Install of the Day !

Howdy !

What a week.   I was in Charlotte with 4 installs and Maggie was in Hickory for another 2 and the start of 3 more rooms, and Bree was jumping between the both of us.  It was crazy!!  But I knew it was coming.  I have three clients with a total of five kids who are away at camp, returning today.  While gone, we installed all of their spaces.   (Sorry Kate, you are coming home to your bed made up, that's it)

Room number one, a twin named Alex.  One of three sisters who will be moving into her new digs in Myers Park.  An amazing house with so many gorgeous details I can hardly stand it.  When I walked inside last week to check on things I new instantly that Lisa Sherry had a hand in it. Her signature look was evident.  One quick text to her and my thoughts were confirmed.  I have always admired her work and understand she is having it shot it in early September.  It's gorgeous - I'll do a little spotlight on that for sure, stay tuned !

So back to the girls.  Alex has a thing for lavender, fine by me, love it.  I have been dying to use this paper and got the ok on this job as well as an completely different type of space up in Hickory that Maggie is installing at the same time, be sure and check out how one paper can be used in two different ways.

So having a completely blank slate . . here's where I started . . .

With the paper chosen, I started working on all the elements to coordinate with it.  In that paper you'll also find mint, hot pink, navy and grey.  Check out some of the details we pulled.  I filtered in mint side tables and a splash rug.  We decided to do simple West Elm curtains, but jazzed them up with this beautiful Schumacher trim.  I found a pretty side chair at Slate Interiors for another dose of purple.

Now check out the finished product and all these gorgeous pictures Mekenzie shot just the other day.  She really captured the details and the feel, thanks girl.

The multiple patterns totally work together and give this room a fun feel yet is sophisticated enough to take this little girl into her teens !

I got lucky again at Slate the other day and found this great shelf.  With a new, quick coat of paint it went from 70's rattan ho-hum to something just a little retro and funky and perfect to stash all her books and things.

Stray Dog made an appearance in all three rooms in table lamps and overheads.

And here is the trim detail I was talking about.  Just a little something-something for simple West Elm curtains.

all photos by mekenzie france

One down, two to go !  Love this room.