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It's back to business.  Just got back from our annual ICFF / Kips Bay trip.  Fun was had by all, especially the youngest of the group - Kate.  Loving this new tradition.  There's nothing I want more than my kids to be City savvy and noticed a growing fearlessness in this one.  Maybe she will go to school up there, finger's crossed.

What I really love is just walking the streets,  Kate amazes me at what she notices, shapes, colors, shadows.  Hard edges and angles.  She wants to live in a brownstone but it has to have a courtyard, "for a little a little bit of color and nature to break it up" she says.  Smart kid and I feel the same way. We just finished an install in Dilworth for one of my more edgy clients, LT Brady.  Recommended by our favorite lover of all white,  LT is a lover of all black.  After meeting and seeing her home I noticed she was also drawn to straight lines and angles with a color cohesive black (and white) style. When pulling options I stuck with just those two colors and gradated in between the two.

From the front door back the palette carries you from room to room.

We accessorized and shot these spaces just before we left town and with the "courtyard" in mind I brought over a few things to break up the rich, strong, edgy black palette and add a little depth.  Having recently re-designed my own home and office in all black and white, I was certainly in the black and white zone.  It can be so dramatic and strong and this client is just that. 

I particularly love this front office.  It's rich semigloss charcoal walls with new molding are brought to life with touches of lighter grey, warm earthy tones and a touch of navy - which I filtered in at the last minute and the verdict is still out on that !

I love the details in this space, the mismatched side tables, the layered rugs, the functional yet unique bookcases, the eye catching wall sconces and huge juju hat.  It's coziness draws you in right at the front door.  When designing this space I kept the dining room in mind - just across the foyer.  LT has the most gorgeous dining table with a live edge leg.  That one texture inspired the pieces I chose for this room. Embracing natural elements:  woodgrains, feather, leathers, horns !

Spinning around completely to the dining room the vibe continues.  We looked at several black and white wall papers and landed on this ombre.  It's pretty gorgeous and is really set off with the white woodwork.  Simple dining chairs with the all conversation inspiring dining table, by our fav - Josh Utsey.  LT found the sideboard and I topped it off by layering one of Keith's new pieces, a Slate find and the tall wood banana leaf to bring the wood up to eye level.  Always love a "collected" feel.

A last minute grey driftwood centerpiece filled with succulents completed the zinc top table.

The foyer also has a small powder room.   Enter one of my favorite papers, filling my foyer, it was a must have for LT.  Rather than your typical overhead light we pulled in a floor lamp !  This chrome piece stretches to the ceiling and creates a totally unusual look which we both love.

From foyer to main living and kitchen space the color choices continue for the utmost in a cohesive palette.

Touches of straw and wood (inspired by the dining room table) help warm up the hard lines a bit.  I love the fireplace color already chosen by LT, we just added a grey grass cloth to give it even more depth and texture.

While shooting the space, Brutus followed Mekenzie from room to room.  It was hilarious.  He was seriously positioning himself in each shot - #brutushambrady.  He matches so ok !

A few more warm details . . . 

and the always needed dose of nature.  

Working (and shooting) with LT - first of all - completely stress free.  This type A always has a spotless kitchen - woman after my own heart !

She, like me, loves a clean counter.

This new build has the best breakfast room just off he kitchen and opens to an awesome porch.  I loved the light fixture she had chosen, one of my favorite things.

We didn't need to really touch this space.  Had a few floater shelves made for her photos and art and that's it !

Love this sunny spot.

And that's a wrap.  Black and white at it's finest.

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