Install of the Day !

Hey There !

Happy Friday . . . great close to the week with a trip out to Traci Shanks.  We installed and photographed her master bedroom yesterday.  Traci has been so great to work with, having completed her first floor in one fell swoop (here) we headed upstairs to transform her master!  I love this space. It brings her new pop color from downstairs up, mixed with soothing neutrals.  It's all about the details in this space !

What did we change?  Everything.  The original space had a huge, dark wood - 4 posted king bed, large wood dressers and windows with short curtains.  Traci wanted a larger looking space, open, light, pulled together with a smaller bed.  I usually don't go down in bed size for couples, but they wanted it, and it totally opened up the room !

The very first thing I wanted to change were the windows.  I see it all the time, an arch over standard windows with curtains hung below the arch.... I am here to say N-O.  It's shortens the room and then what do you do with light pouring in that arch?!  Raise the pole to the ceiling and invest in big-girl curtains I say and was so happy Traci saw the light, or in this case didn't !! These new functional window treatments draw completely on a gorgeous new track for room darkening.  Beautiful job Amy!!!  It made all the difference.  

I started working from the windows to the bed, side tables, bedding and accessories.  Choosing to work in a subtle tone-on-tone color way with just a pop of color.  Love this channel back upholstered bed, so detailed and tailored !!  Hit Bedside Manor for the perfect bedding.  It makes all the difference too.   Bedding is an investment and so worth it !!!  I'm kind of a tread count snob.

Just the other day I found the perfect end-of-bed bench in navy velvet with lucite legs, thanks Slate, perfect !!

Our pop, this beautiful linen Studio Bon fabric for just one bolster. 

Smaller bed, bigger side chests !  I worked in two pieces of art on either side, one shell, one sea fan.  I absolutely love these.  The touch of wood on the chest mixed with the white does warm things up a bit !

Opposite the bed, a navy dresser in a gorgeous grass cloth texture, two new wall sconces and a piece of art by my husband, Keith.

Are these sconces not gorgeous !!!

Attached to the main sleeping space, a small - cozy sitting room.  I chose to paint it a dramatic navy and pop it with this killer Asian inspired bookcase !  L O V E !!!  With all Traci's travels, this piece, mixed with a Moroccan inspired side table and we have touches of other cultures to create an eclectic travel inspired space.

all photos by Mekenzie France

It's all came together and we were all thrilled.  Thanks again to Traci for her never ending trust !!

It's going to be a busy week full of installs, I think we have one each day ! 


Install of the Day !

Hey There !!!

Back at the Pearce's house to finish up their main, open concept living room.  We worked together on their master (here) a while back and phase two just finished up yesterday with all the details.

They lovingly built their "dream home" last year and we are working room by room to create something special for their much anticipated new home.  Jef and Leslie designed every inch of this when it came to the build and I was happy to help find the perfect pieces to combine their unique personalities.  Leslie - all girl who love a little glitz, Jef - musician and hunter. . . yes that's right, how different could they be !

This living space is wide open.  One room that steps up into the custom kitchen, design by Jef.   My goal was to mix his rustic vibe with her love of a little glamour.  We also had two dogs to take into consideration, i.e. dog friendly fabrics, rugs and textiles !

Take a look at my inspiration for Barbie and GI Jo . . .

First of all . . this space needed to work with the gorgeous kitchen Jef created !  We needed a good flow as it was wide open . . 

Clean, simple, artistic with that pop of red Leslie wanted !  We had custom made -  both the sectional and the recliner to fit the space and style of the house.  The leather on the sofa is a light taupe/grey and perfect for the dogs !  Sleek style for this modern room, but "rustic" in it's texture.  Layering in a hair on hair hide rug and the perfect coffee table.  We kept the windows simple with bamboo blinds. 

 It was such fun yesterday bringing in the custom red recliner !

The details are always the thing that bring a room together and I gave a lot of thought to these.  I wanted to mix rustic with glam and that can be challenging, but I found a few pieces that do just that.  The side table above, gold leaf with a wood stump and what about this lamp - shiny metallic antlers for the hunter meet glamour girl !

Another pop of red to balance the chair . . . with a mid-century modern vibe.

The combination of the lamp, mid-century red desk and George Nelson clock all work !!

Speaking of George Nelson, unfamiliar ?  Amazing mid-century designer who created pieces for Howard Miller in the late 40's.  There are some 150 different designs for these iconic clocks !  The first created was the "ball clock" (top row, far right)   Take a look at all his original designs !!

So when I spotted this red Spool/Spindle in the original box - had to bring it over !  I thought it was so perfect in combining the colors and style.  It's one of those special accessories.
So Jef is a hunter.  Though Leslie was reluctant, I felt these in the stairwell would be beautiful.  With this modern look and the white walls, they are simply more like "art" in this application !  Love them.

So to further mix the two styles, this hair on hair hide in a modern graphic pattern, was the perfect choice I thought.  And . . the ultimate in dog friendly !

From the ground up and to complement the leather sofa I got more than lucky on these pillows from Slate Interiors !  The patterns are perfect.  The first being a Kuna (see below) and hard to find.  The others were major scores included a fabric from Ground Works !  Normally uber expensive by the yard, these were already made up and on sale.

The coffee table, the perfect round shape for an "L shaped sofa, but also the perfect mix of rustic and the glam of shagreen (a type of rawhide consisting of rough untanned skin, or shark skin, this of course .. faux)

Simplistic yet a pulled together.

Lastly,  I came across a framed Mola to add just the right amount of color splash.  With their red accent choice, this piece not only is the real deal, the guitar image was perfect for Jef.

What's a Mola?

Mola (pronounced MO-la) means blouse or clothing in the Kuna language.  It's a word that describes colorful patterns made of cotton fabric and thread created by Kuna women of Panama.  They are generally attached to the front or back of women's clothing.  So this piece, to me, combined Leslie's love of clothing and Jef's love of music, plus the color was perfect !

Take a look at a few more patterns . . .

To learn more, this is a great book.  I just love all the texture !!
I love that the main living space flows up to the Master Bedroom !! We've started something good here I think !!

all photos by Mekenzie France

Thanks to all !!


Install of the Day !

Hi There !

This time of year is crazy !  I always thought the holiday season was the busiest, but then Spring suddenly creeps ups and before I realize it, March is here . .  the kids start getting out for Spring Break and Easter kicks in.  Historically we get a huge interest from clients in the Spring to "re-do." Major projects start happening (thanks to a bonus here and there and maybe a good tax return). 

Luckily a lot of our big projects started in January, the design part, my part !  Come Spring and early Summer we begin the big installs.  I am so excited to see these start happening, about nine of them !!

With the amazing team I have now, Bree, Maggie and Mekenzie - I can rest assure they will coordinate, deliver, style and photograph each one so having to wear all the hats is something I can finally let go of !!!  

With all the craziness, Maggie has been a huge help with the design process.  Her style and taste level is one I don't have to question and her attention to detail is really proving so invaluable.  She and Bree work so well together coordinating it all.  She jumped right in on the Rimler project, finding the Murphy Bed our client really wanted.  She sourced it, styled it and then found the perfect accessories to compliment it.  We installed it the other day and with her taking the lead from the beginning, I wanted to see her full vision and happily did when Mekenzie finished photographing!

This space, just off the main living space was probably intended as a guest room.  With two boys and frequent visitors Irena really wanted a multi function room.  Sleep, art, homework and overall hang out !  It was very important to us to have this space jive with her great room and the look Irena has going on in there.  She mentioned a Murphy Bed.  While we have seen several in NY at markets and such, they can be really pricey.  Maggie contacted local California Closets and at their price point (and installation) we were able to complete the room with all the "wants" on budget.

Take a look at where it started !

Shot the other day, this space has an artistic feel, modern look and slight industrial vibe.

Coordinated, clean, simple and pulled together using the colors Irena has brought into her home.  It's important not to deviate too far from the color scheme of the home, unless changing it all is the plan.

Irena's artwork and current pieces throughout the home are in the warm and saturated family.  Reds, golds, black, chrome.  Her dream is to turn a very traditional home into a modern one and there are ways to do that without completely changing everything and losing the style of the home or going broke in the process !!

Cool Murphy Bed,  huh !

Pull down for guests, push back from more space.  We chose to paint the walls in a like color as not to have this piece look too heavy in the room.  It's blends in allowing the rug and accessories to pop not the bed.

A fold down desk, with the same modern vibe is mixed with a chrome and leather chair, metal file cabinet, great - large task light and fun, red shelf.

Love the metal bookcase and the touches of modern art and the funky floor lamp.

One of my favorite elements in the space are with window treatments.  Functional romans.  The pattern ties it all together with clean, graphic, modern lines and reminds me of the art in her home.

Always fun to see the design boards come to life !

What's next for Irena . . . a tweaked dining room and great room.

Her dining space has the most beautiful Stark rug.  She also already has a dining table, chairs and console.  We were asked to give it some more "interest," style it up.  She just said she wanted a better chandelier actually, but of course we couldn't stop there.  
We managed to convince a wall paper wary Irena to add this paper to give the walls more texture and interest, and it's gorgeous !

With a slight beaded texture and graphic look it helps this space feel more "styled."

It's a beautiful line and available in several colors, these other two are other favorites of ours.

Just adding the paper, chandelier, console lamp and an art piece by my husband Keith,  pulling the wood tones and rug tones up high in a modern way, gave this space a more finished look !

We have another install coming up shortly for her great room.  Again, using what she had and the colors already present, a few new pieces will give that space a fresh look.

Stay tuned !