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First shoot of the New Year . . . and loving that's it's across the street from my house.. convenient.  I have new neighbors and happy to report, they are cool.   Having the one of the cutest babies on the planet, future baby-sitting gig awaits my girls.  So, this house is pretty big and meanders, built in the 20's style, bungalow but remodeled with all the new stuff.  This couple, young, had a certain vibe in mind.. a bit of a chic boho look and having had that style myself it came pretty easy.  What is boho chic you ask?  Well in my opinion it is really an eclectic look.  A mix of styles, colors, textures, patterns and furniture periods.  It has a warm and somewhat "worn" look and always brings in nature. Mekenzie shot for me the other day and love the finished product.. take a look.

When designing this living space, I really started with the rug.  Now it is a big room and for the most part square.  Finding a 13 foot square rug is hard unless you have it custom made, so in this case (and something I actually do often) I layered rugs.  By doing this you can fill and define the space and bring in that amazing rug you fall in love with ... in a smaller (less expensive) size !

This rug started my color palette.

By brining in mis-matched furniture, stoops, poufs, metals and somewhat vintage pillows you start creating a look.

Filled with light, I assured them painting the walls in this space white wouldn't be a boring color and once all the pieces started coming in it would take on a whole new feel.

A good thing to always include in a boho look - plants and more than one.  I got lucky finding these tall beauties this time of year.

One of my favorite things in this space, is this brass coffee table.  Being round it fits perfectly with a sectional or sofa with chaise.  I think I love so much I am going to get one.

Take a look at a few of my favorite brass tables !

Now having all your metals "jive" is important and adding another element of brass is important here.  I did that with these short lamps.  I love just the touch of brass over raw iron.  Placing on a distressed wood and metal console, not blocking the window and shorter than the trees all in the effort of having your eye move about at different levels.  Low lighting is always a must and I love these "hand painted" ones, further continuing the vibe.

This pouf - the real deal and they already had it . . . perfect.

So the space is coming together from my original design board... we decided no need to paint the back of the bookcases, we like them all white and per usual, one piece was back ordered - a new leather chair - which will wander in shortly and bring home the vintage, boho vibe.  A bit of leather is key to me to obtain this look.

This open floor plan is pretty great, big enough for a long dining table, and seating for about 8.  True to the look, mixing up the seating is a must.  A combination of  black wishbone, bistro (as a nod to a true wander-luster) and a raffia cloth covered metal bench rounds it out.   Great combination of materials, different heights and looks.   All surround a grey washed farm table and metal chandelier.   Now what is raffia cloth, a.k.a kuba cloth, a.k.a mud cloth. . . really quickly, the Kuba culture is best know for this textile combining a graphic design and embroidery.  I love so much I framed a beautiful piece I found and hung in my dining room.  

Take a closer look at these pretty patterns.

The bistro chair is making a big appearance as of late, these are the real deal, straight from Paris.  As a head chair with slightly taller back.  The color is ideal with the woods in the very next room, but these days you can find in a fabulous array of colors.   What I love is the flexibility and maintenance.  Can be taken right outside on the deck and with spills no problem - hose them off.

Take a look at all the many styles that are out there !

I love a combination of three bowls on a long dining table... but keep the scale big and colors like.

Design board comes to life.

So when you think boho, think mis-matched and you'll nail it, and don't forget a tree or two.

All photos by Mekenzie Loli

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  1. That's a great design! The room looks so clean and inviting, I just want to pull up a chair and sit down. The accessories are tasteful but don't draw your eye away from the furniture. I think a lot of people get caught up in having lots of focal points, and the room becomes cluttered and distracting. But I'd love to have this room in my home.