A Snowy Week in D.C.

Hi There !

Just got back from a long week in snowy Bethesda.  It was all hands on deck to install a multi-room home of one of my favorite clients.  I worked with Eve and Greg Besant about 6 years ago and they recently moved to a new place.  Deciding to change it up quite a bit and having the trust of these fab clients to really make all the decisions, I started in the family room and worked my way around that.  I wanted a light, airy space using neutrals with a touch of navy, fresh and collected feeling.  They are color people so this was a big change from their previous place.  I did, however, give them their dose of color in other spaces visible throughout.   This living space is almost there and I can't wait to go back in a few weeks to receive the two key pieces on either side of the fireplace and dining room chairs to finish it all off and shoot .. for real.

Take a look a the design boards I created to give them an idea of the overall look.

I adore the pieces flanking the fireplace, totally worth the wait.  They fit perfectly and with the brass mesh fronts they are perfect for electronics.

I really love this new rug and coffee table...  so much so I added the same rug to our office space.  The coffee table is an amazing black and white marble stripe and so dramatic. 

One thing I love to do is an a folding screen in a dead corner.  Keith made this one for me adding silver leaf with a black pattern detail.  Kinda love it.  

So we put a major dent in the living room,  a few new pillows and those blasted sideboards I am still waiting for will complete the look.

The hall powder room was pretty blah, but had a good sink.  We added paper and big ole mirror and a drop pendant.  It's dramatic now.

This paper I brought in late in the game in a dry bar from the kitchen to the dining room.. It's loud and gorgeous and gives eve the color she wanted.  It's perfect in that it combines the navy of the dining room chairs and the teal of her existing chesterfield we placed in her home office.  Perfect way to combine the colors.

Moving into the dining room my challenge was to dress up their rustic wood dining table.  Adding a rustic sideboard with marble top did that as well as a new dramatic chandelier.  I also decided to have Keith paint a pattern on the walls.  Love the drama this will create.  The new upholstered navy dining chairs will complete the look as well as a splashy piece of art in all Eve's favorite colors.

I didn't ignore here love of this fabric and incorporated it in curtains and pillows in her office across the hall from the dining room !  

Keeping her teal velvet sofa the other nearby colors bring it all together and Eve can work in a space filled with her favorite colors.

Even though it never got above 30 outside we installed the back porch and come spring those french doors will be open wide for a little outdoor lounging.,

It was all about a more neutral palette this time with dollops of color in places here and there, just enough to get the color point across !

Stay tuned for our big shoot in a few weeks of all these rooms and a few others upstairs and down.. it was a big, big project.... 

Can't wait to take Mekenzie up to shoot.. 


Spotlight - The Cotton House

Hi !

Barcelona, that's Barcelona, Spain... It's always been on my list of must sees.  So on this day, the last of a few days off over the holiday (where client's are still traveling, vendors are closed and trucking companies aren't answering the phone) I am investigating.  I have just two more days of laying low, playing around and hanging out with my .. not home very often... first kid, Lucy.  Why Barcelona?  Well, Lucy will be spending a month in this gorgeous country come May thanks to her Spanish class.  Why not take the opportunity to crash for a day or two and bring the other two, Keith and Kate along for the ride.  She'll be in Alicante, down the coast so I am busy pondering all our options for a trip.

I am an admitted hotel snob.  Always searching for somewhere amazing and came across the Cotton House.  Wow.  Luckily it's part of  Marriott Autograph Collection and American Express Fine Hotels and Resorts both of which I have been stashing points for since our last big Europe trip when I went the same route and cashed in points for a trip to London & Paris (check out here) and then Italy (here).  I have this grand plan of spreading out big trips 2 years apart.  2015 London/Paris .. rebuild points.  2017 Italy (check out here)... rebuild points.  It's time, I miss traveling and showing the girl's as much as I can.  2019 I am thinking Spain (with a quick trip to Ireland).

Look at this place.  It has everything I want in a hotel.  Centrally located downtown and complete eye candy.  As a designer I am digging every single detail, I can't help it.  The hotel is just as important to me as the city.  AD featured this property here, and it really called my name.

Wander through with me . . . .

The thing is this... I am constantly on the design inspiration hunt and traveling is where I find it.  I love the layers in these spaces as well as the neutrals in combination.  What about that antique mirror wall and simple sofa and chairs, all classics.  The two-tone marble entry floor greats you and definitely sets the tone.  I see a mixture of modern pieces with classic design which is my favorite style and what I aim for.  Spanish designer Lazaro Rosa-Violan paid such attention to every detail.

Here's a little bit of their history from their site.
The Cotton House Hotel stands imposingly on the site of the former headquarters of the Cotton Textile Foundation “Fundación Textil Algodonera”, an emblematic 19th-century building in the neoclassical style which is a landmark in the city of Barcelona. Built on the orders of a family of the Catalan bourgeoisie when the textile industry was at its height, it was sold in the middle of the 20th Century to the Cotton Producers Guild which established its headquarters there with the aim of housing the highest possible number of cotton-producing bodies and services: the idea was to create a genuine Cotton House Hotel.
Finally, at the initiative of a group of hotel promoters in Barcelona, the building commenced an intense refurbishment process which culminated in January 2015 to give the beautiful Cotton House Hotel. The refurbishment project has taken great care to maintain and recover all the original elements of the building. Acclaimed interior designer Lázaro Rosa-Violán was commissioned with the project and has done a marvellous job, reflecting a contemporary and sophisticated style which at the same time incorporates all the functionalities needed to assure the luxury level of service and comfort that our guests deserve.
The original elements of the building have been conserved, such as the imposing marble staircase, delicate parquet and boiserie embellishing ceilings, floors and walls in some of the rooms. Also the famous spiral staircase built in 1957, the main feature of which is that it is not supported on the floor below, but is suspended from the metal frame of the upper floor, to give a light and airy aspect. At the same time, all the facilities of the building have been completely replaced, resulting in a distinguished setting full of history, yet modern and comfortable at the same time.

Gold leaf detail and striking lighting.   I love depth and layers and it's always the goal to create that along with a little old and a little new.

Floors and ceilings are your 4th and 5th walls and these are amazing.  The rich patterns are complimentary in tones and colors but add such interest, and I have always loved a touch of red.

Enjoy and hit their site, maybe I'll see you there !


Let the plans begin !

No Slacking This Year

Morning 2019 !

Wow, this was nice to wake up to at the beginning of a New Year.  Thanks so much Charlotte Agenda!  Great line up of some of my friends and peers and happy to be a part of it !  This bar is one of my all time favorite clients and jobs !!  Check out all the images here.

photos by mekenzie loli

That fun fact . . . helped Miss Megan Orrell (owner of Boem) with her Plaza Midwood Home.  A post on Charlotte Agenda sold the house from what I hear !  The power of Social Media (here)

 photos by Dustin Peck

Happy 2019 !!