Install of the Day !

Hi . . .

Finley, sweet Finley, the youngest of the Crowder clan.  She was getting the shaft.  Her two brothers had a re-design to their rooms, Mom and Dad had a new bedroom, the house as a whole was completely re-done.  We had to give her a little something - something !

Finley scored a few showroom pieces I was looking to sell.  Yep, getting rid of it all to change things up.  We filtered in a navy dresser, upholstered chair, and tall bookcase... major pieces.  So wall paper, rug, windows and art were all we needed to pull a new look together !

Take a look at what we planned to do.

Mekenzie and Maggie spent the day installing and shooting.  Maggie did a great job with the layout and accessories.  This space was transformed from it's pink walls and crib to a new, more colorful and chic space for this cute toddler.  The plan is now in place to remove her crib and filter in a bed... she'll be ready to go !

A well styled bookcase !

With a new more interesting pull !

The bath just needed a new window treatment.

Now Finley is as pulled together as the rest of the clan.

photos by Mekenzie Loli

Happy Sunday !


Modern Florida Digs !

Howdy . . .

I am thrilled to be working with new clients in the St. Petersburg area of Florida.  I headed down recently to get an up close and personal look at their new home, newly built and very modern.  With a few major pieces already chosen (and gorgeous, thank goodness !) they asked for my help in finishing things off.  Accessories, art, lighting and accent pieces are what "make" a room and can often be the hardest part.

On my trip down, I actually stayed an additional day in the comfort of The Birchwood Hotel !  My plan was to hunker down and do the entire design, so I could present it in person and check all my measurements the next day, and that's just what I did.

I started in the Great Room.  The center of the house.  With it's very modern fireplace, beautiful golf course views and huge, modern sectional in a light grey/taupe - I had a clean slate virtually.  Behind that sectional, the foyer and kitchen are located for a large open concept floor plan.   The space is filled with floor to ceiling windows and clean white walls and a killer staircase.  I loved it.

I immediately wanted to do a tone on tone color palette but bring a small pop of color in the Powder Room and Master Bedroom.  Knowing the boy's rooms had touches of navy, I decided that would be my pop color.   I started with a rug.  A large, gorgeous, focal point rug.  I texted Maggie from that comfy hotel room and she kicked me three of her favorites from Stark.

I then decided to do three plans at the same time.  Within each plan the great room would be the space that changes, all of the other spaces would stay the same, but using navy as an accent.

Check out the three rug options . . . Which is your favorite?

I wanted the neutral all along, but not knowing what exactly my client would lean towards I explained all these directions.



A touch of pink and navy.

 These amazing art pieces I found at Sozo Gallery here in Charlotte, artists - Arthur Brouthers and Matt Story


Or a little red and black.

 This art piece I found at Shain Gallery, artist - Chris Hayman

The neutral won out !

I love it's clean, sophisticated look.  A few details . . . the chandelier, a piece of art in itself.  The rug, though my be the biggest ticket item, it will make the most impact.  We are keeping all the walls and the majority of the furniture neutral and focusing on this rug and beautiful art spread throughout. 

Art no. 1, this piece by Kristin Blakeney.  Showing at Shain Gallery, here in Charlotte.  It's not only the perfect size, but perfect colors to greet you at the front door.

The main entrance has a very modern "divider" which I love . . finding the right accessories will be important.

I am choosing large piece all in whites, greys and black.  May have to incorporate a picture of their dachshund (their first baby) !

The Dining Room shoots off the Great Room and is surrounded by the outdoors, it's gorgeous and full of light.  Having already purchased a dining table and white chairs I want to incorporate two new end chairs, a rug to compliment the nearby Stark rug and a little wall paper.

Through the Butler's Pantry heading towards the Kitchen is a pool bath.  Love the shower tile and seamless glass doors.  Want to add a little splash of color and drama on one wall.  I have wanted to work with Black Crow Studio for a while and this one paper is the clean drama I am looking for.  Just a strip of it down the facing walls behind the three square windows.  Love.

Just around the corner and onto the Master Bedroom.  Very modern with a bed they had already selected.  Honestly I wasn't a fan when I saw the email pictures but when I started plugging in the pieces to surround it, I changed my mind.   I wanted to continue the sleek look, but keep it from looking sterile.  I chose two horn sconces to place on either side of the bed. Initially a  hard sell, but after sitting with it a while I got the go ahead.   A large piece of art over the bed to give it some height, very minimal and two curtain "panels," ceiling mounted and hanging flat as not to obstruct the motorized blinds already installed.  They soften those walls and hard edges.

They have already received and placed their Eames Chair in cream leather.  PERFECT, and I would have chosen the exact same thing.  Added a modern stoop and chrome floor lamp.  

The side stoop combines the wood on the new dresser dresser and bed along with the modern touches of white throughout the room.  
Up from the first floor up you have three kid's rooms . . .  and what I am planning to incorporate in each.  Again they chose great pieces - bed and dressers.  I am filtering in all the "stuff" to make it feel and look finished, shifting things a big and adding a dose of color.

Incorporating a few of Keith's pieces in these space.

And lastly, the Upstairs Family Room.  A little more whimsical and kid friendly place to lounge as well as work a bit with the live edge desk.

With my recent purchase of a Herman Miller - Eames Chair, I am all about Design Within Reach at the moment.  I think seeing their Herman Miller in the Master sold me... I see a shift in the designs I am loving to do lately, a little more modern, clean and simple with classic pieces.  DWR  fits the bill.  This sofa - Como is amazing and to die for comfortable.  A good, kid friendly option is the leather.  Easy to clean and cool to the touch (especially in Florida).  I love this piece and it's on sale at the moment !!

So there you have it.  I am so grateful the design plan went as quickly and smoothly as it did.  Cannot wait for your trip to FLA in the fall to install !!


Install of the Day !

Hi !

It's been a ridiculous summer here.  Hot, stupid hot.  Don't go outside hot.  But I think it's coming to an end, finally.  Maggie wrapped up the Edgerton's back porch recently on a day it was actually just below 90.  I love this space . . . it blends seamlessly from the inside out with the color scheme.  Fresh, comfortable, ready for a cocktail.  Now if the cool weather would come back it would be amazing !!!

Take a look at what the girl's installed and Mekenzie shot . . 

Great job Maggie and Mekenzie - the pictures say it all.  Thanks !