Install of the Day !

Hey There !

It all started with a wedding, which I was thrilled to take Kate and be a part of.  So festive in full Indian tradition, color, food, and dancing !  Wonderful time was had by all !!! Kate says it started her love of Indian food.

Meet Ankur and Minal who came to us to help with their first home together.

When it came to the design of their new build, I wanted a little drama here and there!  Modern meets classic meets a little edgy.  From the moment you enter to the right and left the dining space and lounge have a strong color palette full of detail.  The foyer gives your eye a little preview of the main color flowing back into the main living and kitchen space.

I adore this lounge. A rich plum color with the grass cloth walls.  We decided to add brass strips in an irregular pattern to bring it to the next level.   Kate and Keith actually installed them all with little brass screws.. adds even more texture and detail !  A rich velvet custom made, tufted sofa atop a beautiful Stark rug.  Our wedding present .. an amazing art piece by Ron Royals, this photo was taken on one of his many trips - she's so beautiful.  

The accent chairs have a little pop of kelly green in the way of velvet pillows... you'll see why, read along.

Opposite the lounge the dining room.  Another favorite space.   Love how it all came together. The wallpaper is a patchwork black on black with brass beading, mixed in a simple dining table in pale grey but amped back up with these gorgeous chairs in a taupe mohair.

Simple linen curtains, and another subtle but striking Stark Rug.

One of my favorite shot from shoot day capturing a dramatic and fun center piece, created by Nectur here in Charlotte in a hammered bronze bowl and peeking behind a large, strong art piece by artist Karen Hollingsworth generally loaned to my by Shain Gallery (until my client's have the time to find the perfect piece for them). Art is so subjective and I often want my clients to take their time and chose what speaks to them !

I mentioned the green velvet pillows in the lounge... bringing that green back in the hidden scullery.  A request by my clients.  Stunning !  With brass kick plates and hardware, it's a moment for sure !

Through the hidden scullery the large and super functional kitchen.  Another request.. these large circle chandeliers... they asked, they received.   We used a "cement" tile as a full backsplash with a waterfall island countertop in quartz.  

A little more drama with the nearby dry bar... brass mesh on the cabinet doors, and super eye-catching backsplash tile.

The main living area, clean and simple with shades of white and grey.

A monotone look doesn't have to be dull when you mix in different textures and interesting pieces.  A unique metal sculpture, resin lamps and coffee table and a vintage leather chair (from Nav Finds.. my new favorite !) with little hammered metal cigar table.  

Rather than your typical flanking fireplace/TV cabinets we opted to have these beauties made by Jacob Wolfe.  Ribbed hidden drawers and doors with the brass kick plate pulled back in .. So much more interesting ! 

In this phase we also squeezed in the powder room and guest bathroom.. a little more interesting than your typical new build.  

all photos by Mekenzie Loli

When building it really helps to have a designer involved from the beginning !

Great 1st phase !!!!!! They are well on their way !!!  

Install of the Day !

Morning !

Happy Summer !!!  With a day or two "off," I thought I'd take a minute or two to switch style gears.  Having just gotten back last night from London with Kate my thoughts are all British inspired, a look I particularly love and what is driving the style and feel my new guest room at home (stay tuned !)  We spent a few days in Henley-on-Thames checking on a project I am working on, meeting contractors and such.  While there I soaked up all things... well... British.  Old, textured, brass, plaid, leather, plaster, heavy in pattern and saturated color.  Happy coincidence was being there during the Henley Royal Regatta .  It was amazing and Kate quite enjoyed making new friends across the pond.  I am now obsessed with all the pattern club blazers.... 

So, to switch gears today I'm reflecting on a shoot from last week before we left.  I LOVE  this room.  My client's request... mid-century meets Morocco.  Where to start ?

I took my inspiration from two places.  Cole & Son's Collaboration with Martyn Lawrence Bullard (here) and some beautiful images my client Ankur Manvar took while in Marrakech !!! Having recently finished the install of his and wife Minal's home (here), all the colors and textures were fresh in my head when I looked to create a new space for another client !

Take a look at Ankur's amazing photos from Marrakesh and how I was inspired . . .  

This particular shot drove my design ... I wanted a darker ceiling and lighter walls but still filled with pattern.  

I then went to wall coverings I remembered by Martyn Lawrence Bullard... in collaboration with Cole & Sons and chose to mix 3 patterns.

Next . . the hunt for a Mid-Century Vibe.  Vintage not reproduction.  I checked out both 1st Dibs and Etsy and found a great sofa and chair.  Recovered both in rich reds to compliment their existing rug we worked around.   Also found a vintage Camel Saddle.. had to have it !

Thrilled with how this all turned out !  A mix of Marrakesh and Mid-Century modern, using some of their collected pieces as well as new pieces I found and added.  

photos by Mekenzie Loli

Such a fun space !