Install of the Day !


I am all about giving the kids a space of their own if at all humanly possible !!!!  I selfishly want my downstairs living spaces to not have gaming remotes all over the place - yeah I know. . . . This project was a fun one, third floor bonus room with side guest space, my dream for sure.  Having touch every room in this house I was excited to round it out with this space.  I wanted a hip vibe with pieces that did somewhat tie back to the look of the entire downstairs but in a casual, cool way.  No big theme, not to young, just a cool space to send them off to when us Moms want a little bit of quite.

Tough fabrics, woods, and carpet all popping with graphic accent wall papers and cool stuff !

This leather sofa will not lose it's shape and will not get all stained up !  I love leather, especially with kids and dogs.  Deep, low and really modern.  An industrial pipe floor lamp and nesting tables fill the wall.

A swing for all to fight over.  Love this thing.  I have one.  Made of volcanic ash, it can go indoors or out.  Add a sheepskin and it's a cozy, cozy place to chill.

A little gaming table (or snack spot).

Games tucked away int he storage TV piece and a coffee table tough enough to sit on, along with the red swivel chair, all about function.

art by Keith Keim

above photos by mekenzie loli

Loved seeing the boards come to life !

Wonder down the stairs and the vibe does continue a bit !!  Take a look at all these images Dustin Peck shot for me after out first big install !

It's one of my favorite jobs and favorite clients !

Loving this entire project !