Artist Obsession - Ana Strumpf

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For all you doodlers out there, myself included, enjoy!  I have loved the works of art by Ana Strumpf 
for a while and thought I'd share.  How fun.   

I have been finally finishing our new studio at Atherton Mill and working on a custom mural as an accent wall.  I have gone back and forth on the look and after see this amazing panel of hers I am now pondering a different style.  Great inspiration !

Happy Thursday


Install of the Day !

Hi !!

Ok, first of all these pictures ain't great.  I shot them on my phone... Hoping to bring a few more things down to Atlanta before I have Mekenzie shoot it... But wanted share.  Such a fun, color filled home !!  Working long distance is never a problem, if you are reading this and need a little help we are happy to travel !!

This entry sets the tone and I love - love it !!  With the Christian Lacroix paper on the ceiling to the simple entry table and stunning chandelier.  A little drama with tall vases and oversized, cut from the yard magnolia branches.  I also commission Keith to do a large 6 foot square art piece - it's so good.

The color inspiration for this new build is navy, white and black.  My client loves a good splash of vibrant warm tones so I pulled in a dose of hot pink here and there.

The design boards really helped her visualize but I must say - awesome client who put a lot of trust in me to just do it !

The Dining Room has plenty of drama.  I had the builder paint all the wainscoting a dark charcoal to work well with the grass cloth paper and give the space a lot of depth and drama.  A long grey washed table and chairs with both a navy faux bois fabric and fun plaid !

Big white lamps and an oversized brass chandelier !  With the holidays coming up I worked on a table setting to surprise my client.  Black and gold with a must have Christian Lacroix salad plate in graphic style.  

I have had this peacock for a while and love him (yeah he's real) This .. of all the homes I have worked on is the perfect home for him.  The colors work and just the overall vibe was calling his name.  He has a new home !!  

On to the kitchen.  Now Jarrett did most of it and did it well !  I helped with the details including my new favorite pendants.  They are killer I must say.

Open concept into one of two living spaces.  I brought back the black, white and navy in there in a huge and comfortable tufted off white leather sofa and navy swivel chairs.

The design board showed a big splash of color inside the bookcases and we had to do it !

Local Charlotte Artist Arthur Brouthers has collaborated with one of my favorite wall paper vendors and now offers his work in mural form.  

How fun is this !!  

A lot of drama looking from the kitchen into the living room . . . and yes I photo shopped that mirror in the picture, it was late .. another reason I didn't bring Mekenzie !!

Love how one space ties back to the other.

Now.. the back living space, more of a den with large TV,  is in the works.  I brought most of it and am working on the rest . . .

Splashy pillows with neutral furniture . . .

I'll style up those bookcases and address the other 1/2 of the room and we'll be good !

It's a gorgeous home and has been such a fun project so far.  Great clients !!! So trusting.... which I love love love...

lame pictures by moi on my cell

oh and p.s.  if you are Bravo fans . . . it's Married to Medicine's Dr. Jarrett's house ! LOL

The Welcome Home Project !

Hi There !

We at Lucy and Company are so excited to share a new project we have just put into motion ! 

A a new non-profit organization whose mission will be to transform the room of a child facing medical crisis at no cost to the family.  Designing, orchestrating and installing a new bedroom for well deserving kids who have gone through so much !

When Lucy and Company started back in 1999 our focus was on kid's spaces, designing and installing.  Over all those years I found such great joy in surprising my client' s kids with a bright, happy, pulled together new space.  There's something about creating a beautiful space that just lightens your mood.  I found my client kids are so proud of their new spaces and it has really given them a jump start on keeping it clean and organized.  For me - there has always been something about living and working in a beautiful space, it just calms and relaxes me !

I started thinking about this project about a year ago and thought to myself, how wonderful would it be for a kid whose been struggling and fighting a life threatening illness to come home to a space that didn't remind them of being sick !  How even greater would it be to give this space to a family who might not have the means to do it themselves.

So . . . I got together with my team at Lucy and Company who were all on board from the get-go, then reached out to a few awesome friends and clients.  We decided to just run with it.  After contacting Levine Children's Hospital and then being connected to the Isabella Santos Foundation, it didn't take long to have it's founder Erin Santos come by our office for a meeting.  It was at that very meeting we put this project in motion !  Next Friday night at the Isabella Santos Foundation's Pumpkin Ball, we are announcing The Welcome Home Project's First Recipient.

We will be designing and installing a full blown bedroom with all the bells and whistles.  The support has been awesome so far and it's just been a few days and I can only image all those friends and colleges who will jump in.

Moving forward we will pick a child per quarter and cannot wait to get to know these families and work on these amazing spaces.  Stay tuned and follow us on Instagram both on our Lucy and Company page and new The Welcome Home Projects page to see all the events, reveals and updates.  I will be finishing our website soon so stay tuned for that as well.


Install of the Day !

Hi There !

This installation was such a fun one !  Are you familiar with Twine and Twig ?  Their gorgeous bobbles are so popular.  I have several.  Brainchild of sisters Elizabeth White and  Jacquelyn Buckner.  The rustic elements of hand-crafted wooden beads and naturally shed antlers are statement pieces for sure and can turn the simplest look into something special.  They source local as well as far and reflect a real global awareness.  Their company has grown nationally and are so recognizable now ! Bravo ladies !

We are neighbors over at South End, in the same building and Mekenzie shot their cool digs not too long ago.  We appreciate a similar personal ecstatic.  Elizabeth asked me to help with her twin daughter's rooms recently.  It was time to split them up and have spaces of their own.

Knowing Elizabeth and the fabulous style of her house I was on a mission to create something which had the same vibe but young and with a little color the girl's wanted.

I took my direction from her Surf Collection (here) and Sundown Collection (here) when designing these spaces.

Take a look at the design turned finished product !

My husband, artist Keith Keim, helped with two walls in each space.  We went old school and hand painted each accent wall.  I wanted a definite irregular, yet soft, painted design in both rooms.  One with warm tones the other shades of blues.

In each space we used an "old" looking simple, inexpensive rug and both, of course, got a swing !

Mixed in the warmth of wood for this small desk for this small space.

And I love this simple light fixture !

Two trims dressed up simple white linen curtains.

And a collection group of art and antique mirrors in like colors.  I love the collected look.

The second room, just across the hall has the same vibe but we chose to do the cooler tones !  Grey washed wood bed and a mix of side tables.  With this bed it was more difficult to hang a chandelier so moving it over the side table took care of that.  I love a good side table side pendant.

Another wall treatment mixing shades of grey and blue for an ombre effect.

And a little custom art piece by Keith mixing all the colors in the room.

I adore this trim ... braids. 

Can't believe this was once a chocolate brown guest room.  So bright and airy now.

 all photos by mekenzie loli

Thanks so much Elizabeth for letting me do my thing for the girls !