Install of the Day !

Hi There !

Nothing I love more than seeing design boards come to life.  Maggie has been on such a roll over the past few months pretty much working through the holidays and each weekend !  (Her upcoming vacation to England and Ireland is so well deserved and way past due)  But she has created some beautiful spaces.  Recently finished and shot by our in house photographer, Mekenzie Loli.  I wanted to take a minute to brag on this one she created that I particularly love, as well as the beautiful images Mekenzie captured.  I am lucky to have these two on my team.  She started working with Mallory Zvara last year on her kid's rooms and home office and continued into the dining room and family room.  It's all coming together as a whole and I am thrilled with the overall vibe going on here.

Take a look at the design boards she created for the living space and the finished product !

A neutral palette with the black and white I love and the softness of a touch of ice blue and a little mint that Maggie particularly loves...

A fresh white with striking black french doors.  A touch of wall paper on the fireplace wall to give it a little depth.  How about that coffee table and accent chairs, my favorite for sure.

She chose two of Kristen Bleakney's art pieces to add light color, and take a peek at the hand painted polka dot her client already had done !  Love that.

The fab coffee table sits on one of our favorite Stark carpets, cut to fit the space.

Cozy yet fresh and airy. 

I had already fallen in love with the home office she completed last year - take a look.  It's pretty perfect with a gorgeous papered ceiling, long storage piece and simple desk and accessories.

Great detail in this space, and another Stark carpet cut to fit.  Perfect.

The dining room was another space recently completed.  

The window treatments are one of my favorite elements, as is the large chandelier.

photos by Mekenzie Loli

Table set, ready to entertain.  Great job - love it all !

Dotty Decor

Hey !

Maggie here . . . I have always loved a polka-dot print. Bags, shirts, dresses, walls, you name it, I'm into it.  When I started pulling together ideas for my house I knew I wanted to incorporate a polka-dot pattern in one of our rooms.  The classic color way of the black and white is something I love,  it will never go out of style and has a whimsical feel.

Not many people do polka dots better then Kate Spade.  Flatware, barware, rugs and purses she knows how to make a dot look chic in any form. I fell for her home collection when I was registering for my wedding and ended up choosing her Larabee Road pattern, which I loved.  When I was looking through her home items I came across her wallpaper line, and was sold ! 

Volia, my powder room.

I've kept Pinterest files of all the polka dot I loves take a look at my favorites !

Inspiration Wednesday !

Finding the Perfect Fabric . .

Hi !

When I stared working on the Kafili project (here) one of the first fabrics I picked was this black and white polka dot.  I was also on the hunt for a good peach fabric.  Peach can be hard to find and Rebecca Atwood always pops in my mind.  She does the prettiest peach.  Take a look at a few of my favorites of hers that we used on that project.

Just this month she launched a new line of bedding !

Architectural Digest posted an article  (here) and describes her five collections.

"I wanted to create pieces that make for a personal look, like they’ve been collected over time and not perfectly matched," explains the Brooklyn-based designer of her line, which comprises five collections. The Cape series, drawn from Atwood's childhood on Cape Cod, evokes the ripples of sand and water at the beach, with names drawn from nature. Sun takes a less literal approach to that subject, not with citrine-hued sheets but rather a warm pink hue evocative of the sky at sunset. Shadow explores the shapes cast by the sun at different times. Ocean's pattern represents moving tides, and Cloud draws inspiration from those swirling shapes and their ethereal, dreamlike movement in a way that manifests like marbleization." - written by Hadley Keller, Feb 6th

 Here's a few of my favorites !

Read more about this Brooklyn based artist here, from an interview with One Kings Lane.

We love her work !