It's Time . . . . To Fall In Love Again

Hey There !

Is it time for an update?  We have a lot of that going around at the moment.  Loving the neighborhood and wanting to fall in love with your house again?   Looking a little dated?  Tried of things?  I get it.  I was in that zone about a year ago and completely re-did my first floor with a major re-design of my kitchen - even blowing out a wall and taking all the upper kitchen cabinets out for a whole new look.  It's that time for a new family I am working with as well.  Great house in a great location, they are really ready to tackle that kitchen re-do.

But along with the kitchen (the 'ole snowball effect) we are working on a new look for the first floor. After completing all the design boards and tweaking, we are at the final stage.  Funny, I was spending a little quite Saturday morning time on Pinterest and IG recently and came across this image of a design by Melanie Turner Interiors of a space in the Hampton's Showhouse.  I paused and said .. wow.. similar to what I have in mind for the front living room for my new clients.  So - not only will the boards I created help with a visual, this sure should help them see where I am going.

But let me start you at the front door to get the feel of the whole new look !  This home has a large staircase in the entry foyer, the first thing we talked about were the floors.  Going from that honey pine to a dark walnut.  Secondly the colors of whites and cool grey - killing the yellows and warm tans currently there.  With those colors in mind, I really did start right at the front door and worked my way through room by room.

A new large glass chandelier and accents of chrome (their metal of choice).  Painting the banister black and a new large foyer seagrass rug in a silver.  The powder room is right off the foyer and we chose a beautiful wall paper with lots of movement.  I want to take out the existing wood vanity and replace with the charcoal lacquer and chrome base one.  Much more interesting than your typical wood cabinetry.  Found this beautiful console at our last meeting with killer lucite legs.  

My clients are big fans of original art, I'm anxious to give their existing pieces new life in a new location and maybe add a few new pieces.

This is the front living room I was mentioning earlier.  Light whites and grays.  The bay window is the perfect spot for a daybed, I think this is what caught my eye in Turner design and reminded me of what I was proposing as did the light fixture.  With all the white tones, a pop of warm, wood really brings it all to life.  I love this fixture with all it's fluid lines.

Along the side wall, a new off white and chrome base love seat, two flanking wall sconces and stone top coffee table.  For a splash of color I found this piece at Hidell Brooks Gallery by artist Jenny Nelson.  This 30 x 40 oil on canvas is the perfect touch of color.  With art being so personal, I look forward to shopping with my clients to find the perfect piece and hitting the galleries.

Speaking of art, talk a look at a few more pieces I found (and are all available at Hidell Brooks) which would be perfect ! If you aren't aware, Sally King Benedict shows at Hidell Brooks - notice the two pieces in Melanie's opening image - perfect.  Keep checking in though, as her pieces go quick !

All this light coloring does need a bit of wood I think.  Proposing this side table, still very sleek to compliment the modern look of this room.

On the opposing wall I want to try and filter in a sentimental, drop leaf wood table an re-work their existing art pieces with a few new accessories !

The dining room is open to this living room.  I have dining chairs, just in need of the rest.  We've decided to go with a grey washed live edge table with chrome base, new sideboard and the wall paper winner, after looking at a lot of options . . . drum roll.... F. Schumacher's Queen of Spain.  This particular pattern in silver and off white is a classic that never goes out of style !

Beautiful choice !

Existing chandelier - all good, let's keep that !

 New Shagreen mirror.

Onto the big portion of this project. . . . the kitchen !  Cannot wait to get my hands (or better yet, watch my carpenters transform while I watch) this space.  Currently wood cabinets, wonky peninsula and crazy angle walls - it will soon have white cabinets, a big dose of pretty tile and a long new island losing the kitchen table for a cleaner look.

New modern drop pendants and lucite and chrome bar stools.  All overlooking the back pool.  A calm, streamlined looks is the goal and should be gorgeous !

The vaulted family room with back staircase flows into the kitchen and now will flow even smoother with like colors and feel.

The big decision was the TV over fireplace vs art dilemma.  These two pieces I found at Shain Gallery by artist Casey Matthews and would be gorgeous and so visual from the kitchen.  

This decision though will effect the sofa placement.  When working with clients I, of course, want it visually beautiful, but also comfortable and functional for every day.  I do have a good solution for this oddly angled space if we go with the art over fireplace.

Currently the previous owners incorporated a wet back in this space.  Hum . . . for this family, it really isn't used much.  I want to take it out completely and built a free standing, modern cabinet.  A large TV can be centered over it.  With this option, one of the two sofas will have a chaise and still give you the ability to lounge and watch TV and a barrel back swivel chair can turn for easy viewing as well. 

If the TV does go over the fireplace, an art piece will be just as pretty over the new modern cabinet !  Stay tuned . . .

This space is vaulted with a great golf course view.  By taking all the faux mullions out of the curved window it instantly modernizes it.  Raising the curtains to the top of the curve as well will add to the height for a stunning view.

Lastly the master bedroom.  Working around this four poster canopy bed in chrome, we are bringing in new dressers and window treatments to finish it off...

It's all kicking in soon, so stay tuned.


Bring on 2017 !

Hi !

It was time to update the studio.  My love of boho and saturated colors is still there, but wanted a more soothing feeling, something clean and well.. simply neutral.  What started all this was the need for space - storage space.  I have always had a huge "showroom" in the front of the office with it's big tall walls and ceilings and we worked and stored things in the back.  With all that gorgeous light up front we all decided we should be up there and spread out... so I got rid of everything and created much needed storage in the back.  All the girls were moved up front, as well as all our fabric and wall paper samples.  I have a happy crew now.  The space turned out so light and airy and we all love it.

Take a look at our new digs !

So back in the back is a small office, mine.  I had to give that a facelift as well.  I love my space.  It's filled with the things I love and I figured if I am spending all those hours working, I need to be looking at inspiring things...

yes, that would be joan jett... she is one of my favorites and was commissioned and created by
Lori Love - one of my favorite Charlotte artists !!

With the new digs, came the the website !! It's up and live, take a look.  And stay tuned... busy working on a new site for Keith !!

all photos by mekenzie loli