Spotlight: Janus et Cie - Outdoor Living !

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I have the beach on the brain I guess.   Want to share a great line of outdoor furniture I became pry to a few Market's back called Janus et Cie.  I love their well diverse line and was delighted to meet Paul Fogg at their showroom on our last visit to High Point.  Paul is the residential sales specialist who spent some time with us showing off the well made construction, available colors and gorgeous styles all available.  Janus et Cie offers the best in interior and exterior, residential, hospitality, contract and site furnishings.  Their styles add a distinctive look to homes, estates, gardens, country clubs, restaurants, hotels, offices, lobbies, parks, shops and meeting places . . . anywhere !

See in Elle Decor's What's Hot page, Coastal Living, House Beautiful, Architectural Digest's Green Room at the Oscars, Veranda, Luxe and California Homes.  They have won Editor's Choice awards and have been the "go to" for countless designers who want stylish, unique and well made pieces to use both indoor and out.  Their Facebook page is full of their accolades . . . products, information and inspiration.

Janice Feldman, president and CEO of Janus et Cie has been a leader in the design industry since the company's founding for some 35 years ago.  Trained artist and interior designer, she is a visionary in the field of sustainability and material innovation.

Janus et Cie has a very diverse line.  Take a look at a few of my favorites mixed in with a few of my favorite outdoor fabrics, all available at www.lucyandcompany.com.

Inside or out, Janus et Cie offers elegance and timeless style.

above picture compliments of Jan/Feb 2013 Veranda issue

They inventory more than 150,000 pieces in their 175,000 square foot production facility and are ready to ship a single piece or outfit and entire project in a matter of days.  A leader in the industry, their expect staff offers elegant solutions to any design environment.

See the full product line here

Happy Monday . . . and I guess it's time to get back to the office . . . .


It's Official . . Summer Is Here !

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I ran away . .  for 4 days that is . . .  to one of my favorite beaches . . . Folly.  It's the perfect beach, close to Charleston, SC, pretty laid back and a morning's drive from Charlotte.  I am secretly looking for a shack on the beach and wanted to take a look around, but mainly just a quick break with the husband and kids for nothing but fun.  Now while I did "unplug" for 2 days, I couldn't resist pulling out the lap top and sharing the colors and feel of Folly on our last night.

If you've never been to Folly, The Tides, is the only visible big hotel in this tiny beach town.  It's a little quirky and I loved it.  I hear it was originally a Holiday Inn but now re-vamped with fun colors and some pretty nifty details.  Great restaurant and outdoor bar.  Last night in true Folly form, a huge movie screen was out on the beach showing a surf movie.

The pier connects to the hotel and there's plenty of surf watching, fishing and strolling around. 

Restaurants line the some 5 block strip from the bridge straight into The Tides.  Great variety of eats and plenty of local color.

We have a surfer in the making.

And I couldn't leave without a stop at Angle Oak.

It was a nice couple of days to welcome Summer !

Back to it . . . on Monday.


Super Modern with a Rustic Edge . . .

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I love when I have a new project.  Always look forward to doing something interesting.  This project has several requests.  1. Super modern, yet rustic chic . . . great combination right !  Also certain colors were requested - Charcoal, terracotta, blue and green . . . and one more request - white leather . . . hum.  I was up for thinking of an artistic, modern look, with warm earth tones, a punch of teal, a splash of "Aspen Lodge" and . . . white leather . .  all in an entry living space.  It needs to be a show stopper.  The room is full of windows on two sides and it sets the tone for the entire house!

Oh - and I have a rock fireplace to incorporate as well.  The look I am heading for is clean, crisp, modern, somewhat sparse with interesting elements, textures and shapes - mainly shapes.

I have these amazing chairs.  I saw them at market a while back, ordered one for the shop and could not want to use them on a job.  Wood back, white leather front - great shape.   This space is visible from the front entry and is "sunken" with a ton of windows.  Floating my chairs in the room with these amazing backs should be perfect !   I also have a very tall wall.  To big to be left alone.  I plan on bringing in a huge mirror grouping.

The request for green, blue and terracotta will be incorporated in just the art and pillows!

  I am adding a new paper to the left of the fireplace.  It's amazing . . . can't wait.

The front entry door is very modern and wood.  I plan on adding all the family photos to the right of it with a curved, teal velvet bench and hand cut wood pendants shooting down the hall !

Should be good . . . . stay tuned.  But this week it's all about installing a handful of projects - my mind is spinning a bit, all so so different.  

Happy Sunday.


What's a Style.ma.ker?

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This month's Charlotte Urban Home Stylemaker page gave, not only me a nice shout out, but showed the works of Amanda Talley.  Love her work and wanted to show off a few pieces . . .

I remember not too long ago I was speaking with Rebecca Brooks and she was about to receive a custom piece of Amanda's work.  She was most excited, and after taking a look at her work, I got excited as well !

Amanda's studio is located in New Orleans, in the garden district of downtown.  You can visit the studio and go on a tour.  Too far away?   Go visit Hidell Brooks Gallery here in Charlotte to see her work.

I see these pieces and think first of all - amazing color, graphic patterns and movement.  While abstract, which I love, the style and colors would pop in a transitional space, commercial space or frankly anywhere.  Visit her site, she creates beauty.