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It's no wonder I love the girl's at Twine & Twig (previous post).  Their style is similar to the style I love.  This project has the same vibe and it turned out just perfect.

I recently was asked to transform a small sunroom for a client of mine.  Now this house I love in general.  It's old, like mine, therefore having all the cool old moldings and especially - windows. This small sunroom, just of the kitchen needed a facelift.  All the original casement windows had been painted white and it had an old brick floor and not the pretty kind !  Used as a smaller reading, tv watching space just off the kitchen, it needed some style, casual yet eclectic and pretty.

Take a look at the finished product !

Immediately I wanted to paint the windows to black and switch out the formerly white blinds to these gorgeous bamboo ones, full of lightness and texture.  My client, come to find out, is quite handy !  I mentioned I wanted to come over and paint all the window handles with an antique brass liquid oil paint . .  when I arrived for the install, she had done it for me !  Makes a huge different and such a nice detail.

We chose to close up the single overhead light and drop two mismatched pendants on either side of a new custom sectional, made to fit perfectly in the space.  While you might pause at the size of the black "bird nest" pendant's size, it was exactly what I wanted, something large and eye catching !  We chose to use neutrals with numerous textures.  Leather in two colors, Moroccan style shag rug, metal legs and lighting, wood, resin, wool, velvet and the bamboo.  All so good !

Bring an airy !  One tip.. tint your windows.  We did these and you can hardly tell.  It will save your furniture and keep it cooler.

I love this light !!

all photos by mekenzie loli

Really really love this !!!

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