It's Mania I Say . . .

Hey there,

I am loving that it's Sunday, the weekend's not quite over.  It's a lazy day, and I am up early.  I got to thinking about originality.  Yesterday I spent the day in the "hood" with my neighbors and family.  The first weekend in May is always event filled - Cinco De Mayo parties, the Derby, all that golfing going on in South Charlotte, and in my neighborhood -  Midwood Mania, a long-standing, event filled tradition.  We have a home tour, party in the park, pet parade and a lot of "front-porch-bloody-mary" hanging out.  The kids are out, the dogs are out, the sun is out, the flowers are out.  It's just one of those old school, low-key, fun days.

"Original and Unique" are words that come to my mind when I think of the neighbors and feeling Plaza Midwood brings - home to me for some 20 years.  Full of bungalows and artists.  I love the diversity.  While walking about yesterday I took notice of some of the standouts in architecture . . Take a look.

The weekend also include the Midwood Pet Parade, a tradition. . .

While all the grilling and music was going on we strolled around.. snagged bar or two of.. of course, beer soap from Bella Natural, with my favorite being the Pooch Bars (that would be dog soap.. kills the fleas and smells really good - shaped like a bone).

Love this part of town . . . and all the color. . 

Have a happy week !

- Beth