Install of the Day !

Morning !

Lila Weisner called us wanting help with her master bedroom.  Happy to help, we knew we needed to work around her king bed and two dressers.  Luckily we loved they we all loved them.   Those big ticket items allowed us to really fill the space with the needed accessories to give her the "finished" look she was looking for.

I've always said accessories are key to a finished look, and this a perfect example.   Take a look at our inspiration for her master bedroom.

We wanted to keep the space soothing and somewhat tone on tone with a bit of copper pulled into the design (as her master bathroom used that color in it's tile).

With the bed located in the perfect spot, we added grass cloth behind it for a little texture, and all new things around it.

Keith created two flanking pieces of art.  A touch of abstract in soothing colors.  Modern to mix with the somewhat traditional dressers across the room.  We added new bedside tables and all new bedding for her existing bed.

Opposite the bed two large mirrors on either side of a center dresser with a little more grass cloth to frame them out.  This is an easy and inexpensive way to dress up a large wall.

We saved a little $ by keeping her two dressers.  Two new art pieces to dress up another empty wall.

Really in love with these two pieces my husband Keith created for us.

Voila !  New window treatments, area rug to add even more pattern and texture, and a new end of bed bench.

Beautiful new embroidered window treatments.

Take a look at another inspiration we showed Lila . . . we all decided to keep her existing dressers allowing us to complete her second floor play area !

In this version the plan was to add two new dressers and a custom center shelf for the TV, a little more contemporary.

The master bathroom is also in the works, a wall full of tile was just installed !

Stay tuned for a fun second floor loft in the work.  At the top of the stairs, fun and kid friendly for their growing family.

Was a pleasure Lila !