Install of the Day !


Ok, so Maggie has been on a roll as of late !  I am loving all her recent installations.  We are in year four with her joining Lucy & Co and she is definitely growing as a designer, really building her client base and developing her style.  This office project (and subsequent nursery and little boy's room) turned out just perfect.  I love that she chose paper for the ceiling as oppose to the walls.. why you say? Offices in general can be a little visually "busy" with all that pesky work stuff, so calming down your walls in a neutral can maintain the calm.  But we all want a pretty "home" office, so why not the ceiling !  This paper, another beauty by Lindsay Cowles.  Adding some beautiful lighting and storage with DOORS is a must.  Rounding out the perfect choices - the Stark area rug, love that took... Great job Mags.

This space is T I N Y and she worked it perfectly.  Love.

all photos by mekenzie loli

Install of the Day !

Hi There !

The week after Christmas is one of my favorite times of the year.  Time off !  Vendors are closed, and clients for the most part are MIA as well.  Today especially is one of my favorites.  Kids and husband are in a food coma and sleeping late, it's quite and just the best of the laid back days.  I'm playing catch up on the blog which is always fun to write a post or two of some of our installs !  Not work, more reflection on the finished product.  Designing the job, ordering, receiving and installing have so many moving parts, just sitting back with a collective sigh and pat on the back is too quick and we don't really get to enjoy.  Take this job Maggie designed and installed not too long ago.  I barely got to take a look at it and this am I am really enjoying Mekenzie's images and all the details Maggie put in the space.

She has been working with this client in the Longview neighborhood for about a year now and after finishing their family room (then taking a breather) it was on to the dining room.  This client loves purple and while we both do as well, small doses are really the way we like to go with this strong color in this particular space.  This dining room, just off the foyer turned out so beautiful with it's tone on tone pattern and small pops of color creating an elegant and striking space !  Maggie loves the softness of whites and touches of blue.  Finding this art piece at Shain Gallery by artist Casey Matthews really jump started the design, it's gorgeous.  Another pieces that deserves an applause is the lighting by one of our favorites, Ashley Childers.  Amazing !  Take a look at my favorite images from this dining room install.

What I do love is the flow into the family room Maggie designed last year, the colors transition so beautifully.  The cohesion is perfect.

all photos by mekenzie loli

Beautiful - great job Maggie !

Hot Off The Press !

Hi There !

A little press came out recently.  We are new to QC Exclusive and have to say, pretty excited.  It's a beautiful publication filled amazing images and information around the city.  Check us out on page 116 of the Holiday Issue.  Fabulous article by Corey Miller on East Fork Pottery's Alex Matisse (yep that would be the great grandson of Henri Matisse).  Check out the newest issue !

Charlotte Home Design & Decor's Best of 2016 also came out where I write a little about not ignoring your "fifth" wall . . .

Check them both out while you have that bit of down time or stuck in a car driving over the holiday !


Just a Day . . Before Christmas

Hi There . . 

Being that both Maggie and I worked up until yesterday installing several projects, today I am doing nothing but getting my Christmas on.  I did manage to wrap last week and mail those cards, but what I really want is to just feel the mood . . . now it might be a little easier if there was a dusting of snow but no such luck here in Charlotte, so while on cup of jo no. 2, I am all about paroozing my pinterest boards, and watching GMA, it's nice to take a break and just clear my head before anyone gets up !(and I head to the Apple store to replace my phone that of course I dropped and killed in the craziness of my last install yesterday . . figures)  

Really gotten back into Pinterest lately, don't know why, but have come across some great ideas, as well as just some really beautiful images.  There are some pretty fabulous bloggers out there . . . take a look at a few favs from my holiday idea file . . .

Merry Christmas 2016 !

photo via (here)

photo by Nicole Franzen

 photo by Danijel Ivic

 photo via (here)

I am loving the crisp white Christmas decor with a pop or two of red.  There is nothing more soothing to me. 

 photos via (here)

photo by Broste Copenhagen