Upcoming install . . . Which Did She Choose?

Hey There !

Love love designing for teen girls, and as of late there have been several of them !  I tend to get carried away with different options and different directions.  As was the case for the Clawson's.  Blue was the request, but blue can go in a million directions.  With some pretty major renovations going on in other parts of the house, a re-do for Savy's room was also something fun for them (and especially her) to move back home to.  I created five looks to ponder, each very different but all with blue as the leading color, like I said, carried away.  I couldn't help myself !  

Take a look at Option no. 1.  Striped wall paper in the entire room, running horizontal with a large splash of orange . . .

Option no. 2, also with stripes running horizontal in the entire room with accents in teal . . .

Option no. 3 has wall paper on just one 1 in the teal and orange, with painting on remaining 2 walls . . .

Option no. 4, a more navy blue, and again orange for pop. . . 

And lastly, Option no. 5 teal with a splash of yellow this time . . . 

Which one did they choose ?  Stay tuned !  All are a good mix of different styles and textures, the key for something unique.

I cannot wait to install next week.  Heading to Atlanta for 4 days, home for 1 to pull together this space, and off to Bald Head for a new, fun beach house to tackle . . . Spring time brings it out in people !!

Happy Friday !!!


Install of the Day !

Hi . . .

Part two of our install during the "Charlotte Blizzard" was Paige's room.  Paige wanted blue with a touch of orange.  More graphic and funky.  I really wanted to mix furniture types and textures while giving Paige a functional and striking space.  She needed a little styling up, artist that she is.

I met with the girls to get a feel for what they liked.  With teens I have learned over many, many years to create a few designs for them to choose from, not overload them with too many options, but give them enough to feel they are making the call !

Take a look at Option 1.

In Option 2. I had a wall paper focal wall rather than fabric.

We chose to go with the curtains in this design.  Paige loved the fabric and I love how this space turned out !  When you have shutters, a single width will do to give you the splash.

The mix of  both white lacquer and wood in the furniture create the eclectic feel I love.  Paige also got a new bed, upholstered to soften up the look.  Her big request was a dose of orange and I filtered that in with two lamps and pillows.  Take a look at the finished product.

Another tip - an upholstered headboard attached to a simple wood frame.  No need for that dated skirt.

I also wanted to mix up the side tables, similar height was important though.

I love the old school type writer Paige wanted for Christmas !

Now they both have new, updated looks, different yet more "them."

Pleasure ladies and thanks !

Install of the Day !

Hey There . . .

I didn't want a little snow stopping us last week when it came to our install at the Jacobson's house. The truth of the matter was that if I had bumped the install it would have thrown off my entire week and I wasn't having that.   Luckily I have a crew of painters, installers and assistants that aren't a bunch of wimps so we headed out to transform the rooms of two sisters, Caitlyn and Paige.

Both of their rooms needed a face lift !  It was time to lose the pink and some of the sweet cottage -type furniture and pull in sleeker, brighter and more streamlined pieces.

Take a look at Caitlyn's design. . .

I also did another version for Caitlyn to pick from . . . this a little stronger.

In both of these designs we wanted to re purpose her existing 4 poster bed.  It was your typical white with a carved rose on the headboard and foot board.  It was pretty, but we wanted to change it up.  Good tip - paint and create upholstered panels to cover the carved rose detail.  This one thing instantly transformed the bed to something less cottage and more grown up.

Take a look at the finished product.  New wall paper covering the room, new side tables and lamps and a newly reupholstered love seat.  The addition of a rug on a rug, adds a punch of color to a big cream wall to wall carpet and adds weight to the floor.

Great nook for a cozy love seat.  Jo - mom to the girl's came by and together we found this great West Elm coffee table . . . it's was a big hit in that the top opens and tilts toward you, perfect for a little lap top work.

Take a closer look at the bed deal.  I love the upholstered panel overlay.

Does this paper look familiar?  I used a different color combination in the Avason's Master Bedroom !  In Caitlyn's room it has a entirely different look and feel.

Such a bright and airy space now.  It was such fun working with Jo and the girls.

Stay tuned for sister Paige !

Hot Off the Press !

Hi There . . .

Just out, SouthPark Magazine March 2104.  I loved being a part of a story called "Charlotte's Dream Home" by Blake Miller and Lauren Blake.  Several of my favorite local designer's were included . . giving a look inside their favorite spaces.  

"What would happen if you took seven of Charlotte’s best designers and architects’ most well-designed and interesting rooms and put them in one home? You’d have a home boasting exquisitely-designed spaces featuring all of the elements we often daydream about one day having in our own houses. From a vibrant kitchen and chic outdoor living space to a serene master bedroom and playful nursery, combined, these rooms are examples of why Charlotte has fast become one of the country’s top places for home design. "

Read more here: http://www.charlotteobserver.com/2014/02/19/4707779/charlottes-dream-home.html#storylink=cpy

Thanks SouthPark Magazine !


Hemingway House

above image courtesy of hemingwayhome.com

mekenzie here! 
i'm finally breaking the radio silence after a tour of florida..
(thanks to beth for letting me escape the winter for a couple weeks!!)
so excited to share my adventures!  
ernest hemingway's key west home was a-ma-zing. 
love the old fixtures, colors and gorgeous grounds. and what's with the 46 cats hanging around?! take a look..

one of the 46 cats in and around the house... in its own little house. 
poet elizabeth bishop's words about the pool: “ . . .The swimming pool is wonderful -it is very large and the water, from away under the reef, is fairly salt. Also it lights up at night -I find that each underwater bulb is five times the voltage of the one bulb in the light house across the street, so the pool must be visible to Mars -it is wonderful to swim around in a sort of green fire, one’s friends look like luminous frogs . . .”

tiles, tiles, everywhere in the gardens!
so many amazing architectural details
photographs by mekenzie france

read about the legend of ernest hemingway here!

passez une bonne journée!