Volcanic Basalt Furniture


So in that upcoming install, the big one with so many moving parts, I am incorporating one of my favorite hanging chairs.  I first saw it while I was in London and was happy to locate their US distributor.  Available through us here at Lucy and Co if you want to have a little Volcanic Besalt yourself.  So cool, indoors or out.  Mine will be right in the three sided windows in our upstair family room, just like being in the trees.

Basalt is a dark-colored rock that’s most often formed from lava flow. They take the molten basalt rocks and stretch them through a special spinner, which creates the fiber yarn needed to construct the furniture. The process is done by hand which means each piece of furniture is truly one-of-a-kind. The material is ultra durable making it perfect for outdoor use.

Pretty cool huh !

Gearing Up for A Major Install !

Hi . . .

When I say I am gearing up for a big install, I ain't kidding . . . it's so, so involved !  This installation will actually take 3 weeks, not just 2 days like the norm.  We have a whole house to paint and 9 wall papers to apply, not to mention the electrical, all those chandeliers and sconces !  Maggie, Bree and I roll in on week three while our clients are out of town to bring all the goods and fluff, fluff, fluff... can't wait to see the transformation !  New client's who have moved back to town from the West Coast and are ready to get it done.  With the holidays coming, it will be more than ready to entertain and enjoy, but we have our work cut our for us !  Not just the first floor, but the entire second as well. Where to begin ?!  I actually worked with the look of the home, it's style and architecture, but drew inspiration from one fabric my client loved and a rug she already had.  The rug had shades of peach, grey and oatmeal - the fabric, a green velvet malachite, that's were I started.

Take a look at what's coming up in a few weeks !

From the entry foyer, you have a direct view into the living space, the floors are a gorgeous combination of wood and marble tile, high ceilings are beautiful arches.  Their existing area rug is perfect as is the mantle and custom flanking built ins.  I want to keep it all neutral and sophisticated, comfortable and well placed, not to block the view to the outside living area.  

A long hallway will have an ombre grey and white custom paint treatment and similar lighting.

The dining room, just off the foyer, neutral as well, but with the pop of the green velvet malachite head chairs.  All the pieces, ceiling paper, wall paper and side chairs special, special !  I cannot wait to see this room come together as a dining room, but also a gather room for conversation and nice glass of wine !

The first floor also has a paneled library we plan to use as a home office, but a pretty one ! Vaulted ceilings with wood beams, I want to move the dining room rug to this space and play off of that.  Grass cloth between the beams in a warm peach color, a huge eye popping chandelier and new custom live edge dining table.  The dining table mixed with two tall storage cabinets to house printers, files and other "office stuff."  So not to appear as your typical office - the goal.  I think my favorite additions to this space are the four upholstered chairs.  The perfect height for the dining table turned desk.  These chairs are not only comfortable for hours of work, but conversational and covered in the most gorgeous Groundworks faux bois fabric, pulling in the dirty peach.

Will be on the hunt for art for this space over the next few weeks !

Opposite the office and down the hall a large master bedroom with a bay windows looking out back and a side door to the back patio and pool.

Gorgeous patio off the back with a view into the living room and access to the master bedroom
I want a real "living" space, but an eclectic mix of furniture.  Janus et  Cie furniture mixed with Palecek.  Living walls and potted plants.

Heading up the stairs and a new coat of pale gray, loosing the builder tan paint you land in a large bonus room perfect for game watching.  A new large sectional, leather chairs, and concrete consoles on one side, second open back sofa and pub table on the other.

The hallways on this second floor are wide enough for built in desks for the kids, but to make it a little cozier, chaise lounge chairs to help with homework or plan a vacation maybe !

Three kids, two boys and a girl and new spaces for each.

Should be a crazy couple of weeks in October !  But cannot wait to reveal and shoot, stay tuned !!!

Spotlight: Estella Fransbergen

Hey There . . 

Posted recently a Penthouse project (here) I am working on.  I was asked to help detail the entire space with some unique pieces, odd furniture, rugs, and window treatments.  I generally snap up some art pieces I love for my installs but in this case, I am working for an artist !  She has the art covered, but there is one piece both she and I love that we found at Shain Gallery.  It's the work of Estella Fransbergen.   

She celebrates the human form with beautiful clay torsos which to her captures the "essence of the soul."  She uses primitive firing techniques of awdust and Raku bringing her back to to South African roots where she was born and raised.  She explains the clay's beautiful colors are created by the intensity of the fire.  She then "dresses" the naked torso using feathers, branches, leaves and gemstones.  Her sculptures reflect her total life experience, she further explains.  

I love all of these pieces.  Showing at Shain Gallery here in Charlotte, as well as a few others here in the U.S. (here)  Take a look at a few of my favorites !!