Hoot, Hoot Are You ?

Hi !

I love art, of all kinds, mixed media, photography and textiles.  Collecting pieces over time has been a passion of mine and there is no rhyme or reason to what I like.   Art is something that must "speak" to you and you are the only one that it matters to.  I am often asked to find pieces for my clients.  While I love to do that, it's tough.  What I might find perfect and beautiful my not to them, it's so subjective.  But art (and lighting), in my opinion will make or break a space.

In my house, office and little cabin in the woods,  I collect all sorts of art, one piece I may have found street side for $50, another I fell in love with at a gallery showing and I had to forgo a summer vacation to get it.  Each and every piece a little different.  Photography, en caustic, textiles, pastels, oil, acrylic, a little vinyl (yes as in albums), a framed shopping bag, wood, ink, caulk - you name it.  I still love each and ever piece I have ever acquired.

For a while now I have been obsessed with owls.  My love started when I found this piece in NYC on one of my trips up and had to have it.  It's a piece I love to pause and look at every day in my office.  It's by artist and photographer Shawn Connell (with works available here).

art by Shawn O'Connell

I loved it so much I chose another piece for a project I was working on at the time and it hangs proudly at the top of their stairs !

I find these particular birds so beautiful and images of them have captivated me lately.  Take a look at a few of my favorites.

image by Michael Huntley (here)

image by Vishwa Surya (here

image by David Elliott (here) 

image by Nik Goulthorp (here

image via (here)

image via (here)

Meet Leila Jeffreys, photographer, bird watcher and environmentalist.  Her book,  Bird Love sits beautifully on my coffee table, right on top.  I look at it often.

Read her diary when you have a chance, so many gorgeous images and thoughts (here) as well as news of upcoming exhibitions and shows.  I cannot wait for my next trip to NYC to check out her work in person at Olsen Gruin on Orchard Street (here). 

Riley No. 2 Eastern Screech Owl 2015
Fine Art Inkjet on cotton rag archival paper
35.8 x 28.3

Beautiful work, and great article in last years Harper's Bazaar (here)

Now meet textiles artist Zaza Merrick (here)

I came across her work recently when shopping one of my all time favorite vendors, John Derian.  Don't get me started on their Manhattan shops on both the East side at 2nd Avenue and Christopher Street on the West side.  I could, and have, spent hours in there.

Back to Zaza... how beautiful are these pieces !

Zaza was originally trained as a jewelry designer but soon found love with textiles when mixed with paint.  Touch and feel is important to her and creating large needlepoint tapestries, is therapeutic !  Soon her textile based illustrations were born.  A self confessed fabric hoarder, gathering fabric palettes for inspiration.  Obsessed, she claims, spending her days, nights and weekends sewing and it's paying off with these beautiful pieces !

check out more of her beautiful work on her instagram page here !

Happy Saturday, and I'll be keeping an ear out for that big owl that lives in the trees in my back yard and will randomly swoop overhead !


Install of the Day !

Hi !

Just before Thanksgiving we installed this amazing home in Eastover.  Amazing because the architecture itself is beautiful and happily my client's the Ferguson shared a lot of the same ideas for the interior so we all knew we could create something beautiful. 

Designed by one of my favorites -  Frank Smith (who created another beauty I am working on right now) this home was built in 2005 and has all the architecture detail I love, slate roof, gorgeous moldings, open living to dining and huge kitchen with paneled ceiling and hidden storage as well as plenty of small side spaces for office, bar, scullery and mud room, it's a gem.  Featured in Southern Accents back in 2008 it was time, however, for a little update, fresh colors, tweaked kitchen and new styling but what a pleasure to work on a home designed so beautifully to begin with!  Thinks well designed and built stand the test of time.

Enter the Foyer . . . our color palette started at the front door and worked its way through.  My go to off white - Ben Moore China White, it never fails.  It's a warmer white that doesn't turn cream.  We kept it simple and clean without a lot of fuss.  Art pieces by Shain Galleries - Karen Hollingsworth and another piece by Hayley Mathews

art by Karen Hollingsworth

art by Haley Mathews

The front living room we created has such a grand, yet casual feel.  Gorgeous french doors and mantle as well as the cross beams all keepers and now just showcased with cleaner colors and furnishings.  I chose two modern style sofas in a rich charcoal velvet with embroidered graphic pillows that pop over top a simple shag rug.  Flanking huge fiddle figs for a little color !

art by Saliha Staib

We kept the detail of the two built in shelves leading to the dining room, just re-styled.

This space is dramatic yet approachable and comfortable !

Your view from the living room is into the dining space.  I adore this room !  We went back for forth a bit on it's style but landed on this gorgeous grass cloth wall paper by Windy O'Connor.  Switching out the one chandelier for 2 and mixing the Ferguson's traditional sideboard and table with more modern chairs and black metal cabinets.  It's such a pretty view from the living room and as you walk down the long hall the back back of the house.

One of the smaller rooms off the front living room is a quite little office, a new coat of fresh charcoal paint and new lighting mixed with new pieces.

art by Keith Keim

The tusk chandelier, large art and chair brighten the space and add the depth.

Front the dining room through the double set of double doors you reach the heart of the house, the kitchen and breakfast room.  How beautiful is this woodwork !

We had the island and original banquette taken out and added a new larger island, created a new concrete and reclaimed wood beam hood installed and changed all the colors to white. 

New pendants and that gorgeous back splash are stunners.

art by Sally Tharp represented by Shain Gallery

Just off the kitchen, another little space, the side entrance turned wet bar and quite corner.
Ship lap was added and painted a lighter charcoal.  New Hunter Douglas blinds and re purposed pieces from their previous home.

A small, small powder room, too small to even shoot just off this space.  The paper we chose though is killer.

The kitchen feeds into the family room with a warm fireplace at the back of the house.  This entire area, kitchen through den is the coziest part of the house and I would image countless hours spent with family in these rooms.  I love the bright and eclectic look all in shades of white.

art by Teresa Roche

Lastly this basically untouched powder room . . . it was gorgeous as is !  Dark and moody navy with touches of brass . . .

all photos by mekenzie loli

Such a fun project, with the look I love, all were happy !!