Welcome to Charlotte - La Belle Helene

Hi !

Thrilled about this restaurant hitting Charlotte.  La Belle Helene.  The decor is perfect and the food is exceptional.  The minute I walked in I felt like I was back in NY or Paris but a cleaner version !

La Belle Helene
300 South Tryon
Charlotte NC

Image from QC Magazines great coverage by San Barmlett (here).

The editor of Home Design & Decor, Ashley Cox, Mr. Brown and Julian Chichester treated myself and about 20 Charlotte designers to a beautiful lunch just before Christmas in our own little private room.  (images from my Instagram stories)

It was a fabulous pre-Christmas, shut it down, catch up kind of day.  While they had a beautiful menu for us, take a look at a few images from their instagram site to wet you appetite!

Now, not only did I want to clue you into this amazing new spot downtown, I wanted to write a bit about something I am loving for 2019.  The mural.  I have been obsessing over this idea for about 6 months now and want to bring it back.  Walking into La Belle and spotting exactly what I have been thinking solidified my thoughts... the hand painted mural needs to make a come back.

I am meeting an amazing artist this morning to discuss just this.  Adding a mural to our office to not only make me happy but to show off her talents and give a little inspiration to clients for their projects !

Stay tuned in 2019 for my mural comeback !