Planning a 10 Day Trip.

Hey There !

It was funny.  I spent a good part of this past weekend planning a trip for my family to San Francisco. Up there with NYC, San Francisco has so much to see and do, but you need more than just a long weekend.  My little brother has lived there for years and I have been out there several times, even got engaged in SF, but my kids haven't been yet.  It's way past time.  But I did want them to be old enough to enjoy all there is to do and see . . . the time has come !  Not only do we plan to show them the traditional "tourist" spots which I never tire of, we want to head over to Muir Woods, Half Moon Bay, Santa Cruz and Napa for the day.  I cannot wait.  Keith and I came up with a laundry list of musts. Such a cool place to visit.  I laugh that my brother went and never came home, Lucy might be the same way once she soaks it all in.

Knowing I wanted certain things on this long trip, I had a thought.  Now -  I am a huge, boutique hotel seeker, but after carefully thinking about it, taking a husband and 2 kids along, I decided a house or apartment might be the best way to go for a trip longer than 3 days.  I have heard about Airbnb.com, but didn't know much about it so I started the investigation.  I will admit, I am a bit of a snob when it comes to my travel surroundings.  Chalk it up to what I do for a living, but I think the real reason is the pure lack of vacation time I have had in the past several years so if I am going, staying and spending I want something  N I C E !!!

What is Airbnb?  Well,  its a website where you can search for vacation rentals - private homes, as well as list your own.  On a long trip, having the "comforts of home" sounded appealing to me, not to mention the ability to stock a kitchen and cook.  Ten days in a city like San Francisco with four people can be a budget blower as far as eating out and I would much rather spend my money on all the things I plan to do, see, and acquire.

After hours of really searching, I came across the "Lady Di." Located in the panhandle, near Golden Gate Park.  I read all the reviews and (with Lucy sitting next to me laughing) I examined each picture and made a mental list of every detail . . . comfort, color scheme, quality of furniture, bedding, TV, Wi Fi, curb appeal, outdoor space, kitchen appliances . . . I know crazy.  I just hope these pictures are current and it's really as good as it appears.  We will see come this fall.  Take a look, what do you think?

I am digging the curb appeal and the color scheme inside.  This front living space looks super comfortable with some stylish pieces,  I like that.  Wi Fi, TV - all looks good.

One of the bedrooms is off the living space - girls can go in there.

Cute bathroom, looks clean and simple.

Second bedroom hosts a queen and flat screen (I am one of those late night Fallon watchers).

Dining room - nice... big and red... love the lucite chairs.

Cutest little deck.

I am pretty excited about my find on airbnb.com.  The neighborhood is fab.  I remember now my brother's first apartment wasn't far from this place so I remember a flower market, grocery store, the park - nearby with the "painted ladies."  The best part of this trip will be all the sights I plan on showing the kids.  Can't wait !

So while on my search for San Francisco digs I started thinking out our big trip next summer, the Europe trip.  Paris and the South of France is on my list.  Came across this beauty smack in the middle of downtown Paris. . . . hum... I may be onto something !

So why "was it funny,"  on the Today Show Sunday am they did a whole story on Airbnb.  I promise our host Chris, I wont be a squatter !

Stay tuned . .

Color Inspiration

Hey There . . .

Lazy kind of day yesterday.  I was all over the lap top.  Thinking about all the things I want to plan into my San Francisco trip, but also working on a few new client projects.  A foyer, an office, a teen girl and boy's space.  Oops I was diverted to my own bathroom remodel.. focus - focus !!!

While pulling interesting color combinations, fabrics and papers I often look at random images to give myself inspiration.  I have this image "pinned" in my pinterest files under "color combinations."  I just like the idea of blues and greens with a touch of pink and the neutral of brown.  I need to create a space that visually follows these colors.  I also see great pattern in these donuts . . . stripes, polka dots.  Just think this is a pretty picture and it can be inspirational.

A collection of fabric and a look comes to mind,  I saw it recently in House Beautiful.  Peter Dunham's fabric.  His apartment was recently shot for  House Beautiful.   It's pretty gorgeous.  Take a look at how I see those colors in a room design.

I especially love the upholstered walls !

photos by Amy Neunsinger

I'll take this tiny LA apartment any day.  Peter Dunham has such a pretty line of fabrics (and all available at Lucy and Co - give us a call).  Yum.

Take a look at a few of my favorites.

Got me thinking about a color combination of brown, blue, green and a touch of pink.

I found a few in my files that represents the feel of that. . . 

Love the storage - and all behind doors - good !

The pattern play of stripes, diamonds as well as the perfect placement of accessories.

I picture this at my future beach place

design by Kate McIntyre and Brad Huntzinger for Oly

Never get sick of this look Oly created.   Love everything about it.

design by Mary McDonald, photo by Melanie Acevedo

Ms. McDonald knows how to use an animal print that's for sure.

and . .  I love this look I created recently for a great client of mine.  The art (by Windy O'Connor) started the entire thing . . .

Great colors and pattern play on this porch . . .

Frame these beauties and add to your grouping. . . 

Happy Monday !


Request for Lavender . . . Part Two.

Hey There . . .

I was talking about using lavender as a pop color - I am working with an existing client who requested just that in her family room re-design.   This design, though, needs to incorporate several other things including the request for lavender.   Yellow, blue, style and easy to ship.  It took a lot of thought, but kinda, sorta,  am loving the look !  The one thing that is making  it work I think - the curtain fabric.  It pulled in all the colors I needed.  Take a look.

With the kitchen and living room a few feet away it was important to have a good transition.  This is the design of the nearby room that I needed to take into consideration.

Love the look !