Our Photoshoot !


I ventured out yesterday from stuck at home hell (post surgery - 2 more weeks no left leg walking), stopping by T. Reid for a clean up.  I hopped up the stairs of our new digs to meet the girls for a new group of head shots !  So fun.   Mekenzie really got some cute pics !  Take a look at my cute crew !

Course had Kate with me and she was begging for a little shot too !  Adorable.

The Oversized Vintage Mirror

Hi There . . .

I love a tall, tall vintage mirror.  Just tucked somewhere in the room up against the wall, or as a major focal point.   It adds not only that reflective quality but a little age and beauty.  I was the first one at the door at the Textures showroom during the 2015 High Point Market to snag the ever popular mirrors they offer up only at Market.  Was thrilled to add it to my living room . . .

It's hard to find that perfect tall vintage mirror, so if you ever come across one - grab it.  There's always a place for it.  I tell my clients all the time - oversized is good !  Big mirrors, big chandeliers, big art.  It's so impactful.  Take a look at "the look" to see just what I mean . . . (pulled from my Pinterest files)  What comes to your mind - Paris maybe !!

I have found some on One Kings Lane,  and of course 1st Dibs.  Take a peek at what I've found

Another thought is the antique mirror screen - this one is new and we can order.  It's gorgeous in person!
and it all else fails - Restoration Hardware has some... you know how I feel about the chains... but these are pretty good.

When interviewing for a new assistant at the office, I ask applicants to create a design board (so I could get a good look at their taste level)  Happy to report Morgan incorporated a tall vintage mirror.  I think it was that, the professionalism of her design boards and the fabulous shoes she was wearing that landed her the job !!!

Rug Love


Looked at rugs yesterday for several projects.  Have that blush color on my brain as of late.  Fell in love with these beauties (all available at Lucy and Company).  There is something about blush that works so well with the neutrals - grays, white, blacks and charcoals.

Rugs are generally where I start in any room.  It's an opportunity to add a pattern and texture to soften a look while adding a pop of pattern.  As I've always said - it's your 5th wall.

Take a look at the gorgeous blush and neutrals out there right now from one of my favorite vendors !

I particularly love this Kate Spade rug !!!

Created this gorgeous dining space and when I popped this rug in - it just made me happy !

Rug love !


Schluter, Grout and Inserts

Hi There . . .

I have clients all the time ask me "Will this look be good for resale?  Will I get sick of it?  Is it too trendy?"  My response is generally, "Who cares if you love it."  Here to say if it's classic it will have lasting power and everything at one point or another is "trendy."  I hate that the word has gotten a bad rap.  Trends are the driving force of interior design and the fashion runway.  There are good trends (and definitely bad ones) but take for example gold grout and insets, gained popularity just a few years ago, a trend that I'll say is classic and won't go anywhere, IF done correctly.  

The first time I truly noticed the look was when I read an article about the newly re-opened Anahi Restaurant in Paris.  Designer Maud Bury was genius when, rather than pulling out the old cracked tile, added gold leaf to the grout lines.. absolute genius.  Isn't this why we love Paris so much.  Respect for age.  It's a look I absolutely love and why I will always live and work in an old space if at all possible.  

On one trip to NYC I took this picture down in the subway and vow to recreate the look somewhere, someday.  How divine, think I'll add a little of that gold leaf. 

The gold grout is something though that can turn tacky in a heartbeat so careful !!!  Here's an example of gold grout goodness . . Keep this technique for the wet bar or a very unique small space.

Now there is a huge difference between gold grout and a gold inset (or expansion) The gold inset can really define a space and add a little something-something.  Also called Schluter, it's a thin, usually metal strip added to the corners, or grout lines between tile.  I created this pattern a few years ago on my fireplace and incorporated thin brass schluter strips.  I am sure I got the inspiration from the genius of Roman and Williams, but can't remember.... I adore anything they do.  Beware though... your tile installer sometimes isn't a designer and may not use it in the prettiest of ways... so be careful there.  I turned my back for a second once and they ran a silver schluter up the edges of a backsplash and I had to have them rip it out... yikes..  it's was bad.

 photo by mekenzie loli

 photo by mekenzie loli

Here's a close up so you get what schluter is . . .

This detail can be used much more easily then the gold grout.  On floors, walls, back splash and bathrooms.

Let's talk tile - specifically mosaic.  The king being New Ravenna.  Their collections are exquisite.  One of my favorites . . . Indus.  Their metallic collection has some amazing options with touches of brass and silver...  Wow.

Images from New Ravenna's website.