Install of the Day !

Hi There . . .

My parents have decided to downsize.  I am trying to think of just how many homes they have lived in over their 50+ years together and I think it's somewhere around 15, maybe.  We moved a lot and they've renovated a lot.  Mom definitely has the design touch with her strong suit being in the accessorizing.   She knows how to place them.  So when I arrived yesterday with Mekenzie to shoot their new, smaller place I didn't have to do much. 

The fun part of this design was working with new colors and new things and well as my Mom being my "client."  She has watched me work on all these amazing projects for years and it was now her turn.  Going from 2,000 square feet to a 1 bedroom means it can be time to change it up and that's just what we did.  We kept some key pieces and had them recovered, we purged, we gave away, we donated.  We narrowed it down to just the quality, sentimental pieces - but giving it all a new look.

I steered her toward a tone on tone color scheme with a pop of peachy orange. 

Mom got a design board as well to visualize.  

We recovered her sofa and two chairs but added new pieces all the way around.  Lamps, rugs, a pendant as oppose to a floor lamp, a sleeker bookcase and fabulous new pillows.  This one fabric was our starting point.

All those renovated homes (well a few of them) create such a focal point in this space.

The small breakfast room received new chairs, blinds, lighting and a flat weave rug.

No fuss center piece of succulents and a touch of vintage brass.

In this one bedroom it important to continue the color scheme for cohesiveness.  We ran a wall with paper, kept everything in shades of grey with a pop of the peachy-oj on the rug.

Two great finds at Slate Interiors, this large mirror and gorgeous dresser (the knobs are what did it for me)

Check out the detail in the simple stripe paper !

Another local find adding touches of brass on this side of the room, mixed with the sleekness of the silver lamp.  

May be small, but full of style !

Love your new digs Mom and Dad !