Install of the Day !

Hey There !

Busy couple of days past and coming up with Pre-Thanksgiving installs... jobs that have been in the works for a while and have been waiting for the last few details to finish, install and shoot !

Take a look at this project . . .  the "piano" room and dining room of the Greer's.  Having worked together many years ago I knew the house.  I used a lot of creams and touch of green in the original family room, kitchen and study so my goal was to keep that going in the front of the house.  I loved having a clean slate to bring in all the elements and really awesome clients that let me play with my vision for them unchallenged !

We have a little Windy O'Connor, Lindsay Cowles, Phillip Jeffries and Kravet .. all of which compliment each other so well !

 I decided to keep this layout very unconventional and keep it more of a musical "gathering" room with two big comfortable chairs and an off center chandelier.  This space was originally very dark so lighting it up with light grass cloth, a light rug and lots of  mirrors around the space really bounces the light around.

A modern piece of art and a gorgeous sideboard of inlay added that touch of glamor we wanted.

art by keith keim

Directly across the foyer is the all new dining room !

I adore this paper and take a look at these dining chairs !!!!

Take a look at the finished product from our shoot the other day !  All hands were on deck and it was one of the smoothest ever.  In and out in just a few hours !

The entry we cleaned up with a simple new entry cabinet and new matte finish lamp.  Clean and simple.

Your focal point when you enter to the left is the dining room and to the right, the new music room.  I wanted a cohesive plan color wise and with the low ceilings light colors throughout was a must.

This dining room is so light and airy now.  I brought in one of my favorite wall papers to give it interest and light dining room table and chairs.  Mixing a darker sideboard added a little weight back in and tied to the furniture in some of the other rooms.

Picked a really fun fabric for the back of the dining chairs to bring some color in !

And how fun is this chandelier ?!  I always like to bring in a really pretty centerpiece and even though Fall really hit today with 42ยบ I went for the tulips and baby's breath.. oh well.. it's pretty !

So different, light and airy with just the right amount of him and her.

Opposite the dining room was the "formal" living room.  I had a blank slate with the exception of the piano.  We decided to create a cozy, sofa, quite music room with light colors and pretty pieces. 

Two big, comfortable chairs, storage and new rug were the first things I pulled.  Really had fun with lighting, fabric and art . . 

This Windy O'Connor pattern I adored, it has just the right about of Maria's new favorite color (pale pink) with the green I wanted to add to tie back to the rest of the house.

The grass cloth adds texture and the right mix of bone inlay on the chest, modern art and a little marble finish off this side wall with pretty and function.

Rather than a center light I really thought dropping this fixture over the chairs was a little something unexpected and beautiful.

Not one but two large mirrors add not only depth and move all the light around .. 

And this yummy bottle green velvet side chair adds the right about of "traditional" to the space.

all photos by mekenzie loli

Such a stress free install . . . well planned and executed thanks to my team !!  Just how I like it.


Artist Obsession - Ana Strumpf

Hi There

For all you doodlers out there, myself included, enjoy!  I have loved the works of art by Ana Strumpf 
for a while and thought I'd share.  How fun.   

I have been finally finishing our new studio at Atherton Mill and working on a custom mural as an accent wall.  I have gone back and forth on the look and after see this amazing panel of hers I am now pondering a different style.  Great inspiration !

Happy Thursday


Install of the Day !

Hi !!

Ok, first of all these pictures ain't great.  I shot them on my phone... Hoping to bring a few more things down to Atlanta before I have Mekenzie shoot it... But wanted share.  Such a fun, color filled home !!  Working long distance is never a problem, if you are reading this and need a little help we are happy to travel !!

This entry sets the tone and I love - love it !!  With the Christian Lacroix paper on the ceiling to the simple entry table and stunning chandelier.  A little drama with tall vases and oversized, cut from the yard magnolia branches.  I also commission Keith to do a large 6 foot square art piece - it's so good.

The color inspiration for this new build is navy, white and black.  My client loves a good splash of vibrant warm tones so I pulled in a dose of hot pink here and there.

The design boards really helped her visualize but I must say - awesome client who put a lot of trust in me to just do it !

The Dining Room has plenty of drama.  I had the builder paint all the wainscoting a dark charcoal to work well with the grass cloth paper and give the space a lot of depth and drama.  A long grey washed table and chairs with both a navy faux bois fabric and fun plaid !

Big white lamps and an oversized brass chandelier !  With the holidays coming up I worked on a table setting to surprise my client.  Black and gold with a must have Christian Lacroix salad plate in graphic style.  

I have had this peacock for a while and love him (yeah he's real) This .. of all the homes I have worked on is the perfect home for him.  The colors work and just the overall vibe was calling his name.  He has a new home !!  

On to the kitchen.  Now Jarrett did most of it and did it well !  I helped with the details including my new favorite pendants.  They are killer I must say.

Open concept into one of two living spaces.  I brought back the black, white and navy in there in a huge and comfortable tufted off white leather sofa and navy swivel chairs.

The design board showed a big splash of color inside the bookcases and we had to do it !

Local Charlotte Artist Arthur Brouthers has collaborated with one of my favorite wall paper vendors and now offers his work in mural form.  

How fun is this !!  

A lot of drama looking from the kitchen into the living room . . . and yes I photo shopped that mirror in the picture, it was late .. another reason I didn't bring Mekenzie !!

Love how one space ties back to the other.

Now.. the back living space, more of a den with large TV,  is in the works.  I brought most of it and am working on the rest . . .

Splashy pillows with neutral furniture . . .

I'll style up those bookcases and address the other 1/2 of the room and we'll be good !

It's a gorgeous home and has been such a fun project so far.  Great clients !!! So trusting.... which I love love love...

lame pictures by moi on my cell

oh and p.s.  if you are Bravo fans . . . it's Married to Medicine's Dr. Jarrett's house ! LOL