Install of the Day !

Hi There !

One of my favorite projects of all time ! I love everything about this installation.  From the entrance all the way back I tried to pay attention to every detail !  I had one request from my client which I was happy to oblige - black and white.

I started my design at the front door and worked my way through.  Creating big drama with this graphic paper and a large piece of art my client already had.  I mixed in a large, made to fit, Stark rug, custom console and two vintage, one of a kind lamps.  Stunning !!

Can you believe how gorgeous those lamps are.. sometimes you just have splurge on something special.

To the right as you enter, the dining room.  It's amazing.  All centered around this killer floor I asked Keith to paint for us.

I knew I wanted more than just a dining table as it was a large room, so we brought in a sofa as well !

The kitchen was in pretty good shape.  We had the cabinets professional sprayed white, added new lighting and furniture.  Love the existing hood.  Painting the cabinets professionally is the only way to go and worth the money.

I love a banquette in a kitchen.  This one custom made in a faux leather, so super easy to take care of.  I am a big fan of the oversized.  Large lighting, large accessories.  These vases are just perfect.

Simple accessories, less is more.

Moving onto the living room just off the kitchen and with a clear view to the foyer.  We kept our black and white color palette going with classic pieces and a few more modern ones.

New wood doors, painted black and two large sofas as oppose to a sectional.  I am a it over the sectional at the moment.  Tired of walking around it !

Mixing my metals... a good thing.

This turned out so pretty, clean and bright.

We have been working on the office as well where we added a dark bottle green and a touch of
peach.  Take a look at the plans...

And have installed the master bedroom, just need to shoot - stay tuned !

Really one of my favorites !!