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The new Charlotte Home Design and Decor is out.. did you see?  Great cover and love the featured home designed by Grey Walker.  Known for her mix of old and new and this  Foxcroft project is a good one !  

Get your copy of link to the digital version here !

wow !

This issue also features the 2020 IDS Showhouse.  If you didn't get to see it in person (thanks to the Covid shutdown) this issue will show you what you missed !

Bravo to Maggie for this stunning foyer !  Love it !!

Another favorite of mine by the House of Nomad women. . 

And this kitchen is a stunner Kathryn Lilly Interiors !

And lastly, my small column !

To see that entire install . . . check out here !

Install of the Day !

Hey There !

Great shoot last week at long time client Jody Pannel's.  It's been such fun working on this new home with her.  When they made the move I knew the phone would be ringing to help update this 80's place with all it's dated 80's charm.  Great lot, beautiful yard, perfect location, but hum.... dare I say it needed some help, not huge help, quite simple actually.  Paint, floors, and kitchen renovation for sure, and a few new furniture pieces.

We painting a clean Ben Moore Decorator White throughout the entire first floor and changed the floors from red oak to white to take a lighter, softer stain with no red or pink !  Took down and framed out those typical 80's entry hallway columns and straightened out a framed opening.   Added new pieces to those we had purchased for the previous home.   When all was done a cohesive walk through is now making us both happy !  

Take a look !

The dining room - clean, simple and casual for this family of 4.  Mixed the grey and white with the warmness of the new ratan chairs and wood sideboard.  Two new art pieces, bringing in the warm neutrals as well.

art by keith keim

I love this sideboard !

The dining room is wide open to the entry and once "formal" living room is now a home office and sitting room. 

Formal living room for this family wasn't high on the list, so placing the former kitchen table as a desk, a new large oversized chair and new hide rug now turns this space into something they will use.  

And who doesn't love a family grouping.. this is the way I like to do it !

I chose to add the once playroom chandelier, now painted white, in the window as oppose to centered. 

Keeping the color theme going, this small powder room is a beauty.  We both love it !
Accent tile on the mirror wall, new floating vanity and repurposed mirror and lighting from their former home !

The kitchen needed the most work.  We added an additional window, move the fridge over to the other side of the room, new tile and paint of course.  The once small single island is now a work island and a second island was added for everyday dining.

This island is everything, I love it.  I worked with Jacob Wolfe of 2dash1 to create this old but new piece in wood with the look of drawer but actually doors (and a locked liquor cabinets on the end !) Added a marble quartz top and killer brass legs.  Absolutely love it.

So much brighter and more functional.  

New tile, new floaters and a few new accessories to finish it off !

Simple paint job on the steps, removing the old runner . . .

. . .  and a little new tile in the dry bar

The family room was filled with dark wood trim and I mean everywhere.  Gone.  Bright and white. 

Simple styling

Relocated brass fixtures flanking the fireplace.

And just a quick new paint job on the frame of this piece.. from a cream to a white !

all photos by Mekenzie Loli

Always fun to work with Jody, but this day was especially fun.  Having our girls hang together and  actually breaking for lunch.. great day !