Boho Chic & Justina Blakeney


In case you haven’t noticed the Bohemian style, or “Boho Chic," is everywhere in fashion and interior design.    We saw the revival of the 60's and 70's mid century modern, it was only fair for the carefree spirit of Bohemian to join the party.

"The Bohemian design draws inspiration from the world traveler, combining East with West, vintage with modern and shows an eclectic blend of patterns, textures and colors. This is a relaxed style featuring fringed throws and curtains, a pile of pillows, macrame works, oriental accents and potted plants which bring the nature inside.   Surprisingly, this mixture creates a unique, harmonic atmosphere in the room as if you are in an everlasting vacation." - perfectly said by this featured designer, Amanda Barnes.  Take a look at one of my favorite "pins" and a great example of boho Chic in my opinion.

Photo credit: Alyssa Rosenheck for Amanda Barnes Interiors

Boho, or Bohemian means one thing only to me.  Collected.  The elements are pattern filled, texture filled and have a sentimental value, almost romantic.   I personally like the neutral Boho vibe and recently posted a room with that feeling. (here).   Love the tone on tone collection look, similar to these from my files.

 . . . and my office

. . . and my home !

But no one does this look better than Justina Blakeney.  Known for her wild bohemian style, fabulous blog the Jungalow and New York Times Best Selling Book The New Bohemians.

As she put it "Cool & Collected Home," and it is chocked full of just that.  One of my favorite books - it shows chapters on Modern, Earthy, Folksy, Nomadic, Romantic, and Maximal.  A great read on a lazy vacation or Sunday afternoon.

I am most excited about her new book coming our in October !

 My style shifted to a more collected boho look in late 2012.  I retired the more serious look in my home to something more casual filled with different patterns, colors and textures.  Better Home & Garden did a shoot at the house around that time (here) and (here) and I was thrilled to be in two of their publications.  Color, color and lots of casual pieces. The kids were young and it suited our life style.  I felt it had a boho feel to it and over the years I added to it and even tweaked it but the art of collecting and layering has stayed with me - just toned down in color !

I first found Justina several years ago on Instagram.  Her link  @facethefoliage (here) caught my eye and that of my daughter Kate.  Thanks to Justina's imagination and creativity, our dining centerpieces have never looked the same ! 

I then started following her  @thejungalow (here) for all sorts of inspiration.

I soon realized she did a line of wall paper for one of my favorite vendors and then all of a sudden I saw her name and collaboration with one of my rug vendors !  She's killing it.  

Take a look at a few of my favorite offerings in wall paper, textiles, art, rugs and now paper goods and furniture !

You are hugely talented, Justina and someone I would love to hang with for sure !

Happy Weekend !


Install of the Day !

Hey There

Boho chic, still love the style but as of late I have toned down the color and am working more with the blacks, whites and neutrals.  This room update for longtime client Amy Boardman was designed for her daughter Sophie who wanted a more sophisticated look to take her through High School !

Just a few tweaks did the job.  I re purposed her a bookcase I placed all those years ago on one side of the bed and kept the vintage white one on the other.  New bed, bedding and windows along with the perfect rug did the trick.  Take a look !

The focal point - a black, white and tan juju hat.  Still not tired of these !

Who better than to channel my boho chic vibe than the inspiration of Justina Blakeney.  You know her !  Her book, The New Bohemians is filled in inspiration.  

Her site is filled with great accessories, furniture and textiles.  We love her.  She has streamlined many goods from many of our vendors all in one place.  

Another source of ours, Lindsay Cowels finished the look with two must have pillows.  Love this pattern and cannot wait to use it in an upcoming install as a full wall of wallpaper !

Love seeing our boards come to life !

all photos by mekezie loli

Sweet Dreams to you too Sophie !

Install of the Day !

Hi !

In between all the trips to Nashville and back, we did a quick install at my client Lee & Danay Houser's. We finished her main 1st floor not too long ago (here) and as I've come to know. . . it's a slippery slope. With the house looking so gorgeous, we wanted to transform their master bedroom to tie back to the house and give it a soothing "finished" style.  I chose the pop color of navy downstairs so we decided to thread that through upstairs.

I started with her existing bed, which is a four - post chrome and upholstery.  I ran with that as my jumping off point.

This one fabric was where I started.  New from Romo, it's has a gorgeous hand painted look.

We filled this large bedroom with tall drapes and functional bamboo blinds.  A sitting area to one side with a Moroccan inspired rug, large mirror and chaise.

I ordered a new lower dresser in silver to compliment the bed .  .

I am all about mixing metals so a touch of brass was in order with all the silver.

I love this bed and with all the new surrounding pieces we've created a cohesive look.

I pulled two art pieces Keith recently finished and had them framed in silver. Love

These are all part of a really pretty blue series of pieces he has just finished.

art by keith keim

all images by Mekenzie Loli

Sweet Dreams.