What's Maggie Up To . . .

Morning !

I have some news . . . Maggie is starting a new venture . . "Crandall Haus."  What's this you say?  I have no idea (just kidding), but she's been recruited by Nate Berkus and leaving me in the dust.

Ok, so no . . . but she is entering the world of "calling all the shots and making all the decisions on her own."  All us creatives do that at some point in our career journey, oh how I remember that well.

Let me give you a little history first.  At 24 Maggie joined me at Lucy and Company as my assistant, which lasted about a week because I knew she was good.  It didn't take long for me to realize she was dying to work on a project from start to finish on her own.  Us designer types have egos, we just do, and want to create something completely from start to finish because we have a vision for sure and want to tell the whole story.

She worked her tail off for the first couple of years on many, many of Lucy and Company's projects learning a lot along the way.  She began developing a look and style that was to become somewhat of a signature look.   Light, bright, usually with shades of blue but always unique and fresh.  One of her first big solo projects was featured in Charlotte Home + Garden (here), I was very proud of her.  That job was a full home which lead to a lot of great referrals, as many do in this business. 

Over the years we went on many a inspiration and install trip to NYC, LA, San Diego, Richmond, Nashville and countless trips to Market.  We have not only fed off each other but have become great friends.  I truly admire her drive, work ethic and creativity.  She has grown tremendously with her style.

We are such a busy firm and both have been slammed with bigger projects, hence the introduction of our much needed new assistant Morgan who has really lessened the load of our endless running around !!  Maggie and I would, unfortunately go days without seeing each other, busy with our individual projects - but always came together in need of bouncing ideas off each other, inspiration research or just to take a breath.

We are both wired the same as I am sure most designers are.  I remember wanting to make my own mark when I was her age and it's time for her to do the same.   While working under the "Lucy and Company umbrella" may be changing as she goes out on her own, we plan to get together to work on a few projects (a huge one in motion at this moment).  The trips will continue for sure.. it's always so much more fun with someone who appreciates the same things design wise !!

So . . . follow her on Instagram (here).  She will be very involved in promoting great finds, pop ups, and the latest thing and well as residential and commercial design projects.

Speaking of commercial - she has worked on a few recently which both have turned out gorgeous.  One being Kenna Kunijo in South End, which turned out adorable  !  Love the overall feel and that wall paper - so good. 

Pulled from her instagram page . . . 

Another project - QC Social Lounge who had their soft opening a week ago I believe.  Very cool place, big and incorporates so many beautiful techniques in wood, metal, wall paper, etc etc... we plan to have Mekenzie take some interior shots soon - stay tuned !

I pulled a few of my all time favorite installs she worked on with us over the past several years
Take a look . . . and . . .

. . . to see more images of her work from here Lucy and Company portfolio - check it out  (here) !!

Good luck Maggie and remember your sounding board is right down the street . . . xoxox
Love you !