Install of the Day !

Yo . . .

I've been equally crazed but did make time to squeeze in this guest room for one of my favorite clients!  Got a call only about a month ago essentially begging for help with holiday company coming.  Her timing was perfect in that we are moving and I did have some pieces I wanted to sell.  I asked her to just trust me and I'd pull it together, but I wanted to surprise her completely.  I didn't have time to meet, discuss, or do design boards and was guessing she was pretty happy with the work I had done in the house already so I got the green light.  Now that's trust for sure !

Voila.  I LOVE this room.  I called my buddies at Detroit wall paper for this KILLER paper that started it all.  They rushed it for me.  I then begged my installer to squeeze me in for this one wall and he pulled it off too.  Filtered in pieces I had to create this space totally in keeping with the style of their house.  I love a good surprise - take a look !

Now,  let me show you what else I have worked on in their home and what's coming up !

The entry foyer is filled with a great paper and gorgeous chandelier I plan to shoot with Mekenzie when we go back to shoot the dining room.

The dining room is our next little phase.  I have Josh Utsey making me a new dining table for Christmas to tie into the overall look we have going on.  Paper and rug have been delivered.  Just switching out table and chairs.  Can't wait to shoot this space !

Will also shoot the TV lounge we recently installed . . .

But the breakfast room and family room we did shoot the other day as well . . . 

How fresh and bright is this space.  The paper in there is by far one of my favorite Schumacher papers.  We had a console made and a few floating shelves.

I love this little area.

And so does one of their 4-legged's  - Nilla - it seems.

Great artwork simply stacked on these new floaters with a few accessories mixed in.

Also worked on the living space not too long ago. .

New sectional and swivels atop a new rug with shades of blues.  The black sheep coffee table was a must for this laid back, whimsical family.  I realized that immediately at our first meeting when I saw the flog art !

photos by Mekenzie Loli

Phase 3 - I have been told we must address the storage areas, snooze but ok... then it's onto the Master Bedroom... stay tuned !

Install of the Day !

Hi There !

Simple and pulled together is the name of this game.  Young client, with one already and twins on the way!  I wish to meet this client someday as Maggie can't say enough about how fun she is.  High on her favorite client list, this project really came together and everyone was happy.  They worked  to cozy up their living space and create a side room which doubles as a get-a-way morning coffee spot and little office, my favorite kind of room.

Take a look at this fun install !!

I'm a big fan of tone on tone texture and this I love.  Mixed with the comfort and ease of a small leather sofa.  I love this color palette and overall vibe.

The living space needed a little attention and a little color, but simple color.  Maggie had two flanking storage cabinets made for either side of the mantle with a great trim detail and fun knobs.  Adding to the focal point of the mantle, a little wall paper and styling up !

Pops of art, kid friendly grey wash coffee table, dose of color on the floor !

How about an upholstered bench for color.

And one of our favorite chandeliers.

photos by Mekenzie Loli

Sometimes a little dose of well thought out color is all you need !  Great job Maggie.

Install of the Day !

Hi !

Maggie and I are ships passing in the night !  This time of year we are jamming on installs to keep our clients happy for the holiday !!!  She's worked on a dining room, a home office & living room (coming up next) and just recently this updated, installed and photographed big girl room all while overseeing a huge job in Huntersville.  She's crazy busy, as am I !  We need an assistant . . . and come January it's high on our list to find the right person !!

In the meantime, wanted to post these gorgeous pictures Mekenzie shot the other day of a long time Maggie-client.  Expecting baby no. 3 we did a little room shift, giving the oldest a new, tweaked space !  I love this Lindsay Cowell wall paper and drop pendant especially.  Look how pretty !

A corner, not neglected . . 

An really yummy pillows for her bed.

Mekenzie shot a series of horse images for me and this is one of them, I love.  Stay tuned, will be adding a shop section on our website in 2018 and will have several pieces of her original photography  !!

Great tweak, ready for baby no. 3 !!

photos by Mekenzie Loli, design by Maggie Crandall for Lucy and Company