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Hey There !

Media room, man cave, part time playroom, third floor retreat - call it what you will.  This space was designed with all the rich colors and unique elements my clients, the Parker's have always been drawn to (see previous installs here here and  here).

Where did it all start?  With a distressed black sectional.  Custom made to fit up two flights of stairs by one of our talented vendors.  I started pulling rug options and quickly realized navy, black and doses of red was the direction to go.  Another custom piece, the recliner (that doesn't look like a recliner), pillows and fun lighting.

Just prior to leaving town we went by to shoot the space - take a look at the finished product.

art by keith keim and holly keogh

Navy grass cloth added more texture.  Note . . . paint those vents and doors when using a dark wall covering, you don't want them to stand out white !

Love the Lacroix mixed with Harlequin's velvet stripe.

photos by mekenzie loli

Happy Sunday !

When I Got Together with Herrera, Valentino, Lacroix, Mary Fran and Myself !


Saturated Summer,  it's official, and while I am sure the House of Herrera and Valentino had the inspiration for their collections solidified a year ago.  Interiors follow fashion absolutely.  Color tends and patterns driving.  I love the patterns and colors that appeared on the runway for the Summer of 2015.  While I have been working a lot with cool and soft colors on several projects, the bold look of black and white has always been a favorite of mine, hence my new first floor renovation at home.  I planned our trip around the first stage of our reno.  While we were gone and Kate was in camp, and the dogs were all at the kennel, I had all my floors done and walls painted.  The messy part.  My old, 1921 house had 3 different floors - old hardwood stained dark brown, slate and new engineered in the back of the house.  It has always bugged me.  Leaving the house in the trustworthy hands of Bree, Maggie and David, I came home to new floors from the kitchen back and a new stain color throughout.  

All my walls are now bright white and several of the window casings are black.  A clean black and white palette with light, pale grey floors.  So excited (and so appreciative for the work that was done while I was gone !)

New table and lighting came in yesterday, both designed and created by Josh Utsey.

But with that black and white I was looking for inspiration for a pop color and being in London and Paris really inspired me in several ways.  I love the art gallery look of all white walls, I love the mix of old vintage and new modern, I love touches of antique brass, I love unique pieces, created by artist friends and now I am thinking of bringing a touch of red back.  Maybe being around all that "royal" red was what did it? 

I love Valentino's new collection.  It has those saturated colors I am drawn to mixed with a strong black and white.

Valentino's Spring/ Summer 2015 Collection

I pulled a few fabrics, walls papers and even floor tiles that I felt spoke to the look.

Along with Valentino, Herrera's summer line spoke the same language to me.

Having stayed at two amazing hotels in Paris and London (see previous posts) I started seeing these colors and patterns and it really solidified the direction I wanted to go in my own home.  I am working to find a mix of old and new.  Now that the base is picked out and ordered, accessorizing with art, pillows and objects will be a fun hunt.

To all the black and white I'll be looking at accent pillows and the like to give it lots of personality.

Designers Guild's Christian Lacroix

Just before I left we installed the "man cave" of a client of mine.  This particular client also loves these saturated colors.  Her exterior is painted charcoal with black trim and her interior walls are all white.  We have been working our way through the home adding heavy pops of color in the same tones I am speaking of (see here) and it was now time to finish up the third floor.

I created two design boards for inspiration . . . take a look.

In both options, this rug was a must.  Old, yet new with a heavy dose of black.
Check out the finished product in my next post.

I was looking for inspiration for my own home and really found it on my trip.  Now that the walls and floors are done, and it's time to filter in the fun stuff.  I know the direction I want to head in.  In the mean time, take a look at what I have pulled to inspire my choices.

Our hotel in Paris was a Lacroix explosion of pattern on patter, and rich color on color. These two pillows I used in the Parker install, while I am going for a little less pattern as a whole, bits and pieces of this look will be appearing !

Thanks vacation time, thanks Carolina Herrera, Valentino and Lacroix for inspiring me so much !

Our hotel in London - I still can't get over how gorgeous it was. My goal is to take the feel of this in a new and clean way . . . . 

photo by David Pullum

Summer Holiday - European Style . . . Part Three.

Hey !

Last of the vacation images I promise  . . . but something might catch your eye and prompt you to hit London sooner rather that later, such a great city.  I met up with two friends of mine from grade school if you can believe that.. I am talking 6th -9th grade.  Hilarious actually.  We met for a long lunch and laughed about how we remember things that happened when we were 12 clearer than what we had for breakfast that day.  They looked exactly the same, delighted in showing my husband and daughter pictures of me at 12 (thanks).  It was so much fun. 

We walked from Colbert's (great french bistro in Sloane Square - the Chelsea part of town) over to the Saatchi Gallery... what a gem of a find that was.  Great show there.  Full of modern, abstract and mix media.  Lost Keith in there.  Take a peak at a few of my favorites.

artist: eddy llunga kamuanga
acrylic on canvas

artist: jorge mayet 
electrical wire, paper, acrylics, fabric
sculptural installation - my favorite
artist: alejandro ospina
oil on canvas

 (lucy looking at me say . . . "seen enough art mom - want to go to Drop Dead and get a T Shirt)

artist: rafael gomezbarros
resin, fiberglass, madera, screen cotton

Only having one more day in London I made a point of going to see the Designers Guild, Osborne & Little and Harlequin / Scion showrooms.

As expected, beautiful showrooms and getting a glimpse of the new intro ahead of the US was a treat!

Our last venture out was back in the Soho part of town, Carnaby.  Must say the shopping in this town gives NYC a run for it's money.  The best boutiques and big brands, all so condensed in several neighborhoods.  I don't know . . .  the beauty of this city, the architecture, the side streets filled with unique finds - shop after shop .  . is pretty great.  Definitely a girl's trip destination if you want to shop for the latest....  bring an empty suitcase.

We headed back to the hotel for one last snack and look around.  I tell you, the pastries alone on this vacation were sinful.  

Hated leaving, but it time to go back to the real world . . .

Lucy, hope you will always remember the time the three of us spent wandering around these two amazing cities.  You have grown up so fast and are becoming the most beautiful young lady.  I love your uniqueness, calmness and artistic side.  You amaze me every day and I am so lucky to have you in my life.

xox mom

Cheerio and Au revoir !!