embrace the paper !

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