When You Move to the Big House !


New house, young couple, worth the wait.  I say that because they have just moved into their first home and are saying goodbye to apartment life.  This home is really great.  I love the layout, especially love the high ceilings and most importantly love that we are getting each other.  Their style wants and mine are in sync which results in a smooth design plan, hopefully working relationship and install !

I came up with a plan for the entire first floor and upstairs master bedroom.  Cohesive is the name of the game here.  After spending the day really looking at all the ideas Heather had pinned for me in Pinterest, I felt I really had a good grasp of her style wants.  The plan all started in the foyer and dining room. We are certainly setting a tone I feel and I cannot wait !

I am really excited to see these two spaces happen.  Black and white graphic, but with the added element of brass and organic textures so it won't be too hard or too cold.  I put a striking wall paper right in the entry, paired with a more organic rug and art.  Bringing back the strong graphic look of the console table we are having made for the simple reason I could't find anything tall enough.  A pet peeve of mine - 40" tall wainscoting and a short table.. it bugs me.  Love these new console lamps in white and brass and their existing ceiling fixture works fine.

This dining room, just off the foyer will be show stopper I hope !  We are hand painting the floor in a high gloss black and white graphic.  A nod to Mary McDonald's trademark look.  We are adding charcoal drapes, a grey wash live edge table and hug 50" round shagreen mirror over the side buffet This room is rather large.  I make it cozier and not just having a dining table and your typical sideboard, we are adding a love seat in the front window with to tall lamps flanking.  I see a great flow from the front door, through the dining room and into the kitchen for a large party, with plenty of places to congregate. 

Moving down the hall and into the family room and kitchen the color continue with a small added pop of color in the art and accessories.  Two sofas as oppose to a sectional for a more open flow.

The family room opens to a large back porch, replacing the current doors with black french doors and possibly adding wood ceiling beams (if the quote comes in good!)

The family room opens into a huge and really pretty kitchen.  The cabinets in there unfortunately are a dingy tan with green tint - we are changing all that to a soft white - just had to do it.  New lighting, new bar stools.  

The large kitchen dining area will soon have a custom 9 foot banquette, farm table and side chairs - a big want for this family.

With the entry, dining, kitchen and family room all having a cohesive sofa white, grey and black vibe, I continued it into her home office as far as furnishings and accessories, but the plan is to do a deep"Charleston green" which is almost black on the walls.  Warming it up with a burled wood and soft old shag rug. 

The fun doesn't stop on the first floor !  Moving to the master bedroom a big dose of wall paper, amazing new carpet from Stark and new pieces by two of my favorite vendors.

I can't wait to see this all come together before the holidays !  

Stay tuned !!!


Install of the Day !

Hey There !

This isn't your typical dining room, we didn't want it to be.  This townhouse and this project is the latest installment for one of my favorites, Susan Brown.  Staring in her great room, moving to her home office and upstairs lounge, Susan and I have become good friends over the past few years and with each new space it become more pulled together and (I hope she agrees) beautiful.

Like most townhouses, this space shoots from front to back without side windows.  From the very beginning the goal was to lighten things up, and working with a woman of such great fashion sense, my goal was to incorporate nothing but interesting pieces.  This space is just to the right of the front door with a hallway to the main living space coming into it.  Rather than your typical "dining room," we opted for an off center dining table and "L" shaped banquette.  By placing the furniture, lighting and rug off to the left, you create a clear walking space to down the hall and down to the rest of the shotgun space.

Take a look at the plan I had in mind.

Having designed the living area previous, I pulled the colors to created a unified look.  I also wanted it impactful.  This Phillip Jeffries printed grasscloth did the trick.  Our big splurge and totally worth it!  I used it on two walls and placed the furniture on those two walls to anchor it all.

A corner custom banquette with 58" round table off centered, floating chairs and side small side bar cart.  We then moved over the lighting and added a floor lamp on one side.  I am in love.

Take a look at a few of the details !

While at Susan's, Mekenzie and I decided to re-shoot the upstairs landing (the light was so much better that day !)  I finished this funky spot not too long ago and it's our little splash of color in a primarily tone on tone home.  When you have such a large landing, why not make it a cozy retreat !

Again we wanted to find unique pieces.  A custom sofa rests under a gorgeous piece by Windy O'Conner.  A little juju and metal on the side walls.  We added more art on the large stairwell wall - this piece by another favorite Jennifer Levine

Cozy is the name of the game up there.

all photos by Mekenzie Loli

Always a pleasure Ms. Susan Brown.  What's up next - a equally fab master bedroom!  Stay tuned.


Spotlight: Artist - Ingrid Bowen

Morning . . .

Up early today and came across an artist whose work I love.  Thought I share.  Meet Ingrid Bowen, Sydney based artist.  The intricate details and color combination really spoke to me.  I could see an entire wall filled with a combination of these pieces.  How soothing and peaceful.  On a day like today, in steamy hot Miami, I am looking forward, even more to colder weather, maybe that why these really spoke to me !

What I love is she writes "she took up painting in 2014 after retraining in art and design on the back of her career in travel"  A career in travel, that's a goal and then recalling all the beauty out there in these beautiful pieces.  

Take a look.

From her site . . . (here)

'I’m a Sydney based artist drawing inspiration from my travels and wonder for the Australian landscape. I enjoy interpreting the endless colour, form and feel of our land. Patterns in nature and agriculture, and clusters of farm animals often feature in my work. I aim to present a sentiment or impression, and am always happy when viewers’ interpretations vary. I’m hoping to make art that engages and delights, and evokes some of the nostalgia and contemplation that is invested in the making.'

Beautiful . . .