Wrapping up May 2011 ! Summer's - A - Coming !

Hi All !

It's been a long, and creative week !  Finished two playroom installs, tweaked my own home, and geared up for two big installs for next week.  A week in the life !

After recently finishing Shannon Avason’s upstairs playroom for her two boys, I moved onto Tanya Clawson’s kid retreat on the third floor.  I was in the groove and having seen my fair share of Wii gadgets, books and games I knew just what I wanted to do.. I worked hard with our new carpenter to create storage using what they already had .. just cleaned up a bit.  We added mesh doors and a fresh coat of paint throughout. They also needed seating and a lot more of it.. as did Shannon and in both cases a big new sectional was the ticket.  One of our local furniture designers makes a sectional that can be taken apart and moved up to that tricky third floor ! Both rooms started with a rug inspiration which the client was drawn to.. we worked our colors from that.

Take a look at the before and afters !

Clawson's Before …

Clawson's After …

Avason’s Before.. 

Avason's After …

All this designing and fluffing inspired me to pick up a few things at our showroom and finally finish our master bedroom and our upstairs playroom .. take a peek and see where my inspiration came from, the amazing peacock blue !  

Our master has an odd off center window which messed with the placing of a king bed, so we just blocked it by centering a full window treatment, then we centered the king bed.  With the right lighting, and additional window, I didn't miss the window ! 

If you can't find a big enough dresser you love, try putting two side by side.  It created an interesting shape !!! A large bright mirror bounces light around, the scale is right and the texture was much needed.  And how about a chaise in a dead corner.

I then moved onto the playroom down the hall.  Recently we decided to update it for our girls (7 and 12 now). We retired the pink and orange, as well as all the "little girl" toys for a more updated "study" room.  I moved our sectional from downstairs, up and repainted.  The rug was my color inspiration (pulled from my downstairs living room).

I love my kid's art as much as the next mom, but I only frame the most memorable.  Glass on Glass Mats are a great way to keep them modern and uniform (they are busy enough themselves, the frames shouldn't be.  Mix in large - to scale photo, maybe a mirror and a "grown up" piece or two to make it interesting !  With all the other pieces, try taking a photo of them on a bright white table, downloading and creating a book . . . makes a great "coffee table" book.

So I finished my week pulling all the goodies out we ordered and had made for my two big installs scheduled for next week.  Two "big-girl" rooms !  We at Lucy and Company love to hold it all until we have it all, and schedule 1 day to paint, with the install to follow in full the next.  It makes for much for of a surprise and impact !!!

Take a look at the inspiration boards for next week's installs and stay tuned !!

Kelley Sink's Daughter's Room:

and Cassell Fitzhugh's Daughter's Room . . . 

Happy restful weekend to all . . .

- Beth


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Inspired by the Lego store in Rockafeller Center, NYC, Beth designed a playroom for client Shannon Avason.  A few snapshots of the install Beth, Lindsey & intern Jamie worked so hard on!


" We can't believe the transformation - and we know it isn't even close to being done.  It's Chic but relaxed . . . we are not worthy !!! "

" We were just talking over dinner about how nice it has been to work with everyone on your team, you are so passionate about the design process and talented.  It's such a refreshing change !"

Mark and Tammy Herman, Charlotte, N.C. 

Thank You from client Lila Connor, Charlotte N.C.

Beth’s latest room design, photos, and article in Charlotte Urban Home magazine.  Grab a copy of the May/June 2011 issue!