Install of the Day !

Hi All . . 

Finished an install the other day at the Erickson's.  Recently I was asked to help Kristine with some details in her dining room and a Master Bedroom overall.    I took a drive out to the lake and came up with a game plan . . . Take a look at the before shots.  

Her dining room was pretty much finished, we added two upholstered hostess chairs, new grass cloth wall paper and I worked to re-style her built ins to give them a little more interest.  Her master was just a little on the beige-blah side, it definitely needed a some color!

In the Master, we started with the bed, a king upholstered with a tall headboard to bring the high ceiling down a bit.  Kristine's colors, in the house, are a soft blue with doses of red, I took that as my color scheme when picking fabrics and accessories.  The carpet left and new hardwoods came in, what a difference.

I wanted to layer textiles.  We recovered her existing chairs with a leather back and fabric front, added a floral curtain fabric and mixed in mirrored side tables with a cream dresser.  With her existing tall boy dresser in wood staying, my goal was to not load up the room with more wood pieces, but give it an eclectic mix of finishes.

Carefully placed accessories add style and just the finishing touch the space needed.

Love the lines of this new dresser.

Now the room pops with color, yet is a little more stylish . . 

Take a look at the re-vamped wall cabinet in her dining room.  What once was a typical white shelf is now painted a silver/green/blue which compliments the new blue grass cloth we added to the walls.  I upholstered the back of the bookcase wall with a graphic pattern fabric, shifted the shelves around and added a lamp.  The doors now have a center glass knob with mirrored back for a little glam.

I think this Brit is happy with the colors and style. 

As we were packing up I noticed this piece right by the front door.  Loved learning with was painted by none other than Prince Charles - how cool is that!

photos by mekenzie france

One down pre-Thanksgiving, four more to wrap up before the turkey comes out and the family shows up, it's crunch time!  Stay tuned for more.