[ Before & After] Sophisticated Style.

Designer:  Ashley Goodwin

Photographer:  Ashley Goodwin

Featured is one of my latest projects, a Master Bedroom and Bathroom for her exceptional (and seriously, way cool) client Patty Comer.  Somehow I can just walk into someone else’s room and see a design pull together (but as the Designer’s curse goes, I can never re-create this phenomena my own home!).  Immediately inspired by her expansive and suite-like space, she and I both agreed that the bedroom could use some vampin’ up.  We replaced the bedroom suite with a custom headboard (inspired by Sex and the City 2, of course) and substituted a footboard for a clean and functional bench.  A linen front bar used as a T.V. cabinet hides the electronics and gives the room a luxurious hotel vibe.  Patty, I know I have asked you already, but your verdict may have changed….can I move in now?



Both pieces of art are custom artwork by Keith Keim!  (The above is inspired!)