Hot of the Press !

Hi There !

Yearly Charlotte Urban Home comes out with it's Best of Issue.  I chose to write about just one of the many rooms we did for the Crowder's.  I particularly loved working with Lori this year and thought to wrap it up for 2014 I would show off her beautiful kitchen nook !  It incorporated all the things I love in this one small story.

Why I chose this particular install for the year end issue . . .

Lori and Brian were planning to move, we helped them see that their house could be everything they wanted it to be, now they are staying !  They also had a lot of trust in us, and generally just let us do our thing, and awaited the surprise.

This space has all my favorite elements:

> a piece of Keith's art - original always trumps a copy
> a custom banquette - "support your local business"
> big lighting... I am a sucker for the oversized
> white and sleek kitchen cabinets and counters
> not a lot of fuss
> a custom pedestal table by local artist - "support your local business"
> simple and pretty table setting
> my new love of of the color purple

Hot off the Press !

Hi There. . 

It's been so crazy, I just opened my copy of Charlotte Home + Garden this morning to see our new ad and saw that my clients Holly and Brian Adams home was featured !  That was a nice surprise, had no idea !!!  I worked with them last year to transform their family room, powder room.  We also added amazing wall paper and windows to the dining room, then moved onto the master bedroom not too long ago.  Having not been able to shoot the master yet, it was nice to see it photographed for the magazine.  

Holly and Brian agreed to put the home on the Elizabeth Home tour this past fall, so I am sure it was picture perfect, when the magazine came a courting for the feature.

Congrats Adams,  Looks great, and was happy to help !!

Take a look at some of the pictures Mekenzie shoot for me when we installed the room . .
One of my favorite ideas was hanging a large piece in the window over a new upholstered window seat we had made.  With the plantation shutters in place, that are rarely opened, I thought this was the perfect place for the big piece.  Strung from the ceiling, easy to lift off if need be.  We also created this window seat upholstery.  Matching the new sofa fabric, it ties together, makes the room seem bigger as oppose to a different fabric - I think. 

We painted the back of the bookcases in a splash color taken from the front of the house, re-styled and added this perfect mid-century style chair and ottoman I found at Slate.  Love it.  New larger lamp and pillows.

One of my favorite finds was this little vintage swing arm lamp over the sofa.. how cool is that and how perfect with the floor lamp.

I love this paper, always have and powder rooms are the perfect place for something striking !!! Flocked and raised, with black beaded board underneath.  Holly found the perfect overhead fixture and we added a new larger, more interesting mirror !

Holly did mention in the article she loved the dining room paper most of all.  Take a closer look at the overall detail.  This modern, graphic totally works with her collected Victorian pieces, and more modern art.  Perfect colors and also slightly raised in texture.   They had purchased the chandelier and I worked off of the colors in that.  I really love the mix of things in this space, especially when I pulled in the zebra bench from the living room.  It's a fun, comfortable and livable space !!

photos by mekenzie france

Thanks Charlotte Magazine and Holly and Brian Adams !


Install of the Day !

Hey There !!

Jackie McFee has to be one of my most enthusiastic clients ever.   Happily, I get a lot of big reactions when I open the door to a transformed space, but her reaction was priceless !  It definitely makes my day, and yesterday was one of those days.  Bree and Maggie headed over early to meet our installer to get it going and when I got there with extra pillows in hand it was done - love to them both.  This master bedroom was literally empty.  She had a bed on a frame.  It was time !  I took my inspiration from her kitchen actually.  Being one of her favorite spaces in the house,  the colors were bright and happy and her husband wasn't afraid of a little floral, so I went with it.

This paper started it all.

Bam . . . wow, what a paper can do.  Love this view of the space.  

We had a new headboard made, new sides, new lamps, new curtains, all new bedding, big fat rug, and added a bench and coffee table to create another sitting area for this long 20' space.  I think the window treatments, subtle as they are, were really what this space needed to soften it all.

It's the details in the room I love.

Norah was even happy, while under foot during the install !

all photos by mekenzie france

Can't say enough about how I love this room and working with Jackie !

Couldn't wait to install for her, so jumped the gun a bit and did so before her chairs got here . . . coming next week.

This one did make my day!  

Come January - Jackie, watch out - that chocolate brown painted den will all be gone and bright and airy will arrive !

Install of the Day !

Hi There !

It wasn't too long ago I was asked to help give the master bedroom for Pryia Patil a little life and color.  Pryia's main request - incorporate things with an Indian feel.  She loves textures and warm metallics.  With just a bed, rug, bookcase and teal sofa in the space it was up to me to help pull it all together.   I worked on various options (see original post here) with the rug, and it's colors, driving the design. The wall paper I chose to anchor that large bed ended up being my starting point.

Take a look at the finished product.

So here's what I had to work with.

Along with the wall paper, the curtain fabric is one of my favorite elements in this space.  A rich feel, shimmering pattern hung high.  So glamorous, it transformed that seating area.

I flanked the sofa with two tall gold leaf floor lamps that I think are Pryia favorite things.

Take a peek at some of the other details in the space.

What started it all . . .

I chose to pull these glass lamps into the space to visually have the sofa make sense.  Love their height and new silk shades.  The bone inlay side chests were the perfect choice for the look.  Larger than your average side tables for this big room with tall ceilings.  Scale was important here in both the chest and lamps.  With the height of the ceiling and the headboard as tall as it was, these new pieces being the right size was important.

Another touch of teal in the pillows brings it all together.  

all photos by mekenzie france

Love seeing it come to life !

A chandelier will be the last thing we need to decide on !  The power of Photoshop enabled me to pop the image into Mekenzie pictures for a visual !! 

We will see what she decides ?!!

Happy day.


The SoGood !

Hey There.

In my business it's all about the referral.  My clients are my greatest advertising.  I have been lucky enough to meet and work with many amazing families over the years each sharing the experience we had with their friends growing my business.  "Word of mouth" is ultimately the best way to connect on both sides.

Heard of the  SoGood ? It's a new app that helps the word of mouth get out there a little easier. I am all about supporting local business and  I want to be in the know when it comes to must haves around town.  The "Charlotte Directory" is an ever growing list of great resources you need to know about.  I would image it would be a great job to find the best of the best around town and then tell all my friends. That is just what founders Laura and Hillary are doing at the SoGood.  

At the SoGood  artists, designers, creatives and the like are showcased to add to your list of resources.  In the line up, one of my favorite jewelry designers - Addison Weeks.  Katherine Weeks Mulford and Lee Addison are graphic artists turned jewelry designers and creators of the brand. Their use of semi-precious stones set in 24kt dipped gold being their signature look.  I came across their gems originally at Slate Interiors and fell in love.  An amazing gift this Christmas - available at Splurge on Providence Road here in Charlotte and Granville at Phillips Place.  (check out their website here for other locations), and currently being featured at Slate - right when you walk in the door !

 photos by Taylor Mathis

Want to "get it together" in 2015.  How about a professional organizer !  Precise Style is also featured.  A Charlotte based residential organizing and lifestyle service committed to creating peaceful and efficient living spaces !!! Nice . . .

photos courtesy of their site

Planning a big event?  A wedding perhaps?  Ivy Robinson Events is also featured.  Love her design eye (and she planned a pretty gorgeous wedding for Charlotte's Emily Maynard) !

photos courtesy of Ivy's site

And at the top of the indulgent list - a personal chef !  Food Love's Nikki Sawyer Moore offers catering, cooking classes - even private intimate dinners !  Sign me up.

Take a look at some of the other categories they are building. So convenient to have on your phone when out for the day looking for the perfect gift.  At home, on the big screen, they make it easy to find help with bigger projects.

Artists You Need on Your Radar
Your 4 legged Friends
Jewelry Designers
Event Planners, Party Places and Floral,
Designers and Local Taste Makers
All Sorts of Foods, Cakes and Goodies
Body and Sole
Stylists and Personal Shoppers

It's all SoGood . . . .  and works something like this.  On the app or the website you search by category to find "SoGood  approved," businesses and products.  It gives you a quick bio and contact information.  The blog, on their website, elaborates a bit further and spotlights a person or business on the  line up.

Founder's Hillary Crittendon and Laura Martin have created a network of of artists, makers and entrepreneurs whose skills, art, good and ideas to serve one purpose . .  to make life SoGood !

I loved reading that this venture of theirs was literally a lifetime in the making.  Friends in second grade, they spent years bonding over the mutual love of design, music and all things French.  Just like your best girl friends, they relied on each other for advise from everything to boys, brands and college choices.  As adults they have turned their idea into a business.  They recognized the value of a "good list" and so do I, and so might you !

This is all about the best local has to offer.  Traveling to Charleston, Richmond, Atlanta or Nashville?  There is a list of there too and it's growing, including many travel destinations.

Download the App here !