Just a Day . . Before Christmas

Hi There . . 

Being that both Maggie and I worked up until yesterday installing several projects, today I am doing nothing but getting my Christmas on.  I did manage to wrap last week and mail those cards, but what I really want is to just feel the mood . . . now it might be a little easier if there was a dusting of snow but no such luck here in Charlotte, so while on cup of jo no. 2, I am all about paroozing my pinterest boards, and watching GMA, it's nice to take a break and just clear my head before anyone gets up !(and I head to the Apple store to replace my phone that of course I dropped and killed in the craziness of my last install yesterday . . figures)  

Really gotten back into Pinterest lately, don't know why, but have come across some great ideas, as well as just some really beautiful images.  There are some pretty fabulous bloggers out there . . . take a look at a few favs from my holiday idea file . . .

Merry Christmas 2016 !

photo via (here)

photo by Nicole Franzen

 photo by Danijel Ivic

 photo via (here)

I am loving the crisp white Christmas decor with a pop or two of red.  There is nothing more soothing to me. 

 photos via (here)

photo by Broste Copenhagen