The Lost Spring of 2020

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We'll always remember the Spring of 2020.  Uneventful.  Makes me sad not be to planning my yearly trip to NYC with Kate in early May.  Kips Bay Designer House - postponed.  ICFF - cancelled until 2021, The Met Gala - postponed, Broadway - closed til... not sure.  It's a special time to spend with her and soak in all sorts of inspiration.  I will really miss it, selfishly.   But my heart goes out to my favorite place on earth, New York City.   I can only imagine, as I hold up in the woods here in Brevard, what must be happening there and all the sadness around. Such a bizarre time.

Not being able to see Kips Bay this Spring, I am remembering last year and some of the amazing inspiration I found .. and took with me back home.  Three spaces in particular made an impact.  The work of Cullman Kravis for one . . .

Cullman & Kravis Associates

Taken from AD Pro . . . . To create the “Rhapsody in Blue” dining room, Cullman & Kravis’ Lee Cavanaugh, Alyssa Urban, Katie Sutton, and Dani Mazza all came together to work in collaboration. The four women were drawn to the rooms’ height, as well as its round and square elements. On one wall, an antique mantelpiece from Maison Gerard serves as an anchor, while bay windows frame an adjacent side. A Fred Brouard piece draws its own aura of attention at the center of the room, while gold paillettes help lighten the room’s purposefully dark palette—made possible in large part thanks to Dedar's fabric. Perhaps most notably in a space that sought to mix curved and straight lines, old and new works, and more, is the choice to use three curved benches as opposed to dining room seats. “It’s more intimate to come up with a new design,” the designers say, adding that the process was, in the end, tons of fun.

photos by Nickolas Sargent

This firm has always created special spaces, in years past at Kips Bay I remember always loving what they designed.. take a look.

This space has always been one of my favorites !

Another favorite designer  . . . Eve Robinson.

Eve Robinson & Associates

Taken from AD Pro . . . .Eve Robinson’s room “pays homage to Virginia Woolf’s A Room of One’s Own," as the designer herself puts it. “The soft gentle curves are meant to evoke a women’s sensuality,” she adds, saying too that the room is intended to support a woman’s responsibilities, in terms of work and family. A Miriam Ellner fireplace and new plaster crown moldings easily catch the viewer’s eye. Robinson designed the room’s desk and had the couch custom-made. “It’s a mixture of contemporary and vintage furnishings,” she explains, noting that the chairs were borrowed from Donzella, while the cocktail table is vintage. More details persist throughout. The rug is from Crosby Street StudioJeff Zimmerman created the lights, and the end table was sourced from KGBL. Last, but certainly not least, Alpha Workshops’ beautiful and textural wall coverings unite the space.

What a dreamy home office.

photos by Nickolas Sargent

I think she's parcial to lavender, I remember this space from a few years ago as well !

And lastly Jennifer Mason.  Such a great space.

J Cohler Mason Design

Taken from AD Pro . . . .“My clients are a New York family,” Jennifer Cohler Mason says of the imaginary couple she had in mind for her living room design. “They are big art collectors and love to entertain at home.” While the Donald Sultan tar-covered floral work is just one piece that draws that imaginary scenario out, Mason’s room is ultimately more about texture—an element that she says is “really important to me.” The walls (another standout element of the house) have a plaster finish, while the entryway is covered in a Brutalist wallpaper. (Up above the entryway, bees dot the ceiling, “to create a bit of buzz,” as Mason explains.)

Beyond that, jewel tones abound—not only thanks to the amethyst stones situated in the fireplace. This was a welcome opportunity for Mason, who notes that her real-life clients tend to prefer gray, blue, and white. Interesting sourcing notes can be seen everywhere: Fifties lounge chairs from Guy Regal make for a lovely pair, while Todd Merrill’s sofas helps anchor the room. Studio Van den Akker is responsible for the cocktail table, while Dedar and Holly Hunt are behind the window seat and window treatments, respectively. Last, but certainly not least, Mason included a small framed photograph of her two sons. It’s a personal touch, the type of which Mason believes is “so important to include.”

photos by Nickolas Sargent

Take a read at my full post of last year's show  (here)...


Hot off the Press !

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Check out the new Charlotte Home Design & Decor !  (here) .  I wish I were Great Escaping !!!  

Fabulous design by Terri Thomas !

. . . any my monthly !  (see all the images here

Happy Sunday !

What Did You Do This Week ?

Hey There !

I had two installs this past week .. very excited about both.  Great clients, easy to work with !!  Both just "let go" and let me do my thing and they turned out gorgeous.  It was a nice distraction, and glad I could install these empty houses in a safe way !  We were deemed "essential."  Just pointed to my fabulous delivery guys and installers and voila.  My Lucy was on board to help and both went smoothly and quickly.  She's a hustler and I really appreciated it !

Thought I'd share my .. not so fabulous i phone images... until we can go back and shoot for real !  It's Saturday morning and I need a little distraction from the real world until I get back to work this afternoon !  So happy to say we are still designing and orchestrating even with the delays happening, This will end and there will be a wave I expect.  So keeping it all going for when the damn opens up is my plan.

Take a look at the Spanjer job.  LOVE this couple !  High on the laid back front.  This old Myers Park home got a pretty nice face lift to bring it up to date.  We started with the "must have" F. Schumacher wallpaper  in the foyer, a classic.  Take a peek at the design boards that started it all.

Pre new lighting shot... painting the doors black really set it all off.

We kept but cleaned up the banister and marble entry floor, added a new runner and fun, fun paper.

Stark, my go to for fabulous runners and area rugs !

Just off the foyer, the dining room.  I wanted it dark and a bit moody.  Painted Ben Moore Iron Mountain and lightened it all up with curtains and light color table and chairs.

Don't you LOVE the chandelier !  The chairs are an upholstered Sunbrella fabric, grey piped in charcoal.  

My client found these groovy art pieces.  Carved wood city maps by a company called City Wood.  We picked their favorite cities and added to the side walls.

One of my favorite rooms.

The back of the house is nice.. big open kitchen and family room.  My first suggestion was to rework the fireplace wall.  It need some help, but in a small way...

We took down the upper cabinets and carried the fireplace to the ceiling with a stucco treatment to clean up all the joggs in the wall and simplify.

Added new wood floaters, thanks Jacob Wolfe, some wall paper and new furniture !

Flanking the new fireplace and behind the floaters a Phillip Jeffries wood veneer wall paper.  I love their selection.. Take a look at some of my favorite patterns and colors.

My fab new pillows and a few accessories didn't ship on time... oh well.. they'll come...
Take a look at the Art TV (by Samsung) I keep telling everyone to get !  Their son is into horses at the moment.. very cool...  You can download endless images and the sleek frame really does look like a piece of art.

The kitchen cabinets were a bit of a mess.  I called in the big guns... Fine Grit !  They don't mess around and worth every penny.  They filled all the old holes, and did a professional spray.  We added new hardware ... It transformed this kitchen... stay tuned for much better images !!

Fine Grit - They don't mess around !

Owner Katie Schindler is amazing !

These pendants are a pain to install but how cool !

Install no. 2 was also a fun one as well... another Myers Park renovation just down the road so that was convenient !
The color vibe I worked off was navy, grey and off white.  Major painting happened throughout, floors refinished, all new lighting and master bathroom overall as well as  a huge dose of all new furniture on the first floor. 

I started in the front lounge.  Previous filled with wood and built ins... took all that out and painted everything navy.

Just off the newly painted entry foyer (with amazing new chandelier) the navy lounge just draws you in and says "sit for a while." I love this space.

Another F. Schumacher on the windows, large brass drum coffee table and yummy blue chesterfield sofa.

One of my favorite embroidered fabrics.

A little marble side table and simple rug.

The great room is long and pours into the kitchen.  Removed flanking built-ins on either side of the fireplace for a more modern pair of custom cabinets... thanks to my carpenter Jacob Wolfe.

New cast fireplace surround.  Accent wall paper and all new furniture.

When pulling it all together I saw it as a whole.. kitchen as part of it all.  Tile, fixtures, counter tops and counter stools all to coordinate. 

In lieu of a breakfast area we chose to do more sitting .. comfortable (and keep the dining room casual).  Nothing better than 4 big chairs in the middle of a long kitchen and great room. 

New paint job on all the existing cabinets, but with new hardware.. A new stainless and brass hood though changed it all up !  Thanks to Tuan Le for that beauty.

Pulled the navy back in the Walker Zanger backsplash.  With the home having a bit of a European flair I chose this pattern called Duquesa -  Italian inspired, adore it.

By losing the kitchen dining area we kept the dining room casual.  Recovered sentimental chairs and kept their former dining table.. inserted wall paper and lighting !  I have a few more accessories in mind for our formal shoot.  Love the informal but dramatic look. 

The master... the bathroom need all new tile and it made it really changed everything.

This Walker Zanger wood / marble combo is such a show stopper !

Both homes and both clients were such fun to work with.  Looking forward to adding in the details and shoot.  Not our normal kind of full blown, flowers on the table install.. cuz everything is closed (UGH) but pretty close.

Stay tuned !