All for You Betsy . . .

Hey There . . .

I love having Betsy at the office.  She and I get each other, and we go way, way back.  We have kids the same age and we both have a wanderlust.  We have gypsy soles.  I am helping her with her daughter Mary's room.  I remember Mary as a baby, but it's time for this rising sophomore to have an updated room (plus it's a Lucy and Company employee perk).  Something that will take her through high school, into college (and guests will feel comfortable when she gets the boot - ha ha).

I, of course, pulled in some of Mary's requests, well one anyway - orange.  She also loves animals. Betsy took home a new book of fabric from Romo's Black Edition and this one fabric Mary loved as much as Betsy and I did.   So the ball is rolling.

On this design board frenzy weekend (working on new jobs for 5 new clients so in major creative mode), I finished Mary's Room.

After plugging in the window treatments - our floral fabric, I started pulling furniture, other fabrics and wall treatments.  I wanted to give Mary a big pop of orange, so behind the bed, I plan on painting this graphic treatment.  One of Kelly Weastler's wall coverings was foremost in my mind, but I wanted a different color and a larger scale . . . so I plan on creating a version using paint and tape !

Centering Mary's vintage bed, but recovering in a faux off white fur.  Two lacquered grey side chests and great new gold lamps.

The bed is finished off with a moroccan wedding blanket, an ombre velvet bolster and new skirt.  We can re-use the poufs we got for her last year.

In the window, the gorgeous curtains that started it all.  A Shine, green lacquer buffet and two chairs.
Over it all an antique mirrored ball fixture.

Opposite the bed, a new dresser with a great wood drawer detail. and in the weird corner a wood and metal corner shelf (to house girl stuff in maybe some pretty baskets.  We'll do the same wall treatment on that wall with a mid tone grey on the other two.

In love with the mix of fabrics, colors and textures !!!

Mary is an animal lover . . . plan on finding the perfect piece over the bed.  I love the horse, but maybe we'll find a piece by family friend Josh Brown (charlotte artist).  Does his work seem familiar to any of your Charlotte women?   Megan Orrell, owner of Scout & Molly shows his work at her store.   Megan and I met recently and am thrill be to helping another gypsy at heart with her the store and pulling together her whole new home in my hood !

Stay tuned, with Miss Mary and my Lucy's are doing a little part time work at the studio this summer, I will put those two to work on this great space and show them how it's all done.

Pretty Paper - Kelly Wearstler

Hey There . . .

While on my design board weekend frenzy I came across a few papers I completely forgot about ! Kelly never disappoints !  I love the patterns and colors, thought I'd share . . . hard to pick just one good one, love them all . . .


NY Fashion Week . . . and Paula Cademartori.

Howdy . . 

I love bags and shoes.  It's from my shoulders to my ankles I turn over to Jill at Sloan to deal with.  I just go down the street and ask the ladies to find something unique and cool and they always come through.  Best leave it  up to the ones that know best.  But I am a purse collector.  That little piece of wearable art (that I have been know to style a bookcase with).

Anyway, so I have noticed popping up all over on Instagram and Pinterest these gorgeous bags by Paula Cademartori.  They made a big appearance during this past Fashion Week in NYC.  I Love them.  I especially love the color and pattern combinations!  Bravo Ms. Paula.

Thought I'd take one bag and mix the colors she used as inspiration for a space I would love to have.  And being that I am working on a "lounge area" for the girls at work to kick back in - I am in design mode.   Fun . . Take a look at what I came up with.  You never know where you'll find your inspiration.

Too much?   No way.   Collect and layer ladies !

What I've mixed together . . .

(a) killer wall paper by Harlequin (b) now this is actually a kelly wearstler wall paper.  I love the pattern, so I might make it using a white painters canvas with randomly sewn mustard gold ribbon, because I would love the texture and the fact the canvas was a little wrinkled!  (c) rug by one of my go to vendors, surya, (d) fab new chandelier by Made Goods (e) curved bookcase by Noir (f) ombre dipped pillow I came across on Etsy (g) chartreuse leather swivel chair by Lee (h) killer art by my new vendor Mineheart (i) coffee table inspiration, I would ask my buddy Josh Utsey make for me (j) vintage-like black leather "flea market" look sofa by Four Hands.

All these goodies - available to the trade, but I will be happy to order for you !

Happy Saturday and thanks for the inspiration Paula


Rose Gold Meet Copper Meet Brass


I have loved the comeback of gold for years now and push it on my client's all the time.  The one thing I noticed this year at ICFF (along with Kips Bay and all the out of the way shops we hit) was the insurgence of rose gold and copper, along with more brass.  What it does for a room other than warm it up, gives it a classic, rich, and sometimes"worn," and expensive feel.  

Take a look at just what I came across and loved . . .

Fun New Finds at ICFF


Along with great digs, amazing eats and a fab Designer House in the big apple, hitting the ICFF show was high on the list as well.   I am always on the hunt for lighting, rugs,  new wall papers and great accessories.  Thought I would share my favorites from the show.  I noticed a lot of vibrant colors and patterns in the way of papers.. metallic were mixed in as well as cool tribal and bohemian patterns which I love.  In my eye, mixing such strong patterns and textures needs to have equally cool lighting whether it be simple or a little over the top (I am still on that more is more look though).  Another thing I saw was a lot of rose gold, brass and copper intros.  Take a look . . .

Lighting was abundant . . .  Apparatus (be happy to source you) was, and is always, a stand out.  Even their booth was gorgeous.   Love these . . 

From one extreme to the next, Canopy is another favorite of mine - completely different look.  Beaded, drippy, hand painted, crystals, funky.  

Phillip Watts Design had some great new hardware this year.  Want to dress up a boring cabinet . . 
Naomi Paul has a great eye.  I love the lines of her lighting.   Clean, simple yet heavy in texture.

This was the first year I came across Vito Selma.  Statement pieces for sure !

Great, fun papers by Flavor Paper - bring on a little color !

Eskayel was back with beautiful patterns . . .

And ok, had to get one of these.  Hilarious.

Another thing that Mineheart had to offer was wall paper to give you the look of wainscoting . . 

or a tufted wall !

and lastly, clever and original outdoor beauties !

Fun new stuff !! Can't wait to use.