Kips Bay 2019

Hi !

This year's Kips Bay Decorator Show House was once again amazing.  This event is arguably the most important show house within the design community and serves as a right of passage for new and veteran interior designers.  This year the show house took over 36-38 East 74th Street on New York's Upper East Side.  The historic Georgian mansion provided the perfect canvas for 23 design firms to tackle 22 rooms ranging from grand living spaces to a teeny tiny stairwell.

I adore coming to this Show House and find ideas and inspiration around every corner, something to take home .. and see if a client or two will bite.  Thought I'd give you a look-see at a few of my favorite spaces !

Main Stairwell, design by Gluckstein Design

Brian Gluckstein stresses just like the rest of us designers.  I am sure he lost a little sleep when his custom carpet was shipped to Alaska instead of NY.  Arriving just in time though to create this beautiful winding stairwell.
4,000 brass cherry blossoms suspended from above was the crowing glory.

Design by Gluckstein Design photo by me

Main Stairwell - design by Richard Rabel Interiors 

With this dark and moody color palette, Rabel's vision is centered around his custom, site-specific wall paper.  One seamless piece codesign with MJ Atelier using hand-molded gesso with 23 k white and yellow gold !  Describing it as his interpretation of peacock feathers with small dots creating a sunburst pattern on the ceiling.  Makes the ultimate entrance, dream like.

Design by Richard Rabel Interiors photo by me

Dining Room, design by Cullman & Kravis

This dining space was filled with so much inspiration I could hardly stand it.  The fact that four women came together and created this beauty is amazing.  I'm sure all their ideas and wants were each and of their own, but working together this space came together with such beautiful cohesion.  The round table and curved benches.. right !  Adore and want.  Simply beautiful.

Design by Cullman and Kravis, photo by me

Office, design by Eve Robinson

I swooned when I walked in this space.  Perfection.  Bravo Eve Robinson. This, let's call it a home office, would me my kind of space to work in. Eve described this space as "a room that is intended to support a woman's responsibilities, in terms of work and family."  She designed the desk and had the sofa custom made, both I love.  What really drew me in was the fireplace and the overall feel of vintage meet modern.  

Design by Eve Robinson, photo by Nickolas Sargent

photos via Eve's site (here

Lounge, design by Corey Damen Jenkins

I had the pleasure of meeting Corey and getting a personal walk through of this beautiful space.  He went the other direction from a gentleman's library to a woman's !  I love that.  He used a Valentino gown as inspiration which is such a designer thing to do !  I have found inspiration in all sorts of ways myself.  Cole & Son's wall paper on the ceiling was one of my favorite elements and well as the pale pink wall with deep hunter green as an accent color inside the built ins.  Beautiful combination of colors.  I have been saying it for years that the ceiling is your fifth wall and Corey agrees.

Design by Corey Damen Jenkins, photo by Nickolas Sargent

Design by Corey Damen Jenkins, photo from his site

Lounge, design by J Cohler Mason

Rock star room for sure !  Describing this space Jennifer Cohler Mason described her fictitious client as a NewYork family of big art collectors, it truly is.   Amazing plaster walls with accents of jewel tones, big art in not just the wall pieces but the lighting and furniture pieces.  The 50's inspired lounge chairs are anchored by this custom curved sofa (curved is big this year).  The long window seat is the perfect spot to people watch on Upper East Side.

Design by J Cohler Mason, photo by Nickolas Sargent

Design by J Cohler Mason, photo by me

Living Room, design by Jeff Lincoln

To have a lounge this large in NYC.  A dream.  Jeff Lincoln filled this space with the most amazing art pieces as well.  Campana Brothers, Rogan Gregory and Nendo.  I love his comment that a room has as much value as an art piece and I completely agree but what would the two be without each other.  Another curved sofa with a distinctive stacked base and a showstopper of a chandelier !

Design by Jeff Lincoln, photo by Nickolas Sargent

Design by Jeff Lincoln, photo by me

Design by Jeff Lincoln, photo by me

Lounge, design by Sarah Bartholomew

White lovers, enjoy.  This space was so calming and beautiful.  The plaster fluted walls were amazing.  Sara created this paneling to transform the room and gave all the credit to the artisans who help her achieve it.  A mix of old and new, modern and classic. 

Design by Sarah Bartholomew, photo by me

Design by Sarah Bartholomew, photo by Nickolas Sargent

Design by Sarah Bartholomew, photos from her site.

Lounge, design by Robert Passal with Daniel Kahan Architecture

Curved sofas . . . the theme of the day ! This large piece had to make it up a tiny stairwell to the top floor.  When asked it was taken up in pieces and upholstered on site.  Based on a 40's French Salon this modern space incorporates seamless technology with a hidden wall speakers and a mirror television that dissolves when turned off !  Stark Carpet and F. Schumacher fill this space.  Both Passal and Kahan say that most Show Houses goals are to re-invent the wheel, their intent to create a soft, cozy, livable space.

Design by Robert Passal and Daniel Kahan, photo by me

Design by Robert Passal and Daniel Kahan, photos from their site

Lounge, design by Pappas Miron Design

Genius is in the details in my opinion and this small but significant detail would be the venetian plaster ceiling pattern anchoring the light fixture.  Taking that home with me.  Pappas Miron didn't ignore the terrazzo floor and chimney, embracing rather and further fabricated the gorgeous sink in the adjacent bathroom (by Stone Solutions) Stone is the dominant feature and cozy is the word, very European and delicious. 

Design by Pappas Miron, photo by Nickolas Sargent

Design by Pappas Miron, photo by me

Design by Pappas Miron, photo by me

Studio, design by Young Huh

I lost Morgan on the 5th floor for a while !  I think she was taking in every bit of this space.  Designed by Young Huh she entitled it "Young at Art" perfect.  Up a very, very narrow flight of stairs this airy room has a surprising high ceilings just screaming for dramatic walls and she didn't disappoint.  She designed for a well-traveled bohemian woman.  The paper Fromental's Braque created specifically for the elevation. 

Design by Young Huh, photo by Ngoc Minh Ngo

Design by Young Huh, photo by me

Design by Young Huh, photo by me

Design by Young Huh, photo by me

Design by Young Huh, photo by me

Lastly . . . I am not sure who designed this teeny, tiny stairwell, but love, love, love the Phillip Jeffries paper !!

Gorgeous Show House this year !  Until next year . . .