Install of the Day !

Hi There !

This installation was such a fun one !  Are you familiar with Twine and Twig ?  Their gorgeous bobbles are so popular.  I have several.  Brainchild of sisters Elizabeth White and  Jacquelyn Buckner.  The rustic elements of hand-crafted wooden beads and naturally shed antlers are statement pieces for sure and can turn the simplest look into something special.  They source local as well as far and reflect a real global awareness.  Their company has grown nationally and are so recognizable now ! Bravo ladies !

We are neighbors over at South End, in the same building and Mekenzie shot their cool digs not too long ago.  We appreciate a similar personal ecstatic.  Elizabeth asked me to help with her twin daughter's rooms recently.  It was time to split them up and have spaces of their own.

Knowing Elizabeth and the fabulous style of her house I was on a mission to create something which had the same vibe but young and with a little color the girl's wanted.

I took my direction from her Surf Collection (here) and Sundown Collection (here) when designing these spaces.

Take a look at the design turned finished product !

My husband, artist Keith Keim, helped with two walls in each space.  We went old school and hand painted each accent wall.  I wanted a definite irregular, yet soft, painted design in both rooms.  One with warm tones the other shades of blues.

In each space we used an "old" looking simple, inexpensive rug and both, of course, got a swing !

Mixed in the warmth of wood for this small desk for this small space.

And I love this simple light fixture !

Two trims dressed up simple white linen curtains.

And a collection group of art and antique mirrors in like colors.  I love the collected look.

The second room, just across the hall has the same vibe but we chose to do the cooler tones !  Grey washed wood bed and a mix of side tables.  With this bed it was more difficult to hang a chandelier so moving it over the side table took care of that.  I love a good side table side pendant.

Another wall treatment mixing shades of grey and blue for an ombre effect.

And a little custom art piece by Keith mixing all the colors in the room.

I adore this trim ... braids. 

Can't believe this was once a chocolate brown guest room.  So bright and airy now.

 all photos by mekenzie loli

Thanks so much Elizabeth for letting me do my thing for the girls !


Install of the Day !

Hi !

Another kitchen renovation, a lot of that going around !  I've helped with complete gut jobs, new builds and simple color changes as of late.  I say simple, but to do it right it's really not that simple.  Any and all kitchen renovations are an inconvenience but when they are done they are so worth it.

Enter my client Whitney Balzer.  I love her.  Not only does she have great taste to begin with, she makes quick decisions which helped on my end!  She did her homework and knew what she liked.  The space had it's challenges but needed an overhaul for sure.  I recommended Ben Collins of the Salins Group and I was amazed how fast it all happened.  It was a well coordinated dance the other week when I was there watching mill workers, electricians, painters and floor guys all there at once.

Opening the wall from the dining room to the kitchen we also gave that a face lift with new paper and curtains . . . take a look at my inspiration and the finished product !!

So this was a solid wall between the dining room and kitchen.  We wanted a pass through with a different face detail than the norm.

Adding these gorgeous sheers that are a width 1/2 so light and airy and full.. yeah they are in the works!

Love the look of the fluted wall and view of the kitchen.  We kept her table, benches and lighting.  Added new paper and yeah . . . those upcoming curtains !

Love the different textures with the woodwork and sight into the coordinated kitchen colors.

I'm a huge fan of large scale paper and this ginko does the trick.

Into the kitchen, we gutted everything and moved it all around.  Whitney had this banquette so the plan was to work around that with the design.  We moved it from one side of the kitchen to the other and opened up all the walls for an open concept into the dining room and living room.  With such a large banquette my thought was to do two tables as oppose to one large one and cluster two chandeliers over !

Kind of love the clustered look, bistro like.

The new cabinets are on the kitchen side only but open to the dining room.  Great hardware really makes a difference !

A new kind of ship lap - more bead and batten style.

The walls and all the kitchen cabinets are Ben Moore's China White while the new pass through is a pale grey.  Love it all.

On to the kitchen design.  Open, clean and simple.

With lots of storage

Brass details I love.

We actually papered the side office last minute.  When you have a little paper left over from a job you score !

Meet Zola and Happy.  Are they not the best Springers ever.  So chill, maybe Garden & Gun will chose out photo in their contest.. we'll see !

Simple details no fuss !

all photos by mekenzie loli

I can't say enough about how easy Whitney was to work with and how great Ben (the Salin's Group) and his team were...

Great Install !