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Wow... thanks again QC Exclusive for the coverage in this month's Design Issue....  Such a pretty publication on all the doings in Charlotte.  This issue is devoted to design and there's a gorgeous spread on Panther Greg Olsen's home with wife Kara who wanted the feel of a Colorado Mountain Resort.  The Duke Mansion is featured in this issue as well as the homes of fellow designers Charlotte Lucas, Amy Vermillion, Lauren Clement, Lisa Sherry and Traci Zeller !

Get a copy it's a great issue !!

Bringing Greece to Charlotte . . .

Hi !

I cannot believe it's snowing here in Charlotte today.. Whhhaaatt ??  Crazy.  I'm over Winter, but pretty sure it will be all melted and out of here by noon.  I'm working on this new project with a slight nod to my client's native Greece so while I am glancing out the window, the only thing getting me in the Greek mode is the white ha ha... so think I'll watch a blistering hot summer movie and pull up my pinterest wanderlust files !

Now this project is already in motion, the build in coming along and I actually ordered all the furniture several months ago.  The main plan is in place.  We are getting into the details now.... 

Thought I'd spend a little time thinking about the details, things like additional lighting, tile, cabinet finishes, because the time is approaching, but not soon enough !!  While I love these big projects the wait kills me, I am the anxious type.

I found Athens-based architecture studio Block 722 who designed a pair of holiday houses on the Greek island of Syros.  These houses are spacious enough to accommodate a family and guests discreetly detached from the main house.  Breathtaking view over Plagia bay and full of inspiration!

The colors and textures I've incorporated in the design but in a "Charlotte" kind of way . . . Take a look at these gorgeous images to inspire . . .

above photos by Ioanna Roufopoulou 

Another resource I found in my Wander Lust file, are these images of the San Giorgio Hotel on Mykonos.  This amazing Boutique hotel is perfection if you ask me.  With Greece being on my list of future adventures I took a look at the some of the details they incorporated.

So, when I started designing this poolside guest house for my client the very first thing I picked was a large rope chandelier.  I looked up and there it was.. It started the whole thing as I recall.

I love these lights and with the vaulted beamed ceiling and white walls going in the project, it's perfect.

The entire living room space looks out over a large pool.  My plan is to keep it modern with an ever so slight industrial vibe.  Lots of seating, large TV and simple furniture.

Behind you, a wet bar and down the hallway to the bedroom a bigger kitchen area.  I am pushing for a really gorgeous wood mosaic tile behind the wet bar and white flat front cabinets.  I feel the wood will tie back to some of wood furniture pieces and have an impact.

Not sure of the pattern yet, but love all these.  Concrete like counter tops and white cabinets.

On our recent tile trip together we pulled these beauties.

The larger kitchen area for all the entertaining that will be happening, a wood upper cabinet and, if I have my way, stainless back splash midway up.

Found these images to inspire my client a bit.

Moving to the one back guest bedroom - blues and whites - clean and simple.

A pair of queen beds, floating shelves and a simple rug and dresser should do the trick.  It's all about the living, entertaining and pool space out in this fab addition !

Cannot wait !!!!  Hurry hurry Mr. builder !!

Install of the Day !

Morning !!!!

Really excited to take a minute this morning to put together this post !  I have been watching this install come together and was so excited to shoot it with Mekenzie the other day !  

What's it all about?  A home, and client I have know for years who was ready to do that 10 year renovation.  I have a couple of those going on right now.. something about the 10-15 year mark where things are just looking dated and it's time for that big ole face lift !  This particular project started with the addition of an outdoor living space, something they really needed get the most of their family living area.  I know the house well and my very first design element of choice was blowing out the two windows and door that lead to this new outdoor space and let in the light with a gorgeous gorgeous tall, wide black metal door/window combination.  Popular right now and I am totally on board with how it transforms a room !  Has to be my favorite element in this design

But let's start at the front door . . . .  We changed all the paint.  From an off white/creamy color on the walls and trim to a much brighter white.  China White to be exact.  Not as brilliant as Decorator White but a clean, crisp white.    I pulled her existing Oly chandelier from the kitchen breakfast area to this space and added a large Stark area rug that ran up the stairs as well.  This round table I found years ago still looks great with new styling.

Created these design boards to for a visual of the new living space . . .

And voila. . . I love this space, everything about it.  Tone on tone and fresh !

Are these new doors not killer !

A little bookcase styling and new wall paper.

The family room opens to the kitchen . . .

Continuing the colors and light feeling, we painted all the kitchen cabinets and added new hardware.  A new island was built to replace the round table and banquet that was in place and all this new lighting really updates it all !  It is already feeling like a whole new house !

I am a big fan of the T shaped island with bar stools, just gives it all a cleaner look and less furniture filled.

A little tip... mix up your cabinet hardware.  This stand alone piece we had made is dressed up with this Lucite and brass hardware which works with the other but different.

The kitchen's side entrance and mud room wasn't forgotten either... new lighting out there and a bit of gold and white polka dot paper !

And the wet bar was re-worked as well.. Out went the heavy upper cabinets and in went these floating shelves, new lighting and a little more paper !

Where it all started though was this outdoor space...  My first call was to Ben Collins of the Salins Group.  One of my favorites builders.  We work well together achieving the design be both have in our heads !

The detail in this new build is evident, they did a beautiful job.  We worked together on the color combinations and materials, I chose all the furnishings.  I couldn't be happier with the finished product.

Don't you love this wood tile fireplace, modern and clean and a the perfect color tie back to the brick.  

The main living area now opens to and outdoor living space and with it's heated floors can you enjoyed though out the year.

We aren't done yet thought.  Updated the kid's homework, TV Room as well.  Shooting shortly along with an updated Master Bedroom.  I've said it before and I'll say it again.. Slippery slope !!

Take a peek at what's to come soon !

all photos by mekenzie loli